New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Six or Seven

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Hopefully, you remembered to hydrate after all the tears you cried while watching New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10.

Hydration is important because we don't want any of you collapsing. If you set a goal to reduce stress, then that all went to hell after watching that heart-pounding hour of New Amsterdam!

The series has found its stride. It knows what it is and what it wants to be, and now it's doing what it does best which is emotionally manipulating the heck out of us in the sweetest way possible.

Shotcallers - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

Max Goodwin lives. There were no doubts that he would, but it didn't make the hour or his dire condition any less harrowing. The moments with Helen talking Georgia through a trach using a pocket knife and a straw in the middle of nowhere had to be the most breathtaking of the hour.

The good news for many of you wondering why Georgia didn't make a phone call, she did. She called the ambulance, and she called Helen who must have worked herself high up onto Max's contact list being his BFF and doctor. It was the Goodwins' hour, for sure, but there were still plenty of Sharpwin feels.

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Time was of the essence, and even though Georgia spent some time yelling for help, gathering the things she needed to perform the trach and understandably freaking out a bit, she did well for a panicked pregnant lady. Georgia's facial expression upon realizing Max could have hypoxia was the epitome of heartbreaking though.

Georgia: What's the difference between six and seven minutes?
Lauren: Six and seven minutes?
Georgia: The EMT said he might have hypoxia. I don't know how to pray. I'm not religious, but I wish I knew how to pray.

Every last second counts, and when something like that happens, it's natural to replay every action and wonder what you could have done differently to cut the time down. Would it have made a difference or not?

It's natural to feel guilty or blame yourself during those type of moments, and Georgia was conveying that along with everything else, especially when Lauren was explaining to her the difference between six minutes and seven.

Oh Georgia - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

It was Lisa O'Hare's hour to shine, and she did. New Kapoor and New Iggy are the best, but so were Old Kapoor and Old Iggy. Although were they ever the old versions of themselves to us, or have we always known the newer versions?

Nevermind that; New Georgia is someone more likable.

Georgia has been revamped, which is something mentioned before. She needed it, and the past few installments have improved her character a great deal. She was provided some much-needed backstory as were the Goodwins as a couple. Unsurprisingly, they met at a hospital.

Young Georgia - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

Georgia was cute with her long hair and twirling about in the ER. Max was smitten with her at first sight. It was a sweet meet-cute, and even then, Max was equal parts smooth and dorky. Can you blame the girl for falling for him?

Max was always a guy who liked a huge grand gesture. Where is the factory where they make Max Goodwins and Jack Pearsons?! Max's proposal was romantic, and he even waited for her to answer him first before he ran back to the hospital after getting called.

Just Say Yes - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

So when we got to the flashback of Georgia leaving him, it was still difficult to swallow. The thing is, Max has always been Max.

He's dorky, dedicated, charming, and a multitasker. He's a man who loves his job and helping people. It's puzzling when someone punishes another person for being themselves.

Max is a lot of things that may or may not be difficult to handle, but he's consistent. While the flashbacks helped me understand Georgia's position better than before, I still couldn't agree with her stance.

Georgia was upset about Max refusing to tell her about the job, but he did mention that he was uncertain if he would get it or accept. That was a fair complaint though.

We made a promise, Max, remember? We were going to raise this child together. We were going to put our careers second. I gave up everything. This job is the opposite of that.


She was also upset that she gave up her job because they both agreed to cut back on their work to be a family, and the logical part of me wonders how the finances were supposed to work and how he was supposed to cut back and still make a decent living.

Georgia was a professional dancer, and I imagine she would have needed to take a hiatus while she was pregnant anyway, right? Or at least shift to teaching dance which is what she is doing now. Anyway, it felt like an unrealistic ask of someone she knows loves his work.

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Max is as passionate about helping as she is about dancing, so expecting the man she met while he was on the job to forego his passion was extreme, and so was leaving him.

Telling the man whose heart is too big that she feared their daughter would wonder if Max loved her enough because of his addiction to and obsession with his job was a blow. It was a blow of the sucker-punch variety.

The New Kapoor?  - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

Georgia wasn't wrong about Max's obsession, and for the sake of his well-being, he did and does need to work on that, but it wasn't anything new and leaving wasn't the best tactic.

Nevertheless, Max reached an epiphany. Whether you credit Georgia leaving him and returning or that case involving Luna's heart giving him needed closure, he made his peace with his sister before he collapsed, and it was beautiful.

Max spent his entire life trying to make up for not saving Luna despite being a child when she died. There was nothing he could have done, but it didn't ease the guilt.

His sister will always be with him, but it was time to let go of his crusade in her memory and focus on the women in his life still with him.

That's my wife. What do you think? Not bad, right? I did OK. She would have loved you. Thing is I almost blew it with Georgia a few months ago. She saw right through me. She figured out that everything I do is because of you. I just keep trying to save you over and over. That's all I do, and I never, I never will. So now I have a wife and daughter on the way, and I'm always going to love you. Always. Always. But I need to start living for them too.


It makes me wonder what happened to Max's parents though. Did they know the extent of his guilt? Are they still alive?

Speaking of family, thankfully, Georgia came around to understanding Max's connection to New Amsterdam after his nervewracking crisis. It has been a short time, but the group of people at the hospital have become his family, too.

Helen was a standout during this hour as well. The second she found out what happened to Max, she calmly helped Georgia through everything and went into action with backup plans. She persuaded Panthaki to attempt to get Max in the trial sooner.

Postponed Date - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

Helen was a force. She centered the group and helped them focus and soldier on, and she took the good and bad lobbed her way for knowing the truth about Max and accepting his initial decision to do the trial.

I also enjoyed her one-on-one moment with Lauren discussing Lauren's Adderall issue.

