Charmed Reboot Ordered to Series at The CW!

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The three most powerful sisters in all of the land will be coming to The CW during the 2018-2019 season. 

In an unsurprising move, the young-skewing network has handed out a series order to a reboot of Charmed. 

Charmed Trio

The CW describes it as follows:

“This fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the original series centers on three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches."

"Between vanquishing supernatural demons, tearing down the patriarchy, and maintaining familial bonds, a witch’s work is never done.”

sarah jeffrey 2

The cast includes Madeleine Mantock as Macy Pruitt, Melonie Diaz as Mel Pruitt, Sarah Jeffery as Madison Pruitt, Rupert Evans as whitelighter Harry and Ser’Darius Blain as Macy’s aspiring film-maker boyfriend, Galvin. 

The reboot landed a pilot order back in January. It was actually in the works last season, but as a prequel to the original series.

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The original series lasted eight seasons, airing between 1998-2006. It starred Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan. 

Melonie Diaz Attends Event

The reaction to the potential of Charmed returning in a different form without a link to the Halliwell sisters, or any input from the original stars has caused quite the stir on social media. 

“Here’s the thing,” she Combs said at the time.

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“Until you ask us to rewrite it like [exec producer] Brad Kern did weekly don’t even think of capitalizing on our hard work.” Combs then reiterated that the franchise “belongs to the four of us” — presumably referring to former co-stars Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan. She then said it also belongs to “our vast amount of writers, crews and predominantly the fans."

You can see the tweet below:

With The CW expanding original programming to Sunday nights, the network might take this as an opportunity to launch the new iteration on the lower viewed night. 

Madeleine Mantock

If it launches Sunday, October 7, it would be exactly twenty years since Charmed debuted on The WB. 

The CW is no stranger to reboots, with the most recent success story being Dynasty. While domestic ratings were woeful, it turned in a profit before it even debuted thanks to a lucrative deal with Netflix. 

Okay, Charmed Fanatics!

Will you give this new series a chance? 

Hit the comments below. 

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