The 100 Season 5 Episode 8 Preview: The Secret Weapon on "How We Get To Peace"

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We left off The 100 Season 5 Episode 7 in a doomsday situation, at least if you ask Bellamy about it. Clarke was left with no choice after seeing Octavia slither her way into Madi's life, so she offering Charmaine an easy solution to everything.

This little conflict will end with Clarke taking Octavia out, and with the others willing to make peace from there. Of course, nothing is really that easy if the look on Bellamy's face said anything.

There is also the army surrounding Octavia, and yet is Clarke preparing them all for an assassination? 

An Impossible Position - The 100

Now The 100 Season 5 Episode 8 is using the title "How We Get To Peace," so it might be safe to say that tensions grow during this episode. 

And the synopsis for this specific episode is, "Clarke works to protect Madi, which puts Bellamy in an impossible situation."

There is also this very helpful trailer to help arrange our expectations for this episode. 

Now, this preview may contain some light teases about the eighth episode, all of which is based on characters and scenes that have been discussed before or have been included in promotional videos and/or photos.

Proceed with caution if you don't want speculation or a variety of theories, but really, who doesn't like that?

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Clarke's Fight For Madi; Bellamy's Fight For A Vacation

It is very easy to presume that this is all heading to a bad place, one that has Octavia dead at the end of it. But is that really where it all will go?

After some thinking, and then some more thinking, I am voting no.

Let's make one thing clear: Octavia isn't dying in this episode. She just isn't. 

That doesn't mean though that her position within Wonkru is safe, or even that she is safe after everything is said and done.

The trailer definitely leans into the idea that Wonkru isn't safe, with a sequence that we can assume is Bellamy knocking on Kara and dragging her away. 

Indra Struggling With Peace - The 100 Season 5 Episode 8

It is interesting that they, or at least Bellamy but I assume it is everyone, have decided to aim for those around Octavia and not her specifically.

This could play into them wanting to take her leadership away, which could have them trying to reveal to Wonkru what is really happening.

Could this be through the worms? Will they be able to get rid of them? Is taking Kara out for the time being part of that?

Then there is the official promotional photo between Bellamy and Clarke, the one that can't be set inside the bunker. 

Bellamy and Clarke Making Tough Choices - The 100 Season 5 Episode 8

First things first, there is light outside, and we all know the bunker has nothing close to that. It may be the church, but that would put them at Eden when it looks like they are going to be primarily at the bunker the whole episode.

Towards the end, it is possible that they decide to leave and head for Shallow Valley, which is from what moment this image may be.

Still, it is something to look out for if they really find themselves back over at Eden so quickly in the episode, one that is promising a bit of a showdown between Octavia and the others.

It all has to accumulate, specifically them planning all this out and actually executing whatever it is that they have up their sleeve. 

At this point, we really know just as much as we don't know. Things move so quickly in these episodes that just as we prepare for one thing, another gets introduced that throws everything off balance. 

We can probably assume though that Bellamy will struggle at first with anything that they suggest and then will come around and in fact be an integral part of it.

Also, Monty and Harper may be involved; they have to be at least. Maybe they assist in the background? Or maybe they are front and center again like they got to be in Acceptable Losses. 

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Kane Decorating Eden for Charmaine

In the trailer, Kane is preparing Charmaine for what life may be like over at Shallow Valley.

It looks like Clarke's call to Charmaine might be exactly what they need to start planning for a hopeful future. If Clarke takes care of Octavia, in any use of that phrase, then Charmaine and Kane can start thinking about where they go from here.

There is no way to know yet where Charmaine's pregnancy fits in there, specifically because we don't even know who she will tell. Maybe this is public news now, or perhaps just Abby can know. 

Either way, Charmaine and everyone over in Shallow Valley could be dealing with the calm before the storm.

They are over there thinking that it may be winding down and that they can all coexist. Meanwhile, the different arcs around them are all coming together chaotically.

Kane Gearing Up For Peace - The 100 Season 5 Episode 8

Wonkru may be crumbling, and yet they are probably still a threat in their cult-like ways. Even if Octavia is stripped of her leadership somehow, the people under her control still offer that mob mentality that could very easily get out of hand.  

As for Kane and his issues, will they be explored?

