Empire: Chicago PD Files Charges Against Jussie Smollett

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There has been action with the Grand Jury convened in the investigation against Empire star, Jussie Smollett.

After members of the Grand Jury were escorted out of the courtroom, charges were filed by the Chicago PD against Smollett.

So, what does that mean to the beleaguered star?

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The Chicago Police Department has filed a Class 4 felony charge of "disorderly conduct/filing a false police report" against the star.

The definition of disorderly conduct in Illinois is a broad category that encompasses false reporting to authorities.

The official definition of disorderly conduct in Illinois can be found here.

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Filing a false police report has a lot of ramifications, especially in a case such as this.

Smollett not only wasted the time of the authorities, but it took the attention away from others who genuinely suffer when an attack such as that he falsely reported, possibly making it less likely those authorities will find genuine victims credible in the future.

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While it's impossible to understand what would cause someone to make such a false report, it happens often enough that there are official guidelines in dealing with them.

Smollett's story came into question when people found it difficult to believe someone would claim Chicago to be MAGA Country while also leaving the high-profile victim alone with his wallet, cash, and Subway sandwich.

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As a result of the continuing investigation, when brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo were found and questioned, they provided information that portrayed Smollett as the perpetrator of his attack rather than the victim.

The brothers have now been shown buying their attire, MAGA hats included, on video surveillance footage as well as suggesting their were numerous phone calls between them and Smollett during the night of the purchase.

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The brothers were also supposed to be a part of the Grand Jury investigation that took place this afternoon until the prosecution received a last minute call from Smollets defense team.

In the end, the brothers were before the Grand Jury for at least 2.5 hours, and their attorney says she doesn't expect charges against them to be filed in the case.

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Apparently, Smollett will appear in bond court Thursday at 1:25 PM to deal with the charges.

In the meantime, detectives are in touch with his defense team to try to negotiate a "reasonable surrender for his arrest."

We'll keep you updated on all of the latest news of this breaking story.

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This is a heartbreaking story on many levels from trying to understand what could have prompted Smollett to attempt to pull off an attack of this nature to concern for the victims of actual hate crimes who might now worry about how their cases will be affected.

It also calls into question our own needs to pick a side before the truth of any matter is determined. Whether you believed Smollett a victim or a perpetrator, it's impossible not admit this story has drawn international attention on many levels.

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The FBI is also investigating the origin of the letter sent to Smollett in the week before the alleged attack.

If he's charged with a crime on a federal level, that will be a far worse charge and could carry prison time.

We knew things were heating up in all directions when Cook County's States Attorney Kim Fox recused herself from the case.

While FOX and Empire have stood behind Smollett through this trying time, they're now faced with the possibility it was not at all as first portrayed. 

What are your thoughts on all that's happened?

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