The 100: Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time

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All characters are very different; there are no two people on a show that standout in the same way. The 100 has gotten lucky in the way that all of their characters manage to imprint themselves in the fans hearts. 

The only issue? There are too many engaging characters and too much intense plot, which can sometimes result in a lack of screen time for some.

This doesn't have to be alarming, but when you have a show like The 100 where even the smallest character intrigues the viewers that are watching it can end up feeling like there is someone missing.

Gaia Makes New Friends - The 100 Season 5 Episode 6

It really isn't a bad thing, far from it when you consider that more screen time is wanted for all these characters because they have already managed to capture the attention of the fans. 

And yet with The 100 Season 5 airing now, there have been some absences that have been felt way too hard. 

These are a few of the characters that have stolen our hearts and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Have you seen these lovely characters? If so, please return to The 100 and their upcoming episodes. 

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When a beloved character starts to be considered a ghost, maybe it is time for her to get some scenes?

But really, there could be simple placement reasons for why Harper wasn't around.

First, the space group was in the forest far away from the action. They only reunited with the bunker at the end of The 100 Season 5 Episode 5, and while they had some scenes beforehand, it wasn't much when you consider what other characters had.

Harper specifically was like this gaping hole, she was around, but it was like she didn't have much to offer beyond that.

We all know that isn't true, which is why Exit Wounds being an episode that showcased everyone but she felt weak at best.

She was there hanging out, and yet never actually saying anything or even engaging as Monty did. At the end when Echo was leaving there was this group goodbye, one that allowed everyone to hug Echo and yet Harper was just not included?

Maybe the two are fighting, with Harper upset to hear that Echo lied about liking Monty's soup and chose to take that out by not saying goodbye. 

It makes sense that there are too many characters and not enough time to explore them all, the issue with Harper is that even when she gets scenes, they don't feel like they offer much of her.

Emori, Harper, and Echo - The 100 Season 5 Episode 5

Harper so far has been Monty's girlfriend or someone's support system.

I get it, this lovely lady gives great advice, and you want to hear it. But she is also a person who could have her own purpose or even just a skill that allows her to do something, anything. 

In the preview clip for Acceptable Losses, Harper is once again present, but she is there to listen to Bellamy. She offers up some words of comfort and mentions not liking Octavia, and yet you have to ask what that does for her character.

The 100 is a strong show that has proved that it can enhance someone's presence when they want to, there is always room to attach a character to one of the many plots being handled at the moment. 

Harper is especially important because she was there from the start, she is always there so why can't she grow further?

Her relationship with Monty is wonderful and represents a healthy connection between two of our favorite people. She is also a great friend, always supporting those around her and wanting to help them feel better.

But Harper has more to offer than that; she is more of a person than that.

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Our favorite pure and soft cook has had more details that we got to explore about him this season compared to his girlfriend.

And again, the issue of how an actor is billed on a show is important to consider. Chris Larkin is in the main credits, and he is part of the main cast, which means he would be present more than maybe someone who is a guest star.

Still, even with that in mind, it feels like Monty's arc had a lot more to offer. 

His struggle to come back down to the ground after a peaceful six years in space where there was no war or conflict was understandable.

Monty saw what the ground did to the people he loved; he saw where it led Jasper to end up. 

He had to have gotten comfortable in space, where his role was to make food and have fun helping Raven. There was no big question of survival vs. living a true life up there.

Monty and a new haircut in space - The 100 Season 5 Episode 3

Maybe this was all a setup for further down the line this season, specifically when Eden may very well end up being a home to no one. 

From there, the suggestion of going back to space will have to be floated around, and Monty's connection to a stress-free life will resurface.

Still, his role as it is now has started to concern me. Monty isn't specifically to blame in this, but he is one part of the space group that seems to be connected to this problem.

When considering how much the space group kept Clarke's memory alive when making choices for six years straight, you would think they would care more about her now that she is alive. 

Again, Monty isn't to blame for the fact that all of them somehow forgot that Clarke existed and didn't include her in any of the planning that they had. 

No matter what the plan was for them later, no matter if they thought they would take her with them when they left, there was that decision to not include her in the planning portion of the group scenes.

I'm just throwing it out there, but a Monty and Clarke scene is way overdue. 

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Now Niylah did have a scene with Clarke, but that was plain chilling. 

Niylah's epic return raised more questions than answers, which is why this is a formal request for her current state to be explored more. 

It was strange that Niylah wasn't around in present day, especially if she was close to Octavia still and yet somehow didn't become her right-hand woman?

No disrespect to Kara, but her character has become harder to enjoy and easier to question how her loyalty got her a place so close to Octavia.

Niylah was just as loyal if not more, she was there from the very beginning, and she never doubted Octavia before.

Sticking Around – The 100 Season 4 Episode 6

Of course, this could all be reversed in the looks we will get into the Dark Year further on in the season. Still, it seems like Niylah never saw Octavia anything other than the sun.

In fact, it is quite possible that she went to visit Clarke at Octavia's request. She could have been there to find out what she was hiding about Madi so that Octavia wouldn't waste her time. There was no question that she would tell Octavia once she found out, which again makes it obvious how committed Niylah is to the Wonkru cause.

Moving forward, Niylah could be a great key to examining the strength that Wonkru still possesses over some people.

Through Octavia we are getting the feeling that things aren't all that great, people aren't happy, and there is a struggle to still push that agenda that she formed six years ago.

Niylah though is that fully committed example of a cult member that is unaware of what she is actually promoting.

The Dark Year episode has to utilize Niylah, maybe even in the role of cannibal ration creator (and should confirm that she was in a relationship with Octavia).

