Quantico Season 3 Episode 5 Review: The Blood of Romeo

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Is it just me or is the team saying "what do you see?" at least once a mission? 

Some of the time it's used as a teachable moment, but on Quantico Season 3 Episode 5, Ryan said it to Jocelyn and Shelby aka people he doesn't really need to teach. Simply tell us what you saw, Ryan! This is no time to hold class.

It's obviously a way to incite dialogue and have us follow along with people's train of thoughts as they deduce or uncover something. Unfortunately, it's gotten a bit repetitive.

Missing Uranium - Quantico

There has to be a better way to start a dialogue than those four words.

Jocelyn, Owen, and Celine reviewed the camera footage and walked through what they were seeing, no prompting required. Give us more scenes like that.

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Watching them put everything together is captivating, and it highlights their investigative skills. Jocelyn picks up on so many little details. It's amazing. She's definitely my favorite addition to the team. 

To be fair, she already had the upper hand because Marlee Matlin is a fantastic actress and one of my favorites (I fell in love with her as Joey Lucas on The West Wing). She's absolutely phenomenal. Do you have a favorite newbie yet?

Quantico Season 3 Episode 5 Harry

Speaking of newbies, Celine and Harry are partnered up for this case, and it's lots of fun.

Harry taking on the role of a teacher is a bit unexpected. Honestly, Alex or Shelby would be my picks if you were to ask who from the original team would end up teaching the newbies.

There's nothing about Harry that screams educator. Am I right?

Quantico Season 3 Episode 5 Celine

His brief field lesson with Celine is delightful. He realized that she barely has any field experience, and so he jumped in and taught her about how to use what's around you as a weapon.

Owen didn't prompt this. Harry did this all on his own, which is amazing. He earns major points, and so does Celine for being a damn good student. Rescuing the teacher using a weapon he taught you how to make earns her a gold star.

Deep didn't get any advice from Mike or Alex, but he does earn some courage points.

Alex: What do you think you're doing, McQuigg?
Mike: Saving your life.
Alex: I had this under control.
Mike: You had three guns in your face!

Even though they were no longer in the apartment, the fact that Deep gathered up his courage and busted into the apartment to rescue Mike and Alex is a huge step for him.

This is the same guy who was freaking out during a shootout on Quantico Season 3 Episode 2. Deep has come a long way, and he deserves recognition for that.

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We're getting to see Deep and Celine grow and learn, and they are coming into their own as FBI agents. They still have a lot to learn, and hopefully, we will continue seeing them get lessons along the way.

Harry should definitely continue with his field lessons. It would actually be funny to see Harry and Ryan argue over the best way to teach Celine and Deep about something.

Mike, on the other hand, is a full-fledged agent.

Alex: It's an educated guess.
Mike: I'm an educated redneck. You know what that makes me? A redneck.

There's still a lot to learn about him. All we uncover in this hour is that Alex can get him to change his mind whenever he appears set on a plan of action, and he always has his partner's back.

Alex and Mike's banter is a lot of fun, and as long as they take it slow, they could turn into a shippable couple. Of course, with the show being canceled and all, we may never know if they end up together. Sorry to bring the review down a touch.

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Okay, let's dive into Shelby and Ryan.

Thankfully, there's not a ton of drama over this stupid kiss. Shelby ignoring Ryan is enjoyable, and it's much better than that petty fight Shelby and Alex have in Elizabeth's office.

I mean really, ladies? Aren't you two too old and know each other too well to be pulling this junior high "so you kissed my boyfriend" stuff?

Jocelyn: You want her to absolve you.
Ryan: I know I messed up, but everybody has baggage. Everybody has a past.
Jocelyn: Except your past is staring Shelby in the face every single day.

Ryan recalling the moment he realized he and Shelby make a good team is a nice glimpse into their past. It's small, so it doesn't completely make them more believable as a couple, but it helps.

I'm still weirdly paranoid that somehow Ryan and Alex will become a thing again like Ryan and Shelby were only married for a cover or something. Shelby voicing her fear that she was Ryan's back up plan isn't convincing enough that there are real feelings between the two of them.

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It's a start though. What about you; are you buying Ryan and Shelby as a married couple who love each other yet?

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Blood of Romeo Review

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Quantico Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Whatever is going on between you, home stays home.


Alex: Something doesn't feel right.
Shelby: No, it doesn't.
Alex: Why do I feel like we're not talking about the case anymore?
Shelby: Ryan told me about what happened at the hospital. You kissed my husband?
Alex: He kissed me, and it was not returned.
Shelby: You two have a complicated history.
Alex: And that's exactly what it is, Shelby, history.