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The trio is by Jack's bedside. Dean is especially upset and leaves the room. Cas talks to Dean and convinces him to go back in the room, but Jack died.

The three talk about the next steps. No one knows what to do. Dean calls his mother to tell her about Jack.

Sam packs a bag and is headed somewhere. Castiel sees him leave. They go after him and find him not to far up the road. He's trying to get wood for a pyre.

They decide to get drunk and bury Jack tomorrow.

Dean has a flashback, but it might be a dream for Jack or Jack is in someplace else.  He's in heaven  when the liquid from the empty starts chasing him.

Dean wakes up drunk at the table. He's got quite the hangover. Sam and Castiel talk to Lily Sunder when Dean comes in. Sam called her to see if she could help. She can't read the spell but she offers her magic to try to solve the problem.

It's going to cost Jack part of his soul. She'll do it for a trade which is they have to get her into heaven.

The team is going to summon Anubis to help Lily get to heaven so they can save Jack.

Jack is in a garden and meets a little girl who happens to be his mother. Kelly grows up and greets him. She's upset he's dead.

Sam and Dean are arguing about the method they're going to use to bring Jack back from the dead.

Castiel arrives in heaven to find dead angels everywhere. One of the angels wakes up. Jack and the girl angel go looking for Jack.

The head woman tells Castiel that the shadow invaded heaven. The Shadow rules The Empty. It considers Jack its property.

If they don't give The Shadow what it wants all human souls are in trouble.

Then the Shadow takes over her.

Anubis shows up but Lily can't get into heaven and they let Anubis go.

Castiel and Duma go looking for Jack in the garden. 

Cas shows up at Jack and Kelly's dr, but it might not be the real Cas because where's Duma?

Then Duma shows up but she's not Duma. It's the Shadow.

Lily isn't going to do the deal because she wasn't going to get into heaven. Dean tries to guilt her into it.

Castiel tries to fight The Shadow and is promptly beaten.

Of course Lily is going to perform the spell.

Jack takes a chance at The Shadow. Castiel offers himself to The Shadow instead of Jack. It agrees and tells Castiel when it's going to come for him and he accepts.

Castiel tells Jack not to tell Sam or Dean about his deal with The Shadow. Jack agrees not to say anything.

Castiel brings Jack back.

Anubis lets Lily go to heaven. Naomi tells Castiel she might know where Michael is at.

The trio enjoys dinner with Jack.






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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8 Quotes

Don't be sad. Maybe this is how things are meant to be.


Castiel: This doesn't feel right. It's not how I thought Jack's story would end.
Sam: None of us did.