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The twist that Clarke walked into with Gaia was truly one of the best.

Gaia is kind of stunning as a character, whether she is committed to this fighting to the death concept or whether she is actually pretending for the sake of her trust in the history of the Nightblood Commander.

The idea though that she was able to pretend to believe in this Wonkru stuff for six years is the ultimate form of deception. Say whatever you want, but Gaia is an incredible character.

Which is why she deserves to be given a chance to do more.

Even her relationship with her mother is so fascinating, especially since she is not the person that Indra thought she was.

The Fate of the Flame — The 100 Season 4 Episode 8

They are both secretly still looking out for what they believe in outside of Octavia, with Indra protecting Kane and Abby and Gaia protecting her belief in the true clan leader.

Now that Octavia has taken Madi under her protection, there is actually more for everyone to worry about. Gaia and Clarke specifically aren't ones that saw this as the best possible prospect for Madi.

This could kickstart a partnership between Clarke and Gaia, but if we are honest, I am up for any scenario that includes Gaia in it.

Even simply more insight into the way that Gaia transitions from Octavia's trustworthy partner to someone trying to honor in a belief system that others have forgotten would be fascinating.

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Raven may have been gone for one episode, but it really felt like three years to me. 

There isn't enough time to even list how much Raven has accomplished so far, or how quickly this time jump version of our favorite mechanic stole our hearts.

But when she stayed behind on that ship, she almost signed away some of her screen time if the past few episodes are anything to go by. 

This doesn't mean anything besides the fact that for the time being Raven's arc could be the one that could be paused. She created a plan with Zeke, and now the anxiety is starting to build about if it is working.

Raven and All Her New Friends - The 100

The next episode of The 100, "Acceptable Losses," puts Raven front and center again when Echo's plan to infiltrate Eligius threatens her friendship with Raven.

This really is more of a pleasant reminder that there should be more Raven instead of a legitimate issue with the lack of screen time.

Raven's role is always big, and this season is no different since she is the key to everything as usual.

Still, she wasn't around for one episode, and we all are already feeling that absence. 

What does that say about the situation? That Raven can never leave our lives or our TV screens. 

(Not) Zeke

Give me more Not Zeke. Give me more Not Zeke flirting with Raven.

Give me more Not Zeke betraying McCreary and Charmaine because he is not there for their agenda, not anymore. 

Give me more Not Zeke flying things, talking about his past, and just taking over the screen.

Raven and Emori Best Friends In Space - The 100 Season 5 Episode 3

Every new character has somehow managed to carve out space for themselves, but there is something about Not Zeke that makes it impossible to envision the Eligius crew without him.

Going forward, it would be kind of perfect if he ended up finding a way to break away from Charmaine and McCreary. It is obvious that he was there because it worked for him, in almost a self-preserving way, to team up with them for the time being.

Now though it is clear that there are more issues for not Zeke than benefits if he sticks around

Dude should just cut his losses and follow his crush back to her people. 


To be fair, Emori has gotten more of an arc this time around.

She has friendships, a purpose, and an awareness of what she wants.

Emori has accomplished so much just even by being the one to get them back to the ground. She is skilled, and above all that she is also comfortable in who she is.

The way that she didn't wrap her hand in space during The 100 Season 5 Episode 1 was a great example of the family that she found for herself, one that doesn't make her worry about hiding anything or making her feel like she isn't one of them.

She also has found herself outside of her relationship with Murphy, something that we then got to do as well.

Space Crew Minus a Few - The 100 Season 5 Episode 3

No matter what happens with her and Murphy, the important part is that her value within the context of the show matters more than ever.

But because I love to be greedy, I will still claim that this isn't nearly enough. 

It is just a thought; I know no one will mind more Emori.

In fact, the perfect relationship to explore with Emori could be the brother/sister bond she found with Bellamy. He understands her frustrations with Murphy; he has those same ones.

They support one another, and at a time like this when Bellamy isn't all the happy to see Octavia, it could be interesting to see Emori and him hang out instead. 

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Honorable Mentions

  • Madi: It makes sense that we don't see as much of Madi as we see of other characters, and yet it is not okay at all. It is a fact at this point that Madi is truly beloved by all fans, you have to love her presence and her love for Clarke.

    In fact, Madi is the one person keeping Clarke happy right now, something that our favorite female lead needs right about now. There is no way to guess how much we will see of Madi now that she revealed to Octavia who she really is, but I'll already say that we deserve even more.

  • Miller: At first I was intrigued by the utter devotion that Miller dedicates to Octavia. He started out as Bellamy's right-hand man so having him now wait for Octavia to give him a look before he does anything was fascinating.

    In fact, even that scene where Bellamy notices his gun and the look they share, that dripped of potential. Now though, dude is just really rude. The way that he treated Clarke made me really doubt how much I actually want to know about this new Miller.

  • Jackson: Now Jackson doesn't exactly walk hand in hand with Miller, but there is something there. The devotion may not be as strong because of his ties to Abby and Kane, and yet that somehow makes it even less curious for me.

    At least Miller is a character we don't know much about anymore, Jackson, on the other hand, is easy to predict. Maybe much like Kane and Abby, Jackson is a character who doesn't belong in the bunker. 

Which character are you really hoping to see more often? In which character are you not that interested? With more screen time, what do you hope to see? More flashbacks, more details about a character's past, or more involvement with a current plot? How ready are you for a new episode of The 100? Let us know below. 

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Stick around TV Fanatic for more episode previews and reviews of this upcoming season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure.

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