Marvel's Runaways Stars Dish on Season 2: New Dangers, More Drama

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The cast and crew of Marvel's Runaways met with reporters during a set visit earlier this year, and they had a lot to say about what's coming up on Season 2 of the Hulu hit. 

One actor, in particular, could not be more thankful that he's still part of the cast. 

James Marsters - Marvel's Runaways

"I was hired to come in for seven episodes and then die," the James Marsters shared, confirming that he was not supposed to be a part of the cast at this point in the show's run. 

"Instead, they decided to shoot me and then they just stuck me in a box."

The star is happy that his character will have a long-term arc and is relishing finding out more about what's to come. 

"It's basically taking the character from a disposable bad guy -- maybe the guy that is set up that the audience wants to hate and try to dig a little deeper and find a human being under there that's actually really well motivated," he continued. 

Victor Reflects - Marvel's Runaways

Could you imagine the show without Marsters? It almost happened. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum brings a lot to the table. 

Marsters went on to speak about the biggest challenge of being on the series. 

"My biggest challenge has been trying to convince my bosses that the Runaways are the villains," he said. 

"I think it's obvious and they don't get it," he added.

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But what does co-creator Josh Schwartz have to say about this theory? 

"Ah! Conceited actor chat," he laughed upon hearing about it. 

Schwartz, who created Fox's The O.C. also opened up about whether writing for teen characters stifles the process at all. 

Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Poster

"I think it's part of the brilliance of Bryan K. Vaughan's original concept of telling the story of parents and kids and how teenagers feel like their parents are evil and parents no longer understand why their teenage kids have turned on them and kind of putting that through the Marvel prism."

However, Schwartz maintains that the shape of the series is very different this time around. 

"It wasn't until the end that they ran away. So this year, they really are on their own, and it really is a coming of age story of that first year of independence, of breaking away from your parents and what that's like as well."

Added Schwartz's longtime writing partner and co-creator of the series, Stephanie Savage:

"We love writing for teens because we feel like those stories actually have bigger stakes anyway."

"Kids are so idealistic and resolute in their principles, and everything feels like it's happening to them for the first time 'cause it is, and those are really fun stories to write, especially through a superhero lens."

Rhenzy Feliz - Marvel's Runaways

With the series being about superheroes, it makes sense that there are a lot of fight scenes, and Rhenzy Feliz (Alex Wilder) found himself excited that he was hurt on the set. 

"It was an exciting moment for me, because I'm like, 'I'm doing action things, and I'm getting hurt.' It was really just me crouching behind a car, but it was exciting stuff regardless," the actor said.

"We were running up to a house to look at something -- I can't say too much -- and I just was crouching behind the car all day, and there was action going around me, but I wasn't doing much action, I was ... I shouldn't have gotten hurt!"

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As for whether Feliz would be on board with a crossover with Marvel's Cloak & Dagger? 

"I am completely open for it, absolutely, I love Aubrey [Joseph], I love them both, Olivia [Holt], too. I'm hoping that -- that's not a decision that the actors make, necessarily, but if you're asking if this actor's open to it, absolutely, yeah."

Alex Returns - Marvel's Runaways

It's certainly difficult to imagine a crossover coming to light because Cloak & Dagger airs on Freeform. However, Freeform did air the pilot of Marvel's Runaways earlier this year, so there's that. 

Okay, Marvel's Runaways Fanatics!

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Marvel's Runaways Season 2 drops on Hulu Friday, December 21. 

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