Helen was juggling many things, but what was most apparent was that she would stop at nothing to keep the hospital running smoothly, help her friend, and honor his wishes.

It was so touching when a teary-eyed Helen made eye contact with Max, and he silently thanked her. The friendship between those two will be the death of me.

Lauren and Dora - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

Max and Floyd's friendship is very underrated because, in Max's absence, Floyd was willing to risk his career to help his patient.

Floyd is the best, you guys, and it's super hot when he gets passionate about a case. Initially, I thought Floyd would take over as medical director with Max down, but Fulton stepped in instead.

That didn't stop Floyd from doing things his and Max's way, and I have nothing but respect for him for refusing to back down. He knew Max would have supported using the clinic to pay for the woman's procedure, and not even Fulton would interfere, but when he told Fulton to charge him for it if necessary, I may have clapped.

Fulton: So you're willing to risk your job for one surgery?
Floyd: I'm willing to risk my job for one patient.

Ignatius Frome got some claps, too. From the glorious pink shirt to leading the nurses' strike, to the epic sass, to being a support to Kapoor, Iggy was kicking butt and taking no prisoners.

Typically he's the comedic relief but also wise and laid back, but he didn't have time for anyone's shite and was super blunt. This version of Iggy is lovable, too.

When he called Max the real medical director and tossed that small pink shirt at Fulton, I giggled in glee.

Dora in Charge - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

Then, of course, there is Dora who is an underrated character who should be more appreciated. She often comes across like a stickler for the rules, but she loves Max and loves working for him, and her loyalty to him and genuine concern for him was enough to bring tears to a person's eyes.

In such a short time, Max not only improved the hospital and the experience of patients, but he cultivated a special bond with so many people. He formed a family, and it was never more apparent than when everyone agreed to step up and help him run the hospital while going through chemotherapy.

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This display worked to Max's advantage on two fronts. Georgia experienced the full breadth of Max's village at the hospital. It's a dam fam indeed, and there was no way she could deprive her husband of that. It takes a village -- a community -- and Max has found that. I imagine it is different than his previous positions elsewhere.

Max: Sharpe, I wanna start chemo. No clinical trials. No risks. [looks at Georgia] I don't want to risk losing you again. You are my priority which means --
Helen: No. No, you are not resigning.
Max: I have no choice.
Floyd: You will if we help you. If you're willing to delegate, we'll all have your back.
Kapoor: Like you've had ours.
Iggy: Yeah, count me in.
Dora: Me too.
Lauren: I don't mind putting in the extra time if it means keeping you around.
Max: Guys, you're not hearing me.
Fulton: I think they're hearing you just fine, Max. These are your people. This is your hospital, for better or worse, there is no going back, Max.
Max: Georgia, help me out.
Georgia: Max is about to face the most intense fight of his life and above everything he had to take care of himself, which is why he's not quitting. This job, this job is who you are. In some ways, it's who you have always been. I honestly believe that by staying here working, helping it will keep you alive.

It also helped Fulton understand Max's effect on the hospital and the staff. The gang and we as viewers are loyal to and protective of Max, but despite how Fulton came across, he wasn't the enemy.

He was doing as expected of him with all the things happening concurrently while Max was fighting for his life.

He's a difficult person to read, but he saw the group's passion. He saw how loyal they were to Max and how determined they were to fight for him, their patients, and the hospital.

Like a Family - New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10

Max inspired and relit a fire in many of the people around him. The hospital is all the better for it, and Fulton realized that. People were willing to risk their jobs not just for Max, but for what they believed in -- healing, and changing the lives of their patients, not only saving them.

That final scene of everyone together was enough to move anyone to tears. It's also a promising scene. The decision to have everyone step up and help Max is exciting and will take the show in new directions.

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It will also lead to a more balanced series with more screentime for some of the characters who have not had the opportunity to develop as much as others or didn't have as much to do.

This hour many of our favorite characters flexed their leadership muscles, and with the new arrangement, there should be more to come. I'm looking forward to that, how about you?

A public hospitals job is not to change people's lives; it's to save people's lives. We will not be paying for this surgery.


Loose Ends:

  • Iggy is questioning Ella's motives after she accepted $2000 from Kapoor for her dog. I don't blame Iggy for being suspicious and protective of his friend. 
  • Seriously, we need more of Dora. She also deserves a raise. I love her. Did you see how emotional she was when Max woke up? 
  • Casey is the man because he will not let up on Lauren, and she needs that tough love. I'm curious about their history. Also, real men wear pink, and he looked super hot in his t-shirt. 
  • Floyd was so impressive, and of all the people who may get more screentime with this new development, I look forward to him the most. 
  • Lauren was on the verge of taking more pills after telling Helen she would stop. Agreeing to help with Max's workload means more pressure. She's not going to get proper help until she hits rock bottom. Also, why won't she go home?! 
  • If Max is no longer doing the trial, then what happens with Pathanki? We need more of him and Helen flirting like crazy, but it also would be cool if we see him working within his profession.

Are you relieved Max made it out mostly OK? How did you feel about those flashbacks and background on the Goodwins? Will Lauren be able to kick her habit? 

Hit the comments with your thoughts! You can watch New Amsterdam online here via TV Fanatic! 

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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Helen: There's something else. Something you all need to know in order to treat him properly when he arrives.
Floyd: Sharpe what a going on?
Helen: Max has squamous cell carcinoma. Advanced stages. The trauma team is going to meet us here.
Iggy: Whoa, whoa, hold on a second.
Floyd: How long have you known about this?
Helen: Since his first day.
Dora: Since his first day?
Helen: I know this is shocking, but you have to put it aside so we can deal with this.

Georgia, Georgia. Max can't breathe. You need to help him breathe.