Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 20 Review: All You Can Eat

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Ok, that was subtle.

Two extremely different methods of handling grief were examined on Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 20.

I liked Garcia's eventual epiphany that forgiveness was the least destructive path.

Battling Ghosts - Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 20

The unsub, Mark Henshaw, took an entirely different approach, poisoning the business community that he saw as having rejected his parents' restaurant.

Yeah, that was a puzzler for the BAU. What did the first two victims, a loan officer, and a defense analyst, possibly have in common?

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In the end, that was perfectly clear, as both contributed to the closure of the restaurant operated by Henshaw's parents. It's frightening that a bad Yelp review can make you dead.

It's a sad commentary on the times we live in that the powers that be went straight to bioterrorism as the rationale being employed by the killer.

Only after the poison was revealed to be something as mundane as rat poison did the BAU's thinking shift to the murders being more personal.

Naming That Poison - Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 20

That the business community was being targeted only became clear after the poisoned punch caused multiple casualties at the business association meeting.

So, who in the business community had set off the unsub? It was certainly a logical call to search through the records of the bank where the first victim had worked. Banks, after all, piss off people on a daily basis with their business practices.

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It was amusing to watch JJ, Alves, and Simmons go old school, working without Garcia to bail them out. They had to dig through the volumes of loans and bankruptcies to unearth the beginning of the unsub's rampage.

It didn't take long after that to solve this case. After the obligatory near-miss at Henshaw's house, they arrived just in time to stop him as he was poisoning the salad bar (isn't "poisoning the salad bar" an oxymoron?).

Naturally, his big target was a new restaurant at the site of his parents' former eatery. What poetic justice!

Seeking the Unsub - Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 20

First, the BAU wrapped up the Henshaw case, an example of what not to do when life deals you a harsh blow.

Then it was up to Garcia to show the proper way of handling life's injustices.

First off, I can't get me enough Garcia. Especially if Reid's been sent off on one of his too-frequent, FBI-mandated sabbaticals. (Let's hope that silly concept disappears next season.)

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Her parents getting killed by a drunk driver sent Penelope off on the path that eventually brought her to the BAU instead of the other option to which she was headed: prison.

It was readily apparent that it had shattered her family, as well. Garcia certainly hadn't been home much or even kept in touch. (There's this thing called email, girl!)

She hardly recognized the old neighborhood and didn't even know that her brother Carlos had started his own company.

Letting Go - Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 20

We found out that Garcia blames herself for her parents' death since they were killed while out looking for her after she broke curfew.

That put them in the path of Jessie Wilson, himself committing another youthful mistake: drunk driving.

Although inwardly Garcia dealt with self-loathing over her parents' death, outwardly she and the rest of her family had elevated Jesse into a monster instead of the stupid kid he was. So they fought against his getting out on probation.

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Then Penelope got to know Jesse better, in part thanks to the mystery of the tulips on her parents' graves.

First, she met Jesse's sister Colette, who placed the tulips for him, and Colette pleaded for Jesse's release.

Then, wracked with doubt, Garcia went to talk with Jesse in prison but came away seemingly unmoved by the experience.

Was anybody surprised that Garcia came around at the parole hearing, coming out in favor of Jesse's being released?

I wasn't. Garcia made the most of her second chance, and it wouldn't be in her generous nature to deprive anyone else of theirs.

Also, as she pointed out, her parents would have preached forgiveness. Granted, it ended up putting her in the doghouse with her siblings, especially Carlos, but how could anyone stay mad at sunny Penelope for long?

It was a sweet ending, with Garcia having a picnic at her parents' graveside, pouring out her feelings to them. It just seemed so natural a thing for the ex-Goth chick.

So, today's message: Choose forgiveness, not revenge, when dealing with those that have wronged you.

Next up is the two-episode season (series?) finale, which is promised to end with a cliffhanger. What's left that hasn't been done in 13 seasons? Is the BAU jet going down? Don't rule it out. That's a high-mileage plane.

To catch up before the finale, watch Criminal Minds online.

How did you enjoy Garcia's journey? How about the unsub of the week? What else can be accomplished in two short episodes?

Comment below.

All You Can Eat Review

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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 20 Quotes

"Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."-- Buddha


Simmons: When was the last time this [refrigerator] was cleaned?
Rossi: I don't want to say anything, but one of the lunch bags has Hoover's initials on it.