The Resident Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Stuck as Foretold

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Mina's laugh is magical. 

there are so many things to be said about The Resident Season 2 Episode 21, but Mina's full laughter during surgery due to one of Shira's puns was so unexpected and yet so delightful.

I laughed along with her, and I also laughed during Bell's romantic comedy playing out within the walls of Chastain. The humor ended there, however.

Plotting His Next Move - The Resident Season 2 Episode 21

Less than a handful of men haven't let me down yet on this series, but Kyle sure as hell isn't on the list. I thought maybe I was biased towards the guy, so when he had a nice heart-to-heart with Nic and called her the heck out, it was worthy of some fist-pumping.

Unfortunately, Marshall has used up the redemptive dad arc, and Kyle, well, he can show up as a pallbearer at Jessie's funeral so he can let her down one last time.

What's most unfortunate about this situation with Kyle and Jessie is, I want to be more upset with him than I am. Oddly enough, I can understand his line of reasoning here even if I don't agree with risking the death of a loved one.

Kyle: There's a reason they don't hand out kidneys to addicts. They use again they destroy perfectly good organs.
Nic: She's your daughter--
Kyle: So maybe in six months to a year --
Nic: She might not last that long...
Kyle: That's exactly my point. Who is it going to help if she has my kidney and she OD's?

It was telling during his wake-up call to Nic when he mentioned how Jessie made decisions of her own which led to her where she is now. He didn't absolve her of accountability for her role in being an addict even though Nic rightfully pointed out how addiction is a disease.

It's complicated and blurry, and something loved ones of addicts have grappled with for ages. If Kyle wasn't Kyle his line of reasoning for not wanting to give Jessie his kidney just for her to relapse and waste it wouldn't have come across so harsh and cold.

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He's the deadbeat dad who was never there for either of his daughters. Kyle didn't raise Jessie nor did he give a crap or spend the years with her during her toughest times as Nic has.

Kyle not wanting to risk something like donating his kidney when he didn't put in any of the work or have enough stake in it for it to be a risk, it's nervy; the audacity of him to be that way when it's the least he could do.

Daddy's Girl - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 18

To make matters worse, Kyle lied about it. He would have carried on pretending as if he weren't a match and played dutiful father all the while possibly standing aside and watching his daughter's death sentence. If he felt so strongly about his position, he should have had the cajones to stand in it.

Everything Kyle told Nic was right, however. She loses herself in taking care of Jessie. She didn't ask for any of this either, so she has to take care of herself too.

Nic's Father: Look, your sister got here because of her bad decisions.
Nic: Addiction is a disease. She didn't ask for this.
Nic's Father: Neither did you.

She's the one who would give her everything for Jessie, and there's nothing she can do. Nic is desperate now, but now she has Dr. Dimples sliding into her path with a solution which could cause more trouble than it's worth.

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I still cannot figure Alec out. He always seems like he's angling to get in Nic's good graces and win over her affections. He served as a support to her when she found out she wasn't a match and more. He has a great plan to help Nic save her sister, and it's something she'll never forget.

The cardinal rule of this series is no one is allowed to take incredible risks and win except Conrad. Stay in your lane, Alec!

Alec Schemes - Tall  - The Resident Season 2 Episode 18

Damn if Conrad didn't take a huge risk with his patient. I loved how this episode focused on the blood shortage. You see the signs often. Once in a while, someone will enlist your help and request donations, but there is a disconnect.

It's one of those things where you don't think about shortages happening because of how you take for granted other people donate blood too. The hospital was holding a blood drive, and it was terrifying to know AJ had to be extra cautious during Fritz's surgery because of every last drop in the bag being precious.

I got a way to save Jessie, but I need to know. How far are you willing to go?


Fritz's surgery in the hyperbaric chamber was intense, and AJ had to call in his girl Mina. Can we please, please, please get AJ, Conrad, and Mina more often?! Damn, I loved me some AJ and Conrad working together, and I'm always a fan of Mina and Conrad too!

Conrad bypassed red tape and made himself a direct donation for Fritz in an intense and badass moment that I admittedly found more attractive than I probably should have. Don't judge me.

Giving Blood - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 21

It was something which only AJ and Mina could appreciate; they aren't afraid to break a few rules to save a life either. Conrad and AJ giving each other kudos gave me all the damn feelings. I need more of those two; it's what the doctor ordered.

