Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8 Review: Byzantium

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I hate to say this, but Supernatural has run out of ideas. Nothing stays dead and deals are always there to be made.

About the only positive thing to come out of Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8 was Jack meeting his mother in heaven which was a touching moment for both of them.

Maybe I'm just old school Supernatural and miss the days of Sam and Dean simply hunting monsters because Castiel making a deal with The Shadow, The Empty or whatever it's called to save Jack is just another boring old rehash.

Final Prayers - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8

Castiel might think he'll keep his deal secret, but we all know Sam and Dean will find out eventually.

Then they'll all scramble to do something to save Castiel and everything will be fine until the next big bad comes to play.

Ho hum.

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It wasn't surprising that Jack died. If he didn't, there wouldn't be much of a story to last the rest of the season.

And it certainly wasn't surprising that Sam came up with a last-minute desperate plan to bring Jack back from the dead.

Dean guilting Lily into helping them despite not getting her wish to get to heaven was trite (and expected) and her being allowed into heaven because of what she did to help them was mind-numbingly dumb.

An Unexpected Ally - Supernatural

One good deed outweighs all the bad. 

It's a nice thought, but completely ridiculous.

If that's the way we're all judged in the end, why bother doing good all your life when you can do bad things and just slip in something good at the very end to secure your passage to heaven?

No one wanted to see Jack die. He was a good kid put in a tough situation through no fault of his own, but maybe it would have made for something more intriguing if the writers would have just let him die.

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He could have lived a happy life with his mother in heaven, and then maybe at some point (hopefully soon) when Supernatural finally says it's goodbye, Sam, Dean, and Castiel could have reunited with their buddy and had a huge beer and burger celebration.

Instead, they celebrated early but only because Castiel didn't want to give away the danger to come and who even knows if Jack remembers what Castiel told him.

Sam and Dean are smart enough to know that their road is never smooth, but they only think that their big battle to come is with Michael.

The End for Jack - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8

It's an understatement to say that Dean would be furious beyond belief if he knew that Castiel made the deal he did, but if he sat on it long enough, he'd realize that Castiel did it for all of them.

He did it because he loves Dean and Sam, but also because he loves Jack and made a promise to protect him.

Castiel is like a loyal dog. He'll do anything for his human family.

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And let's not forget that Castiel's sacrifice to come will save millions of other human souls. It's almost like Castiel is Jesus Christ even if the fundamentals are slightly different.

There is never going to be a moment when Castiel won't be looking over his shoulder for when The Shadow (is that what it's called?) will come calling.

He probably hopes it will be at a time when Sam, Dean, and Jack aren't around, but that will be the ideal time for it to make its move. 

Dean Has a Hard Time - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8

In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if Dean ends up being the one The Shadow takes over to bring Castiel back to The Empty, and it would provide another perfect opportunity for Sam and Dean to work their magic to save the day once again.

Why can't we go back to simple monsters instead of these complicated entities?

I get that Sam and Dean have advanced and moved past that "simple stuff," but it was a lot more fun when the only things they had to worry about were Bloody Mary and changelings.

There are too many threads and backstories and characters to keep track of these days.

Maybe that's just me. How about you?

What did you think of "Byzantium"?

Are you looking forward to The Shadow always being in the back of Castiel's mind?

How soon before Sam and Dean learn of Castiel's deal?

Are you glad Jack is alive?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Byzantium Review

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8 Quotes

Don't be sad. Maybe this is how things are meant to be.


Castiel: This doesn't feel right. It's not how I thought Jack's story would end.
Sam: None of us did.