Siren Premiere Review: The Lure of Bristol Cove

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Siren is what television has been missing, and it only continues to get more promising. This show has the potential to be your next big TV obsession, if only for all your mysterious mermaid needs with a mix of murder.

On Siren Season 1 Episode 1 and Siren Season 1 Episode 2, mermaids are introduced when some fishermen capture one and another wanders onto Bristol Cove.

With Ryn appearing in the small town, suddenly the mermaid tales that Bristol Cove is known for are more real for the people with whom she becomes involved.

Mystery Girl - Siren

The show had a strong start partially because of their attention to mythology and the ability to translate that effortlessly for the audience. 

Siren has a carefully crafted backstory, and there is always a risk that too much new information ends up confusing us more. This time around though it was small details that painted a bigger picture. 

The most prominent examples are the powers that Ryn and her sister seem to possess. Specifically, the way that they can harm humans and how their ability to use songs makes people willing to do whatever they want.

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It would be great to see this continue within the story because the tone of Siren becomes much darker, and that's when it works best. 

Siren will continue to have a fascinating voice if it allows things to go in dark directions from time to time.

Ryn, especially, comes off like a ticking time bomb, a great trait that works to keep us on our toes because it isn't easy to guess what she is about to do next.

What if there is a new predator out there? One that we haven't seen before.


Meanwhile, Ben gives off the impression that he is the golden boy of Bristol Cove.

It is a little harder to process how I feel about him yet, but a guy who is trying to do the right thing is usually a good person to have around. 

His relationships with the people around him, though, shine. Ben and Maddie are a couple right now, but it can't be only me expecting big complications between them.

It is refreshing to see a relationship that is healthy and trusting. Maddie and Ben struggle to find their footing when Ryn first appears, but there aren't any fights rooted in miscommunication or lack of trust.

For the first time in a long time, it is lovely to watch Ben simply show Maddie proof that mermaids exist and see her coming on board right away because of that.

How do you subtly ask about a mermaid?


Usually, this is where the long, drawn-out story would go with Ben running off to help Ryn and Maddie getting jealous because she doesn't know or believe all the details.

There isn't a love triangle being created where it usually would go, and that opens up room for actual storytelling.

Ben, Maddie, and Ryn have formed a strange team between them which, thankfully, isn't a plot device for a breakup.

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What's truly interesting is the way that Ryn forms a different connection to Ben and then to Maddie.

That is why I am going to put it out there that the Maddie and Ryn scene was not at all purely platonic. I have so many questions. 

Ryn clearly isn't focused on either of them as anything more than help, but I'm getting a feeling that this isn't the last we have seen the weird connection both of them have with her. 

In their natural state in the water, they see you as prey. Their instinct is to kill. Humans never understood that.


The military arc leaves a little more to be desired if only because it has become the villain trope somehow. 

I find myself worried about Ryn's sister, but that is about it. I don't care why the military took her because I assume they are taking this as a national threat and trying to study her because humans are evil.

There is also Chris who is barely awake most of the time, and him being a driving force for Xander and Calvin is the only thing I find myself drawn to.

Like if Chris being taken away is what continues to push Xander and Calvin to become involved in this mermaid hunt, I am here for it. But we have yet to become invested in the guy trapped in that well-protected building, and for the time being, I am fine with that.

Ryn Finds Shelter - Siren

Another character worth mentioning is Helen, she is pure and is all about saving the poor creatures that were destroyed before by humanity. 

I will continue to be very much here for her trying to make sure Ryn and her sister aren't harmed.

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There is one person that I am not trusting just yet, and the best thing I can do right now is not to refer to him as Jacob's father from Twilight.

Regardless, Jacob's father from Twilight who is now Maddie's father from Siren is slowly connecting the dots, but he comes off so freaking shady.

Yes. You're real.


Overall, Siren covers a lot of ground at a quick pace and has a very promising season ahead. 

The characters have strong personality traits, and they feel like fully formed people with different driving forces that make sense. It is so easy to reason why each of them does what they do, and it has only been two episodes.

Going forward, I think the mermaid mythology will gain even more footing because moments like the transformation in the water are mind-blowing. 

I trust that this show will continue to deliver valuable character development, well-written arcs, and a darker shade of mystery that surrounds the mermaids themselves.

What did you think of the series premiere? What did you enjoy the most and what did you enjoy the least? Is there anything you would like to see change as the show continues? Which character caught your eye the most? Where do you see the plotlines going from here? 

Let us know what you think below!

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Siren Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

What if there is a new predator out there? One that we haven't seen before.


In their natural state in the water, they see you as prey. Their instinct is to kill. Humans never understood that.