Killjoys Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Sporemageddon

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That didn't work out as planned.

It seemed like Team Awesome Force had finally gotten rid of the Green and The Lady on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 10.

And Killjoys fans everywhere rejoiced!

Defeating the Lady - Killjoys

A bit prematurely, it seems.

Michael Corleone put it best in The Godfather Part III: "Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in."

Two full seasons with an unseen adversary, and still The Lady triumphed. I guess it's hard to punch an enemy you can't really see.

More on Killjoys Season 5 later, but first let's look at how things fell spectacularly apart.

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The good guys were doomed to fail because they were up against an ancient being who has had millennia to strategize. Compared to The Lady, even long-lived Khlyen and Aneela were making it up as they went along.

Flying by the seat of your pants can sometimes work (hell, for the Killjoys, much of the time), but it's no sure thing.

Let's see if I've got Aneela's plan of attack: Sneak back into the Green, dazzle The Lady with D'avin's Khlyen-given ability to repulse the Green while Aneela rescues Dutch, then flee back to real-time and kill the Green before The Lady can escape.

That sounds a lot like trying to trap an angry hornet in a jar. It might work, but you might also get stung.

Yeah, I'd say getting deposited into a new reality qualifies as getting stung. But I digress.

It was fun watching everyone realize that it was Aneela, not Dutch, in their midst. I guess a pair of tight pants could fool anyone for a time, at least until Aneela opened her mouth.

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Everyone got along with Aneela surprisingly well. I guess when the future of the quad is at stake, you set aside personal grudges. Even Turin.

Aneela did provide such much-needed explanations of the Green and of D'av's abilities. Sometimes you need to spell things out rather than expect viewers just to take them on faith.

It was one thing for Aneela to tell the Jaqobis that The Lady would use their memories against them. It was another when D'avin had to battle "Dutch" and John had the chance to save "Pawter" from dying.

As an aside, if at least some of Season 5 is going to be built on memories, any chance we'll get to see dead characters, such as Pawter and Alvis, one more time?

Aneela was right when she said that Johnny would add nothing to the mission. He didn't, other than his trademark snark. He was one more person to be rescued, which took time for which their plan didn't allow.

John did make a valid point when D'av cleared out the attacking Ferren using his "poo-face," asking why he hadn't done that before. "Secret weapon," and all that, but there were surely other times that power could have come in handy in the battle against the Hullen.

Of course, everything hinged on Aneela. The Lady, and everyone watching expected her to flip by holding out the possibility of getting her family back, but she didn't. In the end, she was willing to sacrifice everything, whether it was for revenge or for Dutch.

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Too bad The Lady got the upper hand and took Aneela's form, fooling Dutch, D'avin, and John.

And frankly, their mission was for naught, as The Lady had her long-term Plan B still in place.

If she couldn't escape through the Green, she would escape through memories instead. That had to be what that virus was for, to create blank slates for her.

What a high it was when the resistance forces rescued the captive children, and Pip blew up the RAC, taking many of the Hullen with him on Killjoys Season 4 Episode 9.

Now to find out that the virus that was sweeping through Westerly was brought back by those same children.

This crisis was just what Zephyr needed after Pip's death.

As was to be expected, Zeph reacted to the loss of Pip by burying herself in her work. That's why she had little patience for the standoff in her lab. And she wasn't keeping any of her thoughts to herself.

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Zeph pulled off a minor miracle coming up with an antidote under quarantine using just what was on hand at Pree's bar. By then, though, The Lady had what she wanted, subjects free of memories, and the Killjoys' biology nerd was losing her mind.

Even after watching the last few minutes a couple of times, I'm still not sure what happened. Somehow, The Lady used humanity's memories against them to rewrite people's stories.

But based on a handful of scenes from Season 5, it sure promises to be a wild ride.

To review The Lady's story, watch Killjoys online.

What did you think of the finale? Did you expect Aneela to betray the resistance? Where you surprised by the child-borne illness? 

Comment below.

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Aneela: Johnny Favorite doesn't seem so unconvinced.
John: It's hard to forget the eyes of someone who tried to stab me in the heart.
Aneela: You seem better now.

D'avin: Johnny?
John: Yah, D'av?
D'avin: Johnny?
Aneela: Are you two going to keep saying each other's names, or is someone going to help me up?