All American Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Championships

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Beverly won the State Championship on All American Season 1 Episode 16!

It was a hard-fought win full of heart-stopping moments, but they pulled it off. 

Where do they go from here?

Championship Game - All American Season 1 Episode 16

Spencer was a one-man show in that championship game, fueling the comeback and making every big play. 

I get that we needed to see him let loose and have fun, but after seeing how hard Jordan has worked on his game all year, I wish we could have seen him showcased a little more too. 

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Also, while we are giving Spencer credit for fueling the comeback, let's not forget he's also the guy who took out the competition's quarterback. 

I'm not blaming him, it was a fair hit, but it would have been tough for Crenshaw to hold onto their lead after losing Chris. 

You go back out on that field, forget about the score, forget about what side you're playing for, and just have fun. Do what you love. It's all I got.


Spender needed Corey's pep talk in the locker room.

With all the pressure he'd been feeling, it would not have been a surprise if Spencer got crushed under the weight of it all and was unable to go back on that field. 

He could have paralyzed his best friend. Accidentally, of course, but the fact that he went back out there and still made tackles was an impressive feat. I wondered if he'd stick to offense after that.

Supporting Spencer - All American Season 1 Episode 16

I'm sure I wasn't the only one having Friday Night Lights flashbacks when Chris hit the field and announced that he couldn't move his legs. 

Thank goodness he regained feeling and wasn'tt paralyzed. Regardless, he's in for a long road to recovery, not to mention how upset he must be that he didn't get to finish the game. 

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Assuming he does fully recover and retakes the field next season, he may find himself throwing passes to his old best friend again. 

Will Spencer consider moving back home to Crenshaw?

Billy - All American Season 1 Episode 16

Billy recruited him to Beverly in the first place, so with him resigning, it's one obstacle removed from Spencer's decision process. 

But the reasons he left Crenshaw still exist. 

If Crenshaw was good enough to make it to State without Spencer, then moving schools to get noticed by scouts was unnecessary. Players on a team that good will get noticed, no matter what school they attend.

But that wasn't the only reason Spencer left. 

Hurt - All American Season 1 Episode 16

On All American Season 1 Episode 1, Spencer's game got interrupted by gunshots. He's made strides to improve his neighborhood, but it's far from the safety of Beverly. 

He's also getting a better education at a school with more resources. Football is a dangerous game, and even the best players are one injury away from needing a backup plan. 

Finally, there are his new teammates. 

I don't see our parents' mistakes when I look at you. I see a teammate who became a brother to me. That ain't ever going to change. You are my brother. Their problems ain't ours, all right?


Spencer made a point of telling Jordan that he's more than a teammate. He's his brother. They have a connection now, and whether Billy returns or not, Spencer will always be welcome in the Baker household. 

He just helped these guys win State, and he should want to help them defend their title. This is his team now. 

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Sure, he could pull a LeBron James and return to help his hometown school win a title after he won somewhere else, but Crenshaw just proved they could do it without him. Do they even want him back? 

If Chris hadn't gotten hurt, this game could have ended much differently. Crenshaw will have something to prove next season.

Jordan - All American Season 1 Episode 16

If Corey takes the coaching job at Crenshaw, Spencer will be torn, but now that Billy has resigned his position, wouldn't it be interesting if Corey took the Beverly job instead? 

It would make Spencer's decision easier, and he could move home and still attend school there if his dad was on the faculty.

We do need to discuss Billy's resignation and what's next for him. 

He is willing to whatever it takes to win back his family, and at this point, it's not entirely clear what that means. 

The first step appears to be making up with his own father (which by the way, we still don't know if Willie took his money, I guess we're just supposed to assume he did?). 

Then what?

Crowd - All American Season 1 Episode 16

He'll give his family their space, and take some time to figure out how to be a better husband and father, but then he has to come back eventually and prove himself worthy. 

His job won't be there waiting for him, so what role will he play if he's no longer Spencer's coach? 

He's not the only one who will need a new direction should the series be renewed. 

Tyrone has been arrested, and Coop can finally breathe easy. Is she officially free of the gang life? 

One can only hope. 

Her mom even asked her to move back home! She still loves her daughter enough to want her to stay alive, which is something I suppose. Of course, now that she's out of danger, will she still be welcome?

Layla - All American Season 1 Episode 16

It's hard to believe that Olivia and Layla's friendship nearly ended because Layla didn't inform Olivia of the affair the second she found out. 

I understand their fight was deeper rooted than that, but the best relationships are the ones worth fighting for, even if they're not always easy.

Layla was on the edge of a breakdown after fighting with both Olivia and Spencer, so Olivia's peace offering came at exactly the right time. 

Olivia sent a text before coming over. It could have been to Layla, but more likely she was texting her code word "oranges" to her sponsor. She's on the edge of her own breakdown, and being torn between two guys won't help matters. 

Asher is smitten, that's plain as day. It was all over his face that he could get used to waking up to her making breakfast in his kitchen.

The problem is she's still dating Chris, who just suffered a devastating injury, and will need her now more than ever. It's not exactly a good time for her to consider breaking up with him. 

Hug - All American Season 1 Episode 16

And now for the question we've all been wondering, is Dillon Billy's son?

We spent so much time wondering if Spencer might be Billy's son, and when that was finally put to rest, we hoped that story was over. 

But as soon as the affair was revealed, we all went to that possibility, right? 

Spencer is definitely Corey's, but Dillon, well, that's up in the air, and we may never get the answer. 

How much does it really matter?

Corey assured Spencer that he's not going anywhere, and he promised he wouldn't break his or Dillon's heart. Therefore, it's probably best for everyone if this question is never answered.

If Corey can push those thoughts aside and be a dad to Dillon without concern over DNA, then that's what he should do.

So what did you guys think of the finale? Are you satisfied with how it ended? We were left with several questions, so here's hoping for a renewal! 

In the meantime, re-live all of your favorite moments and watch All American online!

Championships Review

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All American Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Spencer: How can you focus on a game right now with everything that's going on?
Billy: It's easy. This is all I have left.

Spencer: Am I seriously getting in trouble for apologizing right now?
Layla: No, Spencer I just want you to stop trying to absorb all the world's problems as your own. No one can survive under that weight.
Spencer: That's not what I'm doing.
Layla: You do it all the time.