Good Girls Season 1 Episode 6 Review: A View From the Top

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Well, it looks like the men have finally been let in on the secret. Kind of.

Good Girls Season 1 Episode 6 was a turning point in the season, as the men were finally given a clue and forced to recognize that something was a bit off with the women they'd been married to for years.

But while Dean now has a much better idea of how much his wife has changed, Ruby is still leaving Stan relatively in the dark.

Consequences at Home - Good Girls

Ruby and Stan are very much the model couple on this show. They are amazing parents and deeply in love. So when Stan was finally alerted to the fact that Ruby had been lying to him for weeks, you just knew it was going to hurt badly.

Stan handled the news about as well as you would expect. More than anything he just seemed downright angry, not even hurt.

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Because of the size of the ensemble, we don't know the ins and outs of all the relationships on this show. We don't know if everything has always been smooth sailing for these two, but judging by Stan's reaction, he has never had to worry about Ruby hiding things from him.

It's hard to imagine that Ruby's decision to sort of come clean won't come back to haunt her. It's probably for the best that Stan now knows Ruby has money, so she doesn't have to come up with anymore Go Fund Me lies or deal with overzealous "friends" who have a thing for her husband.  

Having A Treat- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 6

But Stan is a smart man and a soon to be cop. He will find out eventually, and I'm starting to get nervous about the future of my top fictional couple of the moment.

Beth- I robbed a grocery store. I didn't do it for nothing.
Annie- God, when did you get so cool?

On the opposite side of couple goals are Beth and Dean. It's hard to believe that a few episodes back I was feeling a little sorry for Dean because he seemed genuinely remorseful for his actions.

And while I still believe that Dean feels that way, he continues to disappoint. Faking cancer is despicable on so many levels and never okay. There are other ways to save your family.

It also seems as if Dean has never seen Beth properly. Or Beth has never allowed herself to be seen. I can't quite figure out if Dean has just subjected Beth to the role of wife and mother or if Beth willingly went there herself.

The Boland’s- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 6

At this point, the old Beth is gone and never to be seen again. Now that Dean is somewhat aware of what Beth is doing now, it will be interesting to see how he reacts.

He was hellbent on getting his wife and his life back, but will he still want the new Beth? I truly think he loves his wife, but I think it's finally dawning on him that he doesn't know who she is anymore.  

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More important than that though is what Beth wants. It's interesting to think that turning to a life of crime has lead Beth to a place where she can finally see that she deserves better than a husband that doesn't think she's smart enough or capable enough to take care of herself.

There wasn't much movement on the Beth and Rio front, but it feels like it's just a matter of time before something happens between these two. Even when these two are standing a few feet away from each other in the freezing cold with others present, there's chemistry.

Sneaky Boomer- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 6

Elsewhere in Annie land, Boomer's grandmother was back. It's nice that Annie was honest with Marion about stealing the figurines earlier this season, but Marion's affinity for Annie has put her square in Boomer's crosshairs once again.

Boomer is truly deplorable. Planting those drugs in Annie's locker is going to cause damage that may be irreparable. Forget possible jail time or fines, the most important thing to Annie is Sadie. And something like this will severely impact her custody chances.

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Marion was dead right when she implied that her grandson was a loser.

As we head into the final stretch of episodes, I'm curious to hear your thoughts about the show. Are you glad the men are starting to see what's been right under their noses? What do you hope to see before the end of the season?

Things are heating up this season! Make sure to leave a comment down below and watch Good Girls online today, so you're all caught up!

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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Beth- Go big or go home, right?

Annie- Dude, we've been laundering fake money for a street gang.
Ruby- So?
Annie- So, it's not a college internship. We can't be like 'Thanks, bye. I learned so much'. There is no getting out.