Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Take Me to the Hole!

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Who saw that one coming?

On Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 6  Konstantin's true purpose in the world was revealed and with it, his relationship with someone very close to Eve's investigation.

In fact, all of the information about the investigation could have been coming from the source right into the hands of Konstantin. From Carolyn Martens!!

Fancy Dress - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 6

Not even during the dramatic pause waiting for the other agent to walk into the dining room did I expect Konstantin to sit at the table with Carolyn and Eve.

Perhaps I'm too just. Konstantin is so corrupt that the idea he could be running an assassin at the level of Villanelle and be an active Russian agent seems ludicrous. But haven't Russians always been the bad guys in modern history?

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It seems that hasn't changed too much in this particular story. 

It's not too different than what's happening on The Americans at the moment. The Jennings are in the United States carrying out their mission to ensure something in Russia doesn't come to pass.

We know the mission of The Twelve is to create chaos from the bottom up, and what better way to do that than from the inside? 

Hello Nadia - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 6

Making matters worse, Carolyn slept with both of them and she was acting like a teenager. She shared just enough information with Eve to get herself in trouble by bragging about her conquests.

They need Nadia and Vladimir wasn't going to play ball. But Eve could tell something was going on between Vlad and Konstantin even before learning Carolyn played the two men. Nonetheless, using what she knows about the threesome will probably get results.

In spite of all her efforts, Villanelle didn't even get to kill Nadia first.

Prison Bound - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 6

Konstantin trusted the wrong guy with Villanelle's care while in the prison.

Then again, maybe Konstantin wanted to get rid of Villanelle after the way she spoke to him during Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 5. Knowing what we know now, it's impossible to get a read on their relationship.

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Nadia was recruited as the assassin and Villanelle talked her way into the position first. We know she has that particular set of skills. 

Why would Konstantin send her into prison without a clear way out? He knew how scared she was to return and her worry about being recognized was pretty high. If she had a run in with the doctor in the past, it doesn't make sense to use him as a contact point if he would do her harm.

Going All The Way - Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 6

Yet the plan was to get to the doctor first and he was to tell her the details about her escape. Why? Something smells fishy here. 

Konstantin has to be teaching her a lesson about how powerful he is. What I hope is that it backfires with what Eve is doing. Eve isn't a dainty flower, either. And maybe the real conflict is going to come into play when Eve and Konstantin go nose to nose.

Good golly. Could there be any more possible direction for this series to take? 

Eve is equally interested in who Anna might be, and if she's in the prison, the wife of the man Anna killed and first chopped off his knob, things can get good.

Take Me To The Hole!! - Killing Eve

Take me to the hole!!!


Since Villanelle chose the most cuckoo woman to get her to the doctor (great plan, Konstantin), her initial efforts to kill Nadia failed. But Eve will probably be on her way to the prison anyway, so will she get to the prison and to Oksana before Konstantin?

If Konstantin was responsible for her going to the hole as punishment for her lack of respect, it will be Eve. If the doctor had a bug up his ass from Villanelle's past stay in the place, Konstantin may not know she's even in the hole.

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And what will the consequences be for Carolyn once Vladimir finds out what she did to him all those years ago?

Has Eve inadvertently put her boss' life in danger by outing Konstantin to Vladimir? 

Can you imagine the guilt Kenny would feel for helping Eve if something did come to pass? 

Things are so convoluted and messed up that anything is possible. Oh what a tangled web has been weaved!!!

Quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea where this is going next, and even if I did have an idea, it would probably amount to nothing. Someone who is already on the canvas will probably jump out of the woodwork and surprise me. 

Maybe Niko has been a sleeper agent and just waiting for Eve to become the spy she's always hoped to be. Would anything surprise me? Hell no!

If you are all caught up, good. Otherwise, watch Killing Eve online and share your thoughts below. There is always more to discuss with Killing Eve!!

Take Me to the Hole! Review

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Do you want me to hold back your cape a little bit so you can go down on yourself a bit more?! You're not saving the world, honey bunch, you're getting off by sniffing out a psycho!!


Elena: So wait, are we calling Villanelle Oksana now?
Eve: It's her real name.