Elementary Season 7 Episode 2 Review: Gutshot

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It's the continuing adventures of "What was Sherlock thinking?"

Joan and Sherlock rushed back to New York to help with the investigation of Captain Gregson's shooting on Elementary Season 7 Episode 2.

Yes, Sherlock was still wanted for the murder of Michael Rowen since he confessed to the crime on Elementary Season 6 Episode 21.

Gravely Wounded -- Tall - Elementary Season 7 Episode 2

Still, he managed to sneak back into the United States with a fake passport because, well, he's brilliant and most everyone else in law enforcement is stupid. I'm paraphrasing, of course.

Fortunately, he didn't have to get sequestered at home. This being New York, natives would just ignore a person lying in the street or ripping up a baseball dugout. There was little risk of anyone turning in Sherlock.

Back in the U.S. - Elementary Season 7 Episode 2

Joan's presence gives legitimacy to such things as turning the utilities back on at their brownstone and furniture deliveries, at least in theory.

It was evident that Joan was happy to be home, despite the reason she was there.

I got the distinct feeling that they're back to stay. Too bad. A season of cases in Great Britain would have been a refreshing change of pace.

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But Sherlock will submerge his happiness for Joan. Just like she tried to do when she moved to London to continue their partnership.

You would have thought that Gregson would have kept Marcus in the loop on any active investigations he's pursuing, especially since he can't have that many, being a captain and all. His job is to assign those cases to his officers.

Then again, Marcus did have one foot out the door, on the way to the Marshals' Service. It's likely going to be a while before his replacement arrives, so perhaps Gregson was just trying to pick up the slack.

Back Together - Elementary Season 7 Episode 2

That was a bad choice, in retrospect.

Solving Gregson's shooting should have been much more complicated than it was.

As Sherlock pointed out, there would be thousands of people with grudges against Gregson after a decades-long career.

And yet it was because of his most recent case. Convenient.

Do you know what else was convenient? Joan and Sherlock identifying, from a photo, the soils of a baseball field which just happened to be in the direction from which Gregson had been driving.

Then a slug from the shootout led to a body, which resulted in them discovering what Gregson had been working on when he got shot.

Finding a Suspect - Elementary Season 7 Episode 2

Well, at least they didn't crack the case by using Google, as too many series do these days. So we should count our blessings that we got some good old-fashioned sleuthing, right?

Of course, having a victim who had pissed off a lot of people was a mixed blessing, as Marcus quickly learned.

Still he couldn't find anyone who hated Tim enough to kill him. Most treated his transgressions as a nuisance, nothing more.

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And weren't TIm's parents quite a pair? She just saw him as troubled, even after he stole her credit card, while his father considered him "a bad seed." No wonder he was screwed up.

The loser best friend helped them crack open the case. Or rather his car did.

Tim was a radicalized terrorist, planning to bomb the Bridgeport Ferry. But nothing about him shouted "criminal mastermind."

Critical Condition - Elementary Season 7 Episode 2

It was the same with Meers, a stereotypical ex-soldier disenchanted with how he got treated.

He gave up way too easily and confessed everything. It definitely seemed like he had something to hide.

But he too didn't appear to be the man in charge of the operation.

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So, yeah, "terrorist cell" seemed like the correct answer to what was going on.

It was good to see Gregson's wife Paige again. It's too bad that multiple sclerosis was continuing to take a toll of her.

And now her husband was unconscious in critical condition.

Talking One Down - Elementary Season 7 Episode 2

She didn't seem at all shocked to see Sherlock visiting Gregson. Then again, she also didn't seem to be up on all the details of the estrangement between the two.

That's not surprising, because Gregson has never struck me as the sharing type.

At least Sherlock got to say his piece and forgive Gregson for the choice he made to save his daughter instead of Joan. Sherlock only seemed to fault him for not working together to come up with a better scenario for Michael's murder.

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It must have given Sherlock some peace when Paige explained how much her husband had missed Sherlock and Joan.

Now where do things go from here?

First, what did Sherlock hope to accomplish by turning himself in to the FBI?

Mapping a Route - Elementary Season 7 Episode 2

He must have a plan. He always has a plan, even if no one around him can figure it out.

Is he hoping to draw the FBI into the search for the terrorist cell? Or has he come up with an alternative version of Michael's murder, one that doesn't implicate anyone near to him?

Second, what's going to happen with Marcus?

He's already put off Marshals training indefinitely. Even if Gregson woke up tomorrow, he's going to be out of action for some time. So does Marcus fill in for him?

Or is this just a New York blip, and Sherlock and Joan end up going back to London?

To figure things out, watch Elementary online.

Were you surprised the Gregson shooting got solved so quickly?

What's Sherlock up to?

What scheme were Tim and Meers involved in?

Comment below.

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Elementary Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Marcus: This isn't how I wanted to see you, but I'm glad you're here.
Joan: I'm glad I'm here too.

If anyone has a problem with you being here, they can take it up with me.

Marcus [to Joan]