The 100: Season 5 Character Death Watch

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It is inevitable on a show like The 100 to have some casualties every season, especially with the high stakes raised before each finale.

Sometimes it is a decision based on the narrative, sometimes it is based on an actor booking another role, and sometimes it is a little bit of everything and then some. 

Still, that doesn't take away from the worry and the hope that maybe our favorites will be already, even if the odds are stacked against them. That is the issue with The 100, the characters grow on you, and the theme of loss doesn't.

Clarke Faces Off  - The 100 Season 5 Episode 10

But this show never plays around, with many major characters sometimes disappearing before we can even process what happened. 

Still, it is that time for us to start considering which characters may need to be put on death watch during The 100 Season 5.

These are a few of the characters that we may need to prepare to say goodbye to, whether it is based on casting announcements or the potential way their story could go based on where they are at now. 

Many main characters aren't included on here because the actors who play them have discussed a Season 6 or have mentioned that they will be visiting the writer's room soon for more information. 

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Not Zeke

Raven and Echo may have decided in The 100 Season 5 Episode 8 that they were going to take out Zeke, but odds are it won't actually happen that way. 

What can't be avoided when discussing not Zeke's potential death is the fact that the actor Jordan Bolger was cast in a leading role in David Makes Man, a show that will air on the OWN Network. 

That is obviously very well deserved considering how quickly we got attached to not Zeke because of Jordan Bolger's acting power.

But yet here we are on The 100 side of things, where we have to face the fact that not Zeke probably won't make it out alive. 

Zeke is a new character, one that is connected to the "villains" that were introduced and the chance of him surviving was always smaller than we would have liked. 

A Few New Faces - The 100

There is no easy way to decipher what may be his downfall, but his decision to help Raven could very well be the thing that screws him up. 

Echo has had her eye on Zeke since she appeared in Eden, which isn't necessarily a good thing since she was the one that exposed what he did with the missiles and who now thinks he is an acceptable loss for their cause on the inside.

Again, Raven telling Echo to kill Zeke was a sudden decision influenced by what Abby did to her, it doesn't mean that this is that end for Zeke. It is possible that just as randomly as Raven turned on Zeke, she will turn again and tell Echo to back off.

Will it be too late though? Or is there something else approaching that will risk Zeke's life on the show?

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This one is a little harder to discuss, maybe because Indra is someone that must be on The 100. She is a part of what makes that world so engaging, and her appearances on the show only make it better because she is there.

The discussion needs to happen about what being so close to Octavia this season might mean for someone like Indra. 

To be very clear, hanging out with Octavia has set off a chain reaction in that bunker. In terms of Wonkru, they are her people, but they are also pawns in a much bigger game. If needed, Octavia will not bat an eye at letting them be used for the cause, which was mentioned in The 100 Season 5 Episode 5.

Of course, on a much bigger scale, the gladiator pits are a prime example of the way that Octavia's rule has gone too far and the threat that looms over those that are around her.

Indra Watches On - The 100 Season 5 Episode 10

Wonkru is a losing side in this war, and the way to guarantee Indra's safety is quite possibly just to leave it all behind. Something we all know she won't do because of her duty to Octavia, regardless of what this might mean for her.

The conversation that Octavia and Indra shared in Shifting Sands was just a reminder that Indra's love for Octavia is what would continue to drive her this season, and this time around it may not be a good thing. 

Indra's commitment to Octavia is catastrophic, the longer that she stays in the bunker means the bigger the chance is that Octavia's wrath will be directed at her. 


Monty has had it with all of the violence and the pain that comes with being back on the ground, and this was exactly what he feared for them all when they were about to leave space.

It is hard to miss the melancholy cloud that hangs over Monty this season, he is suffering and the longer he partakes in these plans, the worse it seems to get.

During The 100 Season 5 Episode 8 though, we caught wind of the fact that Monty wasn't heading in the same direction as everyone else.

Bellamy and Clarke are finding a way to push through the death that had to happen for the sake of peace or at least the idea that they have crafted to justify their decisions, but Monty has long since given up on the excuses.

Jasper's last words to Monty only solidified to him that they are caught in this endless cycle, and someone needs to break it. No matter how much Monty tries, he isn't able to convince Octavia or Clarke of the fact that they don't have to do these things to find a way to all live together in one place.

Monty and a new haircut in space - The 100 Season 5 Episode 3

Through his conversation with Harper, Monty confirms that he is done getting caught up in this spinning roller coaster ride. Monty chose to get off and stay behind, even if that means isolating himself from their people and just living like a farmer because at least he would live and not be forced to survive by making decisions that haunt him for the rest of his life.

That doesn't have to confirm anything about Monty's state going into Season 6, but it is something that is dipped so heavily in foreshadowing that we can't not talk about it.

The chance of a couple finding their happy ending was floated by Jason Rothenberg before the season started, and Monty and Harper are the ones in the running for this. 

There is no way they will engage in the violence that is going on around them, which leaves them with a happy ending away from the others or just a possible end altogether.

It is upsetting even to imagine, but we need to be prepared to go further in this season as it begins to wrap up with a game-changing finale.

There is also the small detail of Christopher Larkin and Chelsey Reist being booked for fan conventions in September and October. It doesn't have to mean anything huge, but with filming starting at the end of August, committing to consistent appearances in other places is either a big gamble or a decision based on knowing what your filming schedule will be like by then. 

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What is there to say about Harper?

Not much considering the amount of time we didn't see her around and the fact that she appears to contribute to someone else's storyline.

Still, Harper is immensely adored, and if we are discussing Monty's death, then she has to be added to that bet as well. If Monty goes, then Harper will go as well.

