Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Your Passages Have Been Paid

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Charley was desperate to protect Micah from his mistakes on Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 11 even if he didn't realize how desperately he needed it. 

Thank goodness Charley's private investigator had friends in the Sheriff's office and was able to give Charley the heads up that Micah was a person of interest in Sweet Bay fire.

It will give her time to get ahead of this and formulate a plan if the police do show up on their doorstep.

Looking Over His Shoulder - Queen Sugar

But Micah, being a teenager, just kept trying to defend his actions to her, not realizing that why they were on the property or what they intended no longer matter. 

Charley: Accident or not, you understand arson is a felony. You were trespassing and you were vandalizing.
Micah: We were protesting.
Charley: You could go to jail, Micah. Don’t you get that?

I can't imagine Micah surviving real jail time, and I can't imagine Charley would survive losing him. Her entire adult life has been about giving Micah every opportunity for a good life. Watching him throw that all away is killing her. 

That's why she went to Davis.

Davis: What makes you think he’ll listen to me?
Charley: You’ve made serious mistakes. I need you to make him see that some decisions, they can’t be undone.

Charley may be furious with Davis, but he's still Charley's father, and she was right to call him and get him involved in this. 

Micah has been so lost since the night he got arrested. Changing schools, friends, and getting involved in protests has been a part of him feeling as though he has control over his own life. 

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With that officer appealing the loss of his job, perhaps it's time for Micah to step forward and tell his story. Maybe that would be the most direct way to restore his sense of power. 

Nova didn't judge Micah, but she also didn't let him off the hook. She understood the need to have a voice in the community but stressed that he had to weigh the possible consequences of his actions with his intentions. 

Charley Confronts Micah - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 11

He doesn't want to end up being one of the first young men to fill the new jail.

Sam Landry struck a blow to Charley's plans yet again when he moved up the vote on the new jail. Did he know the end run his sister was trying to pull? Did Colton tell him that Charley was after his shares? 

Now Charley is in a bad spot. If Sam outs her to the community as being a part of Landry Enterprises, it could ruin her reputation. But can anyone stop this prison from being built if Sam has half the council members in his pocket?

Elsewhere, I never realized that Too Sweet didn't know that the weed he got arrested for holding originated with Nova. 

Nova Visits Too Sweet - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 11

Although it was a relief that Nova finally told him, I was more proud of how Too Sweet reacted to the news. He took full responsibility for his actions. It bodes well for his future.

This book has Nova looking back at her life and taking inventory of all of her own mistakes, such as how selling weed to her community caused more harm than good. 

I also loved Nova's reaction to getting the notes on her draft. As a writer, I've gotten harsh feedback, and it always feels like a punch to the gut, and then you have to go back and reread, setting emotion aside to fix your issues.

Only for Nova, those issues are as much personal as they are literary. 

Finally, we get to the heated mediation session between Ralph Angel, Darla, and Darlene. 

I’ll fight to the ends of the Earth, but I don’t know if this is the right way to do it. I don’t want Ralph Angel to hate me and more importantly, I don’t want Blue to resent me.


Darla's sponsor was wrong when she said Blue would never resent her. He most certainly will if she takes away the only father he's ever known. 

I worry about how Darla will handle this custody battle. She's under tremendous stress, and I'm concerned about her maintaining her sobriety. 

Vicki Has News - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 11

I don't doubt that Darlene means well. Her goal is to protect Darla and Blue, but her actions don't match those intentions. 

Blue being taken away from Ralph Angel will damage that child forever, and the pressure that Darlene has put on Darla to take up this fight isn't helping her daughter.

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Darlene wouldn't stop until she made Ralph Angel admit that he wasn't Blue's biological father and it was a heartbreaking moment. In his heart, Ralph Angel will be that boy's father until the day he dies, whether Darlene can see that or not. 

Darla's saving grace was when she finally took control and made her mother stop. 

Then there was Violet's TV interview.

Rhonda and Violet - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 11

I kept waiting for something to go horribly wrong because Vi has been thrown so many obstacles in the past. Nothing ever goes smoothly for her. 

It was refreshing to see this profile of her business go so well. 

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So what do you think TV Fanatics? 

Will Ralph Angel and Darla finally come to their senses and share custody of Blue? Will Micah have to face the consequences of his actions?

And can Charley stop Sam Landry from building his new jail?

Check back in for my review of Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 12, and until then, you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic. 

Your Passages Have Been Paid Review

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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Micah: What we did was right.
Charley: It was stupid.
Micah: Now I'm stupid.
Charley: No Micah, your actions were stupid because you knew better. I raised you better than that.

Charley: Accident or not, you understand arson is a felony. You were trespassing and you were vandalizing.
Micah: We were protesting.
Charley: You could go to jail, Micah. Don’t you get that?