AJ, in general, gave me feels after we learned about his situation with his birth parents. He had some resentment about being given up as a baby, and it was hinted at before. It was surprising to discover he looked into his birth parents.

Mina was so curious about the woman whom she and Devon saw AJ speaking to, but she had no idea it related to his parents. If not for the drunken effects of the hyperbaric chamber, he probably never would've shared what he discovered about his parents.

Finding His Birth Parents - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 21

It has to be hard on him; his mother is a successful doctor, and his parents are married and have other children. He had the misfortunate of being born at the wrong time when she was in medical school. He couldn't even fault them for the decision as it's something he likely would've done himself.

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AJ also chooses his work over his personal life. When he mentioned it to Mina, it sounded like she was part of that choice too. A girl can dream.

He wasn't upset with his parents but in a sweet moment of vulnerability that made me wish I could bear hug Malcolm Jamal Warner; AJ told Mina it was OK for her to dislike them on his behalf.

AJ: But if you want to be angry at them, that'd be OK with me.
Mina: Are you still drunk off that?
AJ: Maybe.
Mina: I can be angry for you.
AJ: Thank you.

That's what friends are for, right? The evolution of the relationship between Mina and the Raptor is one of the best parts of this season. They make my heart happy.

When AJ revisits the information with his parents again, I have no doubts Mina will be right by his side and supporting him.

Mina and Devon are another of the season's delightful bonds. They work so well together. Their case with Harper was amusing, and while there was plenty of humor surrounding it, they didn't make fun of those into the furry community.

Furry Friend - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 21

I couldn't help but smile when Harper had his squirrel head with him for his surgery, and o course, thanks to Shira, Mina laughed a full-bodied laugh which shocked the hell out of Jessica and Kit.

Initially, Shira was quirky in an Abby Sciuto way and amusing. It all went to hell when she switched out Harper's drugs and pocketed his Dilaudid. What the hell is Ms. Pigtails doing?!

I approve. Look. we're all weird in our own way, but if you can find someone whose weird matches your own, I say go for it.


If it wasn't bad enough, and it was pretty damn bad, our boy Devon is showing interest in her. The two of them were flirting while they were working the case. Mina's big sister mode had her disapproving, but she gave in by the end.

Dammit, Devon, why can't you catch feelings for the right girl?! Nevertheless, the scene at the bar was the best. Conrad is free from Nic which means he has time to hang with his homies.

Shira - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 21

His time spent with Fritz and his conversation with Fritz's friends who weren't homophobic jerks, after all, must've made him realize he hasn't spent nearly enough time with Devon and Mina.

Thank God for that casual scene of them hanging out with our favorite nurses and Irving singing to their heart's content.

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Bell has graduated to that problematic uncle who you can't help but love. He had a doozy of a situation on his hands when his ex-bedmate Vivian came in with gonorrhea which his new love interest Kit diagnosed.

Devon: Here without Nic?
Mina: And eating carbs. WHo are you?
Conrad: Hanging with my homies.

Awkward much?! Vivian is happy in her relationship though, so despite the hilarious Grayson's attempts, his mother will never be with Dr. Bell. Kit could be with him, though.

She has to figure out if she wants to try again with Brett or not, first. She and Brett had fantastic chemistry, and I loved their interactions, but I also love BelKit too much.

Bell handed the situation in such a mature manner, and I wish other 'ships take note of this. He let Kit know his interest and how he would be there for her and ready if she leans more towards him. He didn't have any hard feelings toward her, and he's allowing her to make the right choice for her.

Going Down, Down, Down - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

They are giving a girl all the Bell feelings this season. They also gave us the best-underrated bromance no could've ever anticipated: Bell and Grayson.

Over to you, my dearest Resident Fanatics! Are you surprised by Kyle's decision? Did he make a valid point? What do you think will happen to Jessie?

What's a little bit of gonorrhea between friends?


Should AJ try to meet his birth parents? Are you 'shipping AJ and Mina yet? How much did you love the AJ and Conrad pair-up? Were you happy to see Conrad hanging with his friends again?

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What the hell is going on with Shira?! Hit the comments below!

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The Resident Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Grayson: Dr. Bell, Dr. Bell, di you give my mom gonorrhea?
Bell: You gonna hit me?
Grayson: No. No, I'm a pacifist.

Grayson: Dr. Bell, 911, my mom is in the ER. Dr. Bel!
AJ: That's all you, bro.