Kane did tell Abby that she has to choose between the pills and him. She didn't answer right away, in fact, she didn't really give any concrete answer.

Maybe Charmaine could help him out; she is always around with her lovely and kind words of wisdom. 

I will assume right now though that Kane and Abby could be taking a breather; they may need the space. Kane can't move forward until Abby chooses him, or chooses anything really. And Abby needs to figure out what she needs more right now, which then means she has to deal with the circumstances that come with that. 

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The Murphy, Emori, McCreary Threesome 

Remember these three?

Well, you should because they are about to really surprise us. This is based only off the promo, and yet that last shot is already leaving me in chills.

Now it is pretty clear that McCreary isn't dying in How We Get To Peace. I'm sorry if I ruined it for anyone, but McCreary appears in the promotional pictures for the next episode, so the evidence is stacking against a permanent ending for him. 

This is perfect though, if only because I am waiting on that big baby reveal. There is no way that child isn't his; they mentioned McCreary and Charmaine hooking up. Looking back on that now, this had to be them paving the way for this story, even if just a little. 

Kane and Charmaine Talking Logistics  - The 100 Season 5 Episode 8

Again, this is jumping ahead a bit, but looking forward McCreary is back in control. That could have a few different meanings, essentially he is armed and with the prisoners, meaning he isn't under Emori and Murphy's control.

The trailer for How We Get To Peace tells a different story, this one has him leading the two with Emori having the upper hand in the situation. There isn't much else to go by, but clearly, he is their hostage. 

Towards the very end of the trailer, McCreary is seen unconscious on the ground. That made me think maybe he was dead, a stupid thought considering that would never be spoiled and again because of the future promo pictures.

Still, something happens that leads him to at least be knocked out. Whether it is fake or real still needs to be determined, although it is obvious that he isn't all that safe.

McCreary trying to track Murphy down failed, and now he could be used as leverage for the plan that Emori and Murphy have in place.

Charmaine and Her Big Reveal - The 100 Season 5 Episode 8

Looking into the future yet again, while the photos say that McCreary is back where he belongs, the synopsis places Murphy in that very same location.

Assuming that McCreary is hanging out with Charmaine and the rest in the church, or Eden, or the ship, it is safe to say that he is in fact in the area.

Murphy, on the other hand, he is very clearly back at Shallow Valley starting a fire. 

Trying to piece together what happens from Point A to Point B is probably not worth the guessing game. Obviously, it won't turn out the way any of us expect it to.

We could do try to tentatively deduct that whatever happens between Murphy, Emori, and McCreary leaves Murphy thinking that the next step is creating a real issue with the fire. 

The damage that it costs Eden has to be big enough for the future of that patch of green land to be threatened. This whole season was everyone trying to decide who gets to live there, so naturally, we are nearing the end of the story where no one will go.  

The next question has to be, where do Raven and Emori fit in here?

From a photo shared by Jason Rothenberg, it is clear that Murphy and Emori reunite with Raven and Echo. How involved the last two area with the fire remains to be seen.

But I will end this by putting it out there that Jason also shared these screenshots from future episodes, in which Echo and Clarke have a serious conversation. I don't want to presume, but the background could very well be Shallow Valley on fire. 

And if the assumption about Clarke leaving the bunker for Shallow Valley is true, could she could back there just in time to see it all burn down? 

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Stray Thoughts 

  • Niylah is missing again, and I am completely okay with it. Threaten Madi's safety and risk me going full Clarke mode. 
  • Is it too soon to ask for more Pilot Mechanic? I don't want to seem impatient but we are halfway done with the season, and I wouldn't even call it a breadcrumb meal. There is nothing on the plate, and I am very hungry. 
  • Indra deserves better than where Octavia is at right now. Maybe she will agree to join everyone as they (hopefully) head out of the bunker? The Wonkru Kool-Aid has not yet reached Indra, and she could finally return to a place where the rations aren't suspicious. 
  • Madi may not have sided with Clarke, but that doesn't mean it is too late. The bare minimum that I wish for her over on this end is for her to get out of Octavia's hold before it is too late, and maybe get rid of the flame on the way out. I don't ask for much, and both of these things would help the plot work more. 

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