iZombie Season 4 Episode 13 Review: And He Shall Be a Good Man

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Well, that was an emotional albeit predictable season finale!

Heads rolled on iZombie Season 4 Episode 13, and none of the deaths came as a surprise in the least bit, but it was entertaining. 

The finale managed to tap into all the feels, and in the end, it did the trick. 

Imprisoned Liv - iZombie Season 4 Episode 13

Liv's terrible streak of losing boyfriends continues; as everyone and their mother predicted, Levon bit the dust. We saw that coming a mile away. 

Levon was sweet, nice, and handsome, but he had zero presence whatsoever all season. He was just there. He existed for the sole purpose of being killed off later, so it was difficult to get attached to him. 

It was supposed to be an emotional, melancholic moment when Levon and Liv were proclaiming their love for one another while being held captive, but I found myself laughing. When did love come into the equation? 

Major: Liv, I am so sorry we didn't get there in time to save your boyfriend.
Liv: Me too. His name was Levon, and he would still be alive if you hadn't kidnapped me.
Major: I know. But you wouldn't be.

The timeline is wonky, so it's likely that they have been dating for at least a couple of months, but it doesn't feel that way for us, so it was more melodramatic than sad. What's love go to do with it, Liv? Weren't you macking on Major yesterday? 

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It's a good thing Levon never found out about her time spent with Major in Oregon or wherever they were because he would have felt like a tool. He certainly looked like one by the end. The poor guy. 

Of all of Liv's boyfriends, he's the one who I felt the least attached to, so the "Liv's boyfriends always die" trope the show beats like a dead horse was a flop when it came to him. Did anyone care that Levon got executed? 

Execution Day - iZombie Season 4 Episode 13

Levon's death wasn't what one would consider a tear-jerker, but the limited time Liv was given to say goodbye to her friends led to some misty eyes.

First off, Chase committed to being a cold-hearted son of a gun with that move. If there were any pro-Chase stragglers left, then his having that French f**k punch Liv with brass knuckles broke the spell. The game he played limiting her time to say goodbye to her friends was needlessly cruel and sadistic. 

He still planned on executing her, so why would she bother giving up names?

Liv's last words to Clive crushed me. Their partnership and friendship have grown over the years, and the culmination of that was in the two of them fiercely hugging one another, her telling him how much she loves him and letting him know that it was her saying it, and giving him information on the documentary. 

Of course, that Ravioli scene got to me too. 

Liv: Try to remember me on this brain, Clive. This is the one who loves you.
Clive: Got it, partner.

Chase inexplicably devolved into this maniacal character, and it didn't lead anywhere. The writing was on the wall that he would end up in his own guillotine since midway through the season. I couldn't help but wonder what his motivations were. By the end, he didn't appear to have anything fueling him at all. 

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Frankly, I have never seen the characterization of a character backslide to this degree on this series. It's mystifying. 

Chase wanted to avoid riots because the Underground expertly released the video footage of Liv saving humans and reuniting families, and people were on her side. They were willing to show up and show out on her behalf to protest Fillmore Graves. 

Facing the Music - iZombie Season 4 Episode 13

The back and forth with him trying to figure out how to best execute these executions with as little public outcries as possible reduced him to cartoon levels of villainy.

Chase was one step away from mustache twirling by the time he decided to execute her in the morning, and the callous way he cut Levon off by cutting off his head was next level villain. 

We also surmised the showdown would come down to Major versus his mentor. I have to admit, watching Major go into full zombie mode was exciting. The flying leap to take down  Chase was one of the best sequences of the night. 

The rest of them crashing into the warehouse and charging the soldiers and the guillotine was not iZombie at its best. The flickering sequence was a pain in the ass. It felt more like your cable flickering out during a bad storm or the days when you hit the side of the television for better reception. 

Chase Leads FG - iZombie Season 4 Episode 13

I both knew Chase's execution was coming and didn't realize it had happened. Liv doing the honors was fitting. 