It is painful to say, but it is very true that at this point in the story they are a package deal, and their fate rests in the others. It is possible that they really will get to have their happy ending, or a version of it, with them sticking back while everyone else heads for Eden.

Emori, Harper, and Echo - The 100 Season 5 Episode 5

If Monty can make algae for them to live on, there probably isn't anything actually stopping them from staying in that bunker. It survived six years and the end of the world; it can survive Monty and Harper spending their lives in it together.

In a way this idea is sort of beautiful, it gives them something that many of the other characters won't have with their significant others. But it doesn't make the idea of losing Harper any easier. 

Harper is one of the original delinquents, with her journey and presence continuing to brighten every new season for us. 

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The most important piece of news to back up this possibility has to be the lovely Tati Gabrielle being cast as Prudence in Netflix's upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch series.

Casting news shouldn't be the definitive proof of a show's upcoming storyline, but the truth is that Gaia is involved with arcs that have to have a deadline in place.

The chances that Gaia will go down with them are high, even if losing this dynamic presence is a real fear for me right about now.

It also shouldn't slip our minds that with Jaha dying and with Zeke, Indra, and Gaia facing a potential death sentence on The 100, there is a worrisome pattern forming for this season.

Gaia in the Bunker - The 100 Season 5 Episode 10

Now Gaia's biggest issue right about now is her connection to that flame, a storyline that should have been left behind a while ago. It wasn't though, and now it is back to cause more harm than good probably.

The time for the flame and the Commander has passed, as made clear by Octavia's rise to power and the fact that six years have come and gone so trying to choose a leader based on blood is a little outdated now.

Still, Gaia appears and with her comes this little flame that if in the wrong hands could present a whole other issue. Gaia really should just watch out where she puts that thing, and how much she counts on it.

Octavia finding out that Gaia has it can't exactly be good, not after Gaia faked accepting her position of power all those years ago? If I were Gaia, I would destroy that flame and move on before the Red Queen comes back and blames everyone in her path for allowing Bellamy to take her out the way that he had. 

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Now this one is a death I'm still very sure won't happen, and yet it still found its way onto this list just for the discussion part of it.

It may be doubtful that Octavia is going to die this season, but why not go over the facts just in case?

Ever since we met her again in The 100 Season 5 Episode 2, nothing was really going well for the bunker or even for her. Octavia may not even realize how far gone she is, which is why we as the audience are the ones alerted to it more times than we can count.

She isn't struggling, in fact, Octavia seems comfortable in this new place in her life. The only issue is the fact that they can't figure out peace if Octavia doesn't back down, and everyone around her is still trying to come to terms with how little communication there can be found with her.

Octavia Rises Once Again - The 100 Season 5 Episode 10

That is why the death watch isn't aimed at Octavia, but it does occasionally glance over in her direction.

With the way that The 100 Season 5 Episode 8 ended, Octavia is in a generally bad situation. She is losing the firm grasp she had on the way that things worked in the bunker, and now she will be out of commision for enough time to probably get her even angrier than she was before. 

This truly unhinged version of Octavia will have to come back even more forceful than before, and that runs a risk for those around her and her own life as well.

The chances of her being killed off aren't as high in my opinion, purely because it is hard to imagine the narrative letting go of Octavia at this point.

But she is still being framed as the villain in the story, and unless she truly redeems herself, the odds aren't exactly in her favor right about now. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Abby: This is one of the few theories that have been floating around ever since Abby was introduced again this season. Things haven't been easy for Abby this time around, her addiction causing harm to her and those around her.

    It is very possible that through shocking Raven, Abby may have reached rock bottom and will move towards getting clean instead of continuing to take the pills. But it is understandable that there is room for concern about Abby making it to the end, if only because of the looming tragedy that comes from her arc.

  • Kane: Now this possible death prediction is usually hand in hand with Abby. Kane hasn't exactly been in danger ever since he left Octavia's sight, in fact, he was thriving by Charmaine's side.

    That doesn't mean though that there isn't a chance for all that to take a turn for the worse, especially if Octavia ever finds Kane again and especially if Charmaine's control of her people falters.

    There is also the discussion happening about Kane and Abby being one of the couples to find a happy ending, in this version they would find it by way of staying behind on Earth and living out their lives together. But that is a theory examination for another day ...

  • Madi - I refuse even to pretend that this could happen. Madi is a sweet and soft new presence on the show, and there is no way that she would be killed off. Still, she is part of Octavia's inner circle right now, and the flame is circling her every few days.

    If there were anyone more at risk, it would only be someone with a direct kill order already given to them, kind of like Zeke. It is hard to imagine that Madi would be killed and it is even harder to imagine that Clarke would be put through this kind of loss again.

    And yet, Madi has been added to this list so that we can happily scratch her name out later. 

  • McCreary - This dude is dying for sure. No doubt about it. 

  • Charmaine - She is pregnant and happy, just let this stay the same. Look, it is obvious once again that being a newly introduced character that fits the role of a villain means death is always around the corner.

    But Charmaine exceeded all expectations, becoming one of the biggest fan favorites this season and her surprise pregnancy just adds onto the fact that she deserves to stick around.

    There are already theories floating around about Charmaine's baby being handed off to other people, which is hard to process considering Charmaine is only five months along and rooting for that is hard.

    It is also weird to imagine the finale taking that long when Charmaine could just be given a happy ending of sorts on the ground with the others that could stick around but not onscreen.

Which character are you worried about most? In which character's arc do you believe enough that you aren't worried about them dying? Who are you unsure about? Which characters would you like to see go? Which characters do you know might go but wish could stay?

How ready are you for a new episode of The 100? Let us know below. 

The 100 airs at a new time Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

Stick around TV Fanatic for more episode previews and reviews of this upcoming season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure.

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