Modern Family Season 10 Episode 12 Review: Blasts From the Past

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On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 12, there's life in the house again.

The Dunphy house hasn't been brimming with this much action in a long time. Sure, there's been drama here and there, but the constant madness has been part of what's missing.

These twins might just breathe life back into Modern Family. In the Dunphy house, anyway.

Haley Starting to Show - Vertical - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 12

We're still knee-deep in conflict with Jay and Gloria. Why is it that it feels like it's always Gloria and Manny against Jay? I can't be the only one who's put off by that.

It used to be that Gloria was proud of Jay and supported him. Yes, she had an oddly close relationship with Manny that was borderline creepy. But, she still had a loving relationship with Jay.

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It just doesn't feel that way anymore.

Now, she's researching with Manny to bring down Jay's family? To what end? What kind of wife does that?

Oh, I so want it to be on purpose. It's lonely out here on Crazy Island.


An ex-wife -- that's who.

Jay found dirt too, but he kept it to himself for the sake of his son. That's a father. That's a husband and a family man.

All this 'your family heritage vs. my family heritage' is annoying. They're all supposed to be one family.

Claire Meets Dylan's Mom - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 12

It's no secret that Jay isn't exactly open when it comes to Gloria's side of the family. They come from a different culture and a different era, and they just don't mesh well.

He doesn't typically go out of his way to squash their cultural past, though. That's going too far.

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The whole Manny presence was unnecessary. He's so out of place now. He's the man/boy without a role. I guess they're trying to paint him as a lady's man now? I'm just not buying it.

Then we've got Mitch and Cam with their usual storyline. Come on, we all know how it goes now: Cam hides something from Mitch. Mitch hides something from Cam. One of them catches the other. They fess up. They make up.

We are allowed to look at other men without feeling guilty about it.


I've got two words for you -- old news.

And Lily is 11? Is that right? I don't know about you, but if my 11-year-old were looking at nudie mags, I'd have a slightly larger reaction.

At the very least, the talk would have been more substantial than theirs. But of course, the whole thing was just a jumping point which led to a Mitch/Cam deceit scenario.

Dylan - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 12

I don't know how they're still married. I really don't.

Circling back to the Dunphys. The show couldn't have picked a better actress to play Dylan's mother. She's exactly the kind of mother I would imagine Dylan having.

A chill, tree-hugging, sage-smudging, kiss-everybody-on-the-lips Gammy.

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They could've done without the whole sexy kitten angle with Phil. It fell flat to me. I usually love everything they do with Phil, and I particularly appreciate when they stick in little tidbits to tie scenes together, but the video thing didn't fly.

Ya' know, my parent's never talked to me about anything sexual. They just sent me to the stables when the horses were breeding and wow did that create some unreasonable expectations.


In any case, I think madness is what they need in the Dunphy house. With everyone grown and scattered, new kids may be the perfect thing to get the funnies rolling again.

On the other hand, Jay and Gloria had Joe, and that didn't help the funnies in their house one bit. So, it's hard to say.

I do like the feel with hormonal, pregnant Haley and doofy Dylan in the house with Farrah, who could break out the pot brownies at any moment. There's a lot of potential for funny happenings there. And lots of opposing personalities.

Phil and Claire - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 12

I've lost hope that Mitch and Cam will ever be anything but devious to each other. And Jay and Gloria haven't been on the same page in quite a while.

Modern Family needs the Dunphys and their funny madness, or they'll have nothing. A lot is riding on these twins, and I already like the setup.

Is that the way she treats all head injuries? Cause I've got a theory.


What do you think, Modern Family fanatics? Whose house out of the three are you most looking forward to watching? What do you think of Dylan's mom? What do you think about Haley and Dylan having twins?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Modern Family Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Is that the way she treats all head injuries? Cause I've got a theory.


Ya' know, my parent's never talked to me about anything sexual. They just sent me to the stables when the horses were breeding and wow did that create some unreasonable expectations.