The Village Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Couldn't Not Love You

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Katie has had a tough couple of weeks. 

Dealing with high school and pregnancy is stressful enough, but add in the reveal that part of your life has been a lie and it's a miracle she hasn't completely broke down. 

The Village Season 1 Episode 7 picks up a week after Katie finally found out the truth about Nick. And her anger hasn't subsided in the least. 

Katie Listens - The Village Season 1 Episode 7

Teenagers are dramatic, and they exaggerate and make every mountain into a molehill, but Katie isn't typical. And there's no rulebook as to how she should be feeling about the situation with her parents. 

Anger is a natural emotion to have when you feel like you've been deceived. And make no mistake about it, Katie got deceived. 

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Even if she could force herself to understand that perhaps there was a good reason Sarah kept Nick's identity a secret, why the hell would no one say anything once he moved into the building? 

Heart to Heart - The Village Season 1 Episode 7

From Katie's perspective, it must feel like she's been the only person not in on the secret. And that has to be devastating to think about, especially considering how close she and Sarah are. 

It was killing Sarah to give Katie her space, but it was the correct thing to do. If there's any hope for these two to get back to the way they were before, Sarah has to let Katie deal with things on her own and at her own pace. 

That's of course complicated by the pregancy. 

You could tell Sarah had a million thoughts running through her head when she was in Claire and Max's apartment, but she kept it together for Katie.

Ben Looks On - The Village Season 1 Episode 7

Claire seems lovely, but I fear that Katie is still wildly unsure what she wants to do. 

And Sarah as well. But this is a decision that Sarah can't make for her. 

The photo of a younger Sarah and Katie that Nick's been carrying around for years was always going to pop up, but did it have to be right after Nick and Sarah got a moment of happiness?

When the two of them were in bed, it was the most at peace we've seen Nick since the series began. 

Looking Up - The Village Season 1 Episode 7

Sarah is Nick's safe place, and it was beautiful to see him opening up to her. He trusts and respects her, and as he continues to grapple with his PTSD, he needs the support of someone he trusts. 

Considering by episode's end Sarah wanted Nick out of the apartment building (or possibly the state of New York), I fear for Nick's health. 

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Elsewhere, the Ben and Enzo duo were back together again bringing happiness to us all. 

Enzo's courting of Gwendolina has been nothing short of adorable, and as excited as they were both were, it felt like such a human moment to hear Enzo say he felt guilty. 

Chatting Over Coffee - The Village Season 1 Episode 7

Meeting Gwendolina sent him into a whirlwind, but when he got her, he got scared.

It was so sweet to see her be understanding and attentive to his feelings, though I wished we had gotten to see more of their date. 

Ben took the opportunity to visit his wife while he was near his old stomping grounds, and it felt like their reunion took them both off guard. 

Dana: Are you here to say goodbye, Ben?
Ben: Just driving by.
Dana: I'm glad you did.

It wasn't clear exactly what Ben's plan was, but considering how much talk there's been about him marrying Ava to help with her case, it's not crazy to assume he went there to ask for a divorce. 

Surprised Ben - The Village Season 1 Episode 7

But the topic was never even broached, as the two were both awkward and sweet in the way they reconnected. 

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Ben and Ava are wonderful together, and there isn't a doubt that Ben loves Ava completely. But it didn't quite seem like he was fully ready to close the door with Dana, and the reasoning behind that will have to wait for another time. 

Enzo Smirks - The Village Season 1 Episode 7

It's possible that he feels as though closing that chapter somehow closes the pieces that connect him to his son. 

Ron relationship with his son finally came into focus now that we know why Gordon is upset with his father. 

There may be hope for the two of them now that Gordon can see firsthand that Ron isn't out to get him anyway.

Ron must carry around a lot of guilt in regards to his son, but Olivia may be the bridge to them finding their way back to one another.

Fresh Flowers - The Village Season 1 Episode 7

Everything Else

  • In non-shocking news, Gabe and Sofia hooked up. These two have great chemistry, and it was obvious things were heading in this direction, but we never get to spend enough time with Gabe. Can we get some more Gabe?
  • I wasn't keen on Liam in the beginning, but he's proving to be the person Katie needs in her life right now. He's able to be there for her in a way that neither Sarah nor Patricia can. 

Alright fanatics, it was another emotional week in Brooklyn!

What did you guys think about this weeks installment?

Will Katie forgive Sarah or Nick?

What's next for Ben and Ava?

Has there ever been a date cuter than Enzo's and Gwendolina's?

Drop a line down below and let me know your thoughts! And remember to watch The Village online right this instant so you're all caught up!

Couldn't Not Love You Review

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The Village Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sarah: We're not on the same page, Katie.
Katie: We are about adoption.

Nick: Well, I guess we should look at the bright side. Some kids run a whole city away, she went three floors.
Sarah: Her bed's just an empty.