Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12 Review: Outrage

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Oh, Halstead. You made such a mess on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12!

If I had a dollar for every time Upton told someone that they might go to prison, I'd be filthy rich. 

Instead, I watch every episode with one eye shut because I know things are going to get ugly for my favorite squad. 

You would think that after Ruzek's situation unfolded on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 11, the rest of the team would exert more caution especially around cases that were a bit personal.

He Was Evil - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12

But nope -- Jay Halstead walked right into the fire and made himself the top suspect in the murder of Matthew Garrett. 

He didn't care that all eyes are on Intelligence at the moment, or that Kelton will throw anyone under the bus to secure his bid for Mayor, or even that Voight is running out of steam trying to protect them all. 

It's frustrating that the writers believe that the only way to create conflict and deliver a character-focused storyline is by having one of the team members make illogical decisions. 

Girl: Who is that?
Halstead: The devil.

Lately, it seems like they are all making decisions based on emotions which shouldn't be happening to such experienced officers and detectives working in Intelligence. 

It's good to care and want to right wrongs, but it's not wise to continuously bend the rules and ask for forgiveness. 

We didn't need several characters to underline what a bad guy Garrett was. It was made pretty clear when Jay, a man who has seen his fair share of monsters, flat out called him 'the devil.'. 

I have to give Voight credit for doing the right thing and taking the case despite multiple orders to avoid confrontation and refrain from chasing a wrongful conviction. 

It's moments like these where I don't think anyone else would have the balls to lead this unit. 

He Was Dead - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12

All of Jay's decision made me cringe because they were terrible, and I knew the outcome would be his word versus Kelton's.

Again, it's weird that Kelton immediately jumped to "Jay is the murder suspect" when the ballistics report would undoubtedly show that Jay's gun was not used in the murder.

Jay's history with Garrett didn't work in his favor, but instead of foreseeing this problem, Voight let him remain on the case if he promised to stay in the background.

Honestly, when do any of Voight's men ever stick to their promises? Every single time, one of them goes rogue and ends up messing things up more than they already were. He should know this by now. 

Matthew Garrett: Shouldn't you be at a kids soccer practice or something?
Burgess: Exactly. I even drive a mini-van.

Halstead made a plethora of bad decisions, but disobeying Voight, driving to the warehouse and moving in without back-up topped the list. 

But I can't blame Halstead for choosing not to call an ambulance right away and pressing Garrett for answers about the girl's whereabouts. 

If Halstead didn't feel personally responsible for her death at first, he felt the pressure when her mother paid him a visit and blamed him for everything. It was unfair of her to do that, but the writers needed something to get Halstead all up in his feelings. 

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Given his level of disgust for Garrett, I'm surprised Halstead didn't laugh in his face when he saw him bleeding out. That's how you know Jay is good police. He tried to save the guy despite knowing the world was better off without him.  

Based on the previews, I honestly thought that Halstead was going to be the one to fire a deadly shot. My other guess was that whoever shot Garrett was attempting to frame Halstead. 

Hey Partner - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12

Boy, was I glad when that didn't turn out to be the case. 

Aside from refusing to render aid, Halstead was pretty much clean.  

And not to be nitpicky or anything, but Upton was very off when she said Halstead arrived ten minutes before the rest of the team. There is no way ten minutes passed before Upton ran into that warehouse.

Halstead may have had the motive, but no one had more of a motive than Gus did. He's a disgraced cop who lost everything while he watched another jagoff (Halstead's words, not mine) walk free. That would infuriate even the strongest of men. 

Gus was also right about there not being any justice in our system anymore; it's something we see on nearly every episode of Chicago PD. 

The cops become the suspects all too often.

Everyone is always bending over backward for the criminals and walking on eggshells because even if you're doing the right thing, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time like Halstead was, is enough to get you in deep trouble. 

We've seen more of the Intelligence team getting questioned than we've seen them questioning suspects. 

It's too easy to "mess up," which is why so many bad guys like Garrett walk free. 

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It's one thing to see Garrett walk free, but seeing him swindle $200 thousand from the city was absurd. Do you know what he should have done with all that money? He should have fixed those whack teeth. 

However, just like Halstead, Gus should have known better. Obviously, Voight would be able to connect the bullet to the gun he stole from the crime scene.

If he were as good of a cop as he touted himself to be, he would have known that. 

What Happened? - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12

Voight continues to get cornered into crappy decisions. Gus was his friend, but if he let him get away with it, Halstead would have to pay for something he didn't do. 

I knew the moment Gus asked for some "time" to gather his things that we'd be hearing a gunshot. It seems like Voight also knew it would happen yet it didn't lessen the blow. 

It was also pretty hilarious to hear someone call Voight one of the good ones when that's not exactly the sentiment being voiced lately. 

Your guy had motive, and he went dark. This is a murder, and right now Jay Halstead is suspect number one.


Upton hasn't had an easy time dealing with Ruzek and Halstead. They've both made questionable decisions because they both want to do the right thing at any cost. 

We got some #Upstead moments, and if seeing things clearly, the writers once again seemed to be pushing them together while also making Burgess and Ruzek join forces. 

It didn't seem like Upton wanted to leave Halstead to see Ruzek after the day they had. She's a good partner, but I'm wondering if there was more to it. 

Speaking of Burgess, she wasn't on her best decision making either. 

Mini-Van Mom  - Chicago PD

Burgess cares about women given everything she'd witnessed with her sister, but her attempt to help Jill only made Garrett more suspicious. 

There was a moment where I thought maybe Jill was only pretending, and that she'd turn around and tell Garret everything. It was a risky move on Burgess' part.

Ruzek's confidence makes him an excellent fake drug dealer, but Burgess also came through when she sensed the deal was going sideways.

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I wouldn't mind seeing more of this badass Burgess again as I feel she's gotten sidelined lately to make room for Upton.

Get your spotlight back, girl! 

I have to take a moment to humbly brag about the fact that my husband had a pretty sweet extra role on the episode. 

Though he occasionally stands in for Halstead, on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12, he joined Garrett and Delgado at the poker table. 

It was one of those "blink and you'll miss it" moments, but I was still so proud. 

Here's a screenshot I grabbed which I might frame up on the wall. He's the guy to the far right! 

Poker Game - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12

I need just one episode where one of our own isn't in danger of going to prison or being accused of a crime they didn't commit! 

Missed the episode and my husband in it?

You can always watch Chicago PD online and share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Girl: Who is that?
Halstead: The devil.

Matthew Garrett: Shouldn't you be at a kids soccer practice or something?
Burgess: Exactly. I even drive a mini-van.