How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 12 Review: We Know Everything

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So, we can all agree that the highlight of that hour was the flow chart, right?

When's the last time anyone has mentioned Rebecca? Or Lila? Or the first ever annoying D.A., Sinclair? Seeing all those blasts from the past on How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 12 puts into perspective just how much destruction has followed Annalise and those around her. 

And it also highlights just how lucky they've been up to this point. 

Meeting Up - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 12

I say up to this point because it appears that the FBI may be closing in on them. 

I know the title tells us that we shouldn't be surprised but it's still a wonder they have been able to get away with everything they've been able to get away with so far. 

To think this all started because of Sam and his predilection for being awful.

It's still up in the air the kind of person his son has turned out to be. 

Pleading His Case - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 12

I think a big part of me wants to believe that Gabriel is the social activist, Mama's boy this week would have you to believe.

But he has been too shady thus far just to discount everything we've seen, and I think that he's that lost kid who wants to know who his father was. 

Does anyone believe he was talking to his mother in front of Annalise and Laurel? Or are we so programmed to second guess everything on this show that we can't even remotely see someone as not having an ulterior motive?

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As it stands currently, Gabriel doesn't owe anyone anything. Just as he's been lying, he has also been lied to as well.

He can be thankful that he's not going to jail for a very long time, but now that Gabriel is a free man, he doesn't have to help Annalise, yet he still does. 

But this could all be an act. Just as quickly as he's lured Michaela back in, he's seduced the audience into thinking maybe he's not the flip phone creeper we once knew. 

He may be a free man now, but the jury is still out on the character of Mr. Maddox. 

A Day in Court - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 12

While Annalise is off trying to keep tabs on Gabriel, both Bonnie and Nate are continuing to spiral in different ways. 

Everyone's worried about Bonnie losing it, but maybe that's you.

Frank [to Nate]

Nate story arcs on this show can be summed in one word -- inconsistent. 

There have been times where he's been an afterthought and non-factor in many ways. But having Nate firmly at the center of the big murder and having him be partly responsible has been intriguing to watch. 

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He has struggled greatly with the weight and the pain of his actions and his desire to prove Miller's guilt is taking over his life. 

When Frank is trying to comfort you and spouting out words of wisdom, then you know you are in a dark space. 

Laurel Castillo - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 12

Much like Nate, Frank has gone through periods of irrelevance, but he's always at his best when he's fixing things. And right now his job is trying to fix Bonnie. 

Bonnie is just an absolute mess. We've known Bonnie was a borderline sociopath for a long time but seeing her sit with the mother of the man she helped kill was just uncomfortable. 

She's harboring a tremendous amount of guilt but latching onto his mother is probably the worst thing she could do. 

And while Frank has some advice for Nate, he seems to be lacking on the advice when it comes to Bonnie.

The Keating Crew - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 12

I know they have a different dynamic, but instead of just giving her those big hugs and scolding looks, he needs to take some action. 

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Take the woman's phone away or something because she is not well. 

The discovery of Miller's body officially launches things onto the governor's doorstep, and now the real fight will begin for Annalise and company. 

And I am more convinced than ever that someone will not make it out of this season alive. 

But just who will that be? 

Stern Michaela - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 12

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Tegan, you're in trouble girl. The plan to "out" Tegan wasn't as seamless as the team would have hoped for, but I still don't think she will go against Annalise or Michaela for that matter if push comes to shove. She has a soft spot for both of them, but the FBI will test her. And they will try to break her. 
  • Describing Emmett as thirsty for Annalise is the best line this show has given us in a long time. 
  • When are we going to meet Vivian? It better be this season. 
  • First of all, WHY would Connor's mom post that picture of she and Asher, given what went down at the wedding. And WHY would you ever post that without cropping the two men in the background out?  

With only a few episodes left, we've got drama coming at us from all different angles.

\What are you guys most interested to see?

What answers are you seeking?

Do you think someone should take Bonnie's phone?

Do you also have the feeling someone else will get murdered?

Make sure to leave a comment down below, and watch How to Get Away with Murder online right now so you can join the conversation!

We Know Everything Review

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