Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1 Review: I'd Rather Be Crafting

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Now that’s coming back in style.

After what seemed like an eternity, our favorite moms turned semi-hardened criminals came back better than we left them!

But we couldn’t just dive back into things without remembering where we came from at the beginning. And Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1 jumps right into the action. Man, this show was truly missed.

Ruby Orders - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1

It was starting to feel like at the end of Good Girls Season 1; the ladies luck was going to run out. When Beth walked into her ransacked house and saw Dean a bloodied mess and Rio sitting calmly with a gun, it sure seemed like there was zero chance all three of them walked out of that house alive.

And when faced with a life-altering decision, Beth froze. She literally froze, even as Rio’s breath was in her face.

Can you blame Beth for not pulling the trigger? She’s done some bad things, but nothing like murder. Then again, by not shooting Rio, there was a very high chance that the father of her children was about to die.

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Rio’s cockiness was on full display in this scene, as he inched closer and closer to Beth, even stroking her face as a loaded gun was pointed at his chest.

Beth Ponders - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1

It seemed like all the Beth and Rio shippers were doused with cold water after the events of Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10. But I’m not so sure about that now.

There seem to be two camps when it comes to this relationship. There are people invested and rooting for it. And then there are the people who couldn’t care less.

No matter what side you fall on, there’s no denying their connection. It’s strong enough that Rio knew he could push her buttons and still walk away unscathed.

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As huge as that entire confrontation was, it was merely a small piece of the greater picture.

While last season was about keeping peace with Rio and figuring out just how far they were willing to go, it looks like this time around it will more about keeping themselves one step ahead of Agent Turner.

Agent Turner - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1

While things were going off the rails in Beth’s life, Ruby and Stan were amid their own crisis, and it was sad to see things feel so broken between them.

Stan has every right to be disappointed with Ruby and the danger she put not only herself but her family in as well. Even with good intentions, there was always going to be a price to pay when you get in bed with criminals.

Going to the police and throwing Beth and Annie under the bus would have been an easy thing for Ruby to do, but it would have broken her heart in the process. For better or worse, these three women are bound in a way that even Stan doesn’t fully understand.

It’s much deeper than wine nights and PTA gossiping.

Beth: Well, how do you know it hasn't already been sent?
Ruby: Well, on SVU they don't send the evidence until they have something to match it too.
Annie: But that's not what they do on C.S.I.
Beth: What do they do?
Annie: Well, their lab is their office, ya know? So, they just-
Beth: Yeah, but that shows been on for so many seasons that could have changed.

It wouldn’t be an episode of Good Girls without a good scheme. And the scheme to steal the pen cap was fraught with problems, but it was still hilarious seeing them attempt to pull it off.

Can you imagine standing behind a Ruby at the local coffee shop on your lunch break? You may see a riot.

The probability of their plan succeeding was very low, so it was no shock that it failed. But it was shocking to see Stan show up with the pen cap.

In The Van - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1

On the one hand, he’s doing what he needs to do for his family. On the other hand, he’s now putting himself at risk.

For as light and fun as this show can seem at times, you’re always reminded of the real world stakes in moments like that.

Annie's personal life was starting to be in a solid place, as she was rekindling things with Gregg, but of course, something was bound to happen there as he is still married after all. 

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Gregg seems to be all in with wanting to be with Annie, and it almost feels like even with Nancy's pregnancy, he may still want to work things out with Annie. 

It's hard to see where this story is heading, but let's hope wherever it goes, Sadie is okay. Because Sadie is a gem and she deserves to be happy. 

Clawing Her Way In - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1

Odds and Ends

  • Boomer is still gross, and now he's leeching onto Mary Pat yet again. In a perfect world, Mary Pat would team up with the ladies and they can figure out a way to keep Boomer quiet for good. In a non-lethal way, of course. 
  • Poor Dean. My opinion on Dean changes like the weather, but it's hard not to feel for him after witnessing everything that happened with Beth and Rio. 
  • Rio has an adorable son, and his introduction feels like a way to humanize Rio some more. If I had one wish for this season, it would be to color Rio in some more. He's been one of the big bads from the beginning, and we hardly know a thing about him. 

Alright, fanatics, we're back for another season, and I can't wait to chat with you all again. 

What did you think of 'I'd Rather Be Crafting'? 

Do you want to learn more about Rio? Are you surprised Stan stole the evidence? Do you want Annie and Gregg to get back together?

Leave your comments down below so we can talk it all out. 

And watch Good Girls online, so you're all caught up for this new season!

I'd Rather Be Crafting Review

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Rio: What are you doing, Elizabeth?
Beth: I don't know. I just want it to be over.

Stan: I'm not lying to my kids.
Ruby: Okay.
Stan: That's your M.O.