Younger Grows Older at TV Land: Renewed for Season 6!!

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Younger continues to defy the very ageism it discusses on screen by growing older on TV Land!

While Younger Season 5 Episode 1 premieres on Tuesday, June 5, the network shared the news of the Season 6 renewal in advance.

Sutton Foster and the cast have been making the rounds proving that multi-generational friendships are the future and age, no matter what others in the world might try to tell you, is nothing but a number.

To Ireland! - Younger Season 4 Episode 11

"Younger exemplifies romantic comedy at its best and each season the show hits new creative and ratings heights," said Kevin Kay, president of TV Land, CMT and Paramount Network.

"We are honored to continue to work with the brilliant Darren Star and this amazing cast, led by the multitalented Sutton Foster.

"The new season is outstanding and we are thrilled for what’s to come for these beloved characters."

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Younger is one of two shows remaining on TV Land with the other being Teachers.

The two share the 10-11 ET/PT block on Tuesday nights beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5 on TV Land.

The Pitches Make Their Ears Bleed - Younger Season 4 Episode 5

The premise for the series and the crux of the title when the show began was when Liza, played by Foster, was unable to find work after her divorce as a 40-year-old housewife with a great education but outdated job-related skills.

Along with her best friend, Maggie (Debi Mazar), Liza concocted the idea to disguise herself as a 26-year-old woman to slip back into the publishing business she loved so much and earn her way back to the top.

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Soon, Liza is working at Empirical Publishing alongside people she soon came to love but to whom she has been lying to for years:

Her bosses Charles (Peter Hermann) and Diana (Miriam Shor), a department head with an imprint of her own who is also half her age, Kelsey (Hilary Duff), and everyone else she encountered in her new life.

Smiling Faces - Younger

With a new, age-appropriate boyfriend named Josh (Nico Tortorella) at her side and Kelsey's best friend, Lauren (Molly Bernard) helping her navigate the rough waters of social media, Liza starts to forget she's a 40-something mother and divorcee -- until her past stumbles into her present.

When the lines of age are blurred, what does everyone learn about the experience of age as a number?

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If it's unknown, does it matter whether you're in your 40s or your 20s? How do the generations connect and intersect?

There are so many wonderful and imaginative issues that are discussed with every episode that the danger of more people discovering Liza's "secret" shouldn't be too much of a stumbling block even though the lie has become a burden as big as the Rocky Mountains across her shoulders.

Exposure - Younger

Younger also stars Charles Michael Davis from The Originals as a series regular for Younger Season 5.

Star executive produces with Tony Hernandez, Dottie Zicklin, and Eric Zicklin.

One of Millenium Print's books on the show, Marriage Vacation, will be in print soon and available at your local bookstore, so keep an eye out for it.

You don't want to miss what Charles does on page 58.

Be sure to watch Younger online while you rejoice about this fabulous renewal, and be here for more news, reviews, and interviews!

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