Our iZombie Roundtable was vocal about Fillmore Graves. They did not want to see Major take it over and preferred it would come to an end. It looks like they may be disappointed. 

In a move that shocked no one, Major became the new commander of Fillmore Graves. Oh, hey, they even dusted Justin off for this finale. Not only did he share a few awkward moments with Liv that reminded us that they did not end things on the best of terms, but he may be Major's second in command. 

Another moment that led to a hearty chortle was when Major called Blaine and Don E in and made the type of deal Chase should have made at the beginning of the season. Can you imagine how much of this could have been avoided if Chase took advantage of having Blaine and Don E under his control? 

Major: A year from now, you'll be patriots. There will be statues of you in the time square. Zombie children will be taught nursery rhymes about your exploits. Zombie teenagers will go to De Beers high. There will be Don E's deep fried brain stands across the city.
Blaine: All of our debts forgiven.
Hobbs: Um, maybe we should ...
Major: Done.

Is that the way the series chooses to address the brain shortage though? It doesn't seem like enough. It's a weak quick fix if that's the case. 

There's also a matter of knowing the next season will be the final one. Everyone loves Blaine, but he's not the type of character that should get redeemed in any way.

He can't handshake his way out of all the despicable things he has done. If he stays true to the path with this new arrangement, then that means no comeuppance, and that would be disappointing. 

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Blaine was still plotting like the best of them up until Angus got killed. Angus and his flock was a waste of a storyline.

Blaine in the Riot - iZombie Season 4 Episode 13

Liv's response to Major and his new position was a reminder of how sanctimonious she has been all season. It's not his fault Levon is dead. Levon knew what he was signing up to do. Major has ticked me off most of the season, but Liv grieving Levon didn't mean she had to be pissy with Major for trying to save her. 

Her comment she made where she acknowledged that Major lost himself this season is the only agreeable thing about that scene. 

It seemed unlike Liv to see all of that support and suddenly decide she didn't want to be Renegade anymore. She went through all of that trouble, and she wanted to back out because it wasn't glamorous when she lost her boyfriend. 

I love Liv, but if she were doing it for the right reasons, she wouldn't have let anything discourage her from this calling she professed to have. She should have been more inspired. 

Peyton: Liv, he risked everything to save you.
Liv: True. I know who he is, even if he forgets sometimes.

I'm glad Ravi and the others talked her back into it. At least, I think I'm happy about it. It's going to be interesting next season with most of our zombie gang running New Seattle. 

Liv has taken over the smuggling, and she can do it freely because she's working alongside Major. Major has taken over Fillmore Graves. Peyton is still acting Mayor. Dale is running the police force. 

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Blaine has taken over the brain business, and he'll be mostly legit and working with the government this time. They're all running New Seattle. The final season should be good with this development.

Let's hope Ravi can continue doing research and finding a cure. The pitfall of Isobel's brain being a cure is that only one person would benefit. So, Ravi didn't spend more time trying to find a way to make it exceed one dosage? That sucks! 

The Happy Couple - iZombie Season 4 Episode 13

Liv made the best choice giving Dale the brain. It resolved the last of Clive and Dale's issues. The two of them getting married in the precinct was a unique choice, including having Vampire Steve ordain it, but I loved that Ravi and Liv were the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Damn, I hope Michelle wasn't there. 

While I lost interest in Dale and Clive's relationship along the way, and I hated the fact that Clive caved into not having children he wanted and becoming a zombie which is something he was steadfast against, Clive's happiness is paramount, so I'll take it. 

We need a baby Babineaux sometime next season. I'm just saying. 

Was the finale predictable? Will Liv ever find long-lasting love with someone other than Major? Are you upset about Chase's death? How do you feel about Major and Blaine's unlikely partnership? Hit the comments below. 

There have been a lot of ups and a lot of downs this season, but iZombie is still one of The CW's finest. If you'd like to catch up, you can watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic. 

And He Shall Be a Good Man Review

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