Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Jeff

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And just like that, he’s back.

Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12 dropped a major bomb on the ladies, and the audience as well. We’ve been plodding along for most of this season thinking a major character was gone forever, but we were wrong.

Boy, oh boy, were we wrong.

Stressed Annie - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12

Beth’s discovery of the black hair at the end of Good Girls Season 2 Episode 11 made it apparent that Boomer’s body wasn’t in that garbage bag. So who was inside that bag?

Good Girls wasted no time answering that mystery through their series of flashbacks into the mind of Mary Pat.

Since she got introduced, Mary Pat hasn't been above a good scheme or two. And it’s not surprising that she covered up Jeff’s death as a means to continue receiving his disability checks.

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It is frightening that she went to the extreme of chopping his body up and placing it in a refrigerator where it sat for months to continue the charade.

Ruby's Stakeout - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12

For Mary Pat it makes sense to pull the old switcheroo on the ladies as a way to rid herself of Jeff’s body and cover her own tracks.

But then why go to Turner? That part doesn’t make sense unless we were being tricked the whole time.

We assumed that Mary Pat was detailing Boomer’s murder to Turner and that’s the body he was after, but did we ever hear her verbalize that?

Car Meeting - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12

If the plan all along was to get them arrested for Jeff’s murder and not Boomer's, then man did we get bamboozled on all fronts.

Ruby: She chopped up her husband into tiny little pieces and stored him like a tv dinner. Then ran over her boyfriend. She's a Dateline story. She is crazy. She's a ---
Annie: She's a victim. Boomer raped her.

Boomer being alive puts the ladies in a fascinating predicament heading into the finale. There’s a million things they are going to want to ask him, but the most important thing they need to figure out is what to do with him now.

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The ladies have seemingly backed themselves into an impossible corner, but striking a deal with Boomer could work in their favor.

Over Your Shoulder - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12

Boomer's final frame arrival was the big shock of the episode, but there were a myriad of things happening this hour that are pointing us towards an explosive finale. 

For starters, we've got this Annie and Noah situation to deal with. 

Annie: I'm going to need you to say it.
Noah: I love you.

Annie's decision to confront Noah was rash, but she did what she needed to do. She was never comfortable with the idea of using him, and his closeness to Sadie seemed to push her over the edge. 

Turner Looking On - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12

Does Noah love Annie? It sure seems like he does, but until this point in time he's continued to investigate her. And he's used the information she's shared with him to close in on her sister. 

It's not as if he came clean to Annie and has tried to help her in any way thus far. He would have been perfectly content to lie to her some more if she hadn't called him at. 

The question now becomes how much he can help Annie and keep his job.

A Discovery - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12

In the blink of an eye he could be the next Stan. 

The Beth and Rio relationship is spiraling at a rapid pace, people. And it may be time to take the blinders off and acknowledge it. 

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Rio has been cold since the second me met him, but he's also shown a softer side with Beth that I've come to appreciate. But suddenly that warmth has evaporated. 

Nothing Rio said to Beth in the car was out of character or anything, as he always presents as emotionless, but it stung a lot deeper this time. Both for Beth and the viewers. 

Eyebrows Up - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12

Perhaps it's because we saw the intimacy between the two, and we're expecting things to move forward, not backward. 

Beth isn't trying to divorce Dean and move in with Rio, but she would like to be thought of as more than just "work." 

There's still time to right the ship in the finale, but dealing with Boomer, Mary Pat, and Turner doesn't leave much time for anything else. 

Leaning Back - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13

Odds and Ends

  • This show has a sneaky way of making me feel sorry for Dean, and I don't like it. Dean has been a mess, but the divorce might be the best thing for him. He and Beth need a clean break. 
  • Stan is such a good man. And that tends to get lost in all the schemes and general wackiness that ensues. His devotion to Ruby is beautiful. 
  • Will we ever see Gregg again? And are there people out there who prefer Noah over Gregg? Gregg has his issues for sure, but Noah needs to go.
  • Poor Jeff. Even though we still don't know very much about him, we do know he died alone and never got a proper burial. I feel confident saying he deserved better than that.

Alright fanatics, it's finale time. And that means all bets are off!

Are we in for an exciting, stressful ride? Or will everything get tied up in a nice little bow? 

My money is on the former. 

Let me know all your predictions for next week, as well as what you thought about this weeks installment?

Were you suprised the body was Jeff's?

What will the ladies do with Boomer now? 

Drop all of your comments down below! And make sure to watch Good Girls online so your ready for the shenanigans to come!

Jeff Review

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Ruby: Where is this bitch?
Annie: I don't know, but she is gonna go down for this because at this point the only murder that I would willingly do time for is hers.
Ruby: And then he'd have us on three bodies.

Annie: I've dated a lot of guys who pretend to be something that they're not.
Noah: Here's the thing with me, what you see is what you get.