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Was the hotel saved?

On Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 2, Gigi stepped in with the aim of saving the family business when El Rey's performance got out of control. 

Meanwhile, Danny's cover was blown by one of the hotel staffers. 

Did he come clean to the right people to maintain his job?

Danny - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 1

Elsewhere, Ingrid's deception forced Javi to step up and take responsibility for his actions. 

How did it all play out?

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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Alicia: Of course, this would happen on my first day.
Danny: Right, new manager gig.
Alicia: Hence, the dorky blazer.
Danny: I don't know, you look pretty good to me. I mean that's what I would say if we weren't keeping this strictly professional.
Alicia: Right, well, you know, just trying to look the part.
Danny: Yeah, definitely. Yeah with your name tag, your clipboard, your keycard.
Alicia: Oh, this one? Yeah, highest security clearance. I'm basically secret service for this thing.
Danny: Wow 'cause mine won't even let me into the gym.
Alicia: As if you need to spend more time at the gym, is what I would say if I were being less professional.

Ingrid: You called me Mamacita over and over all night long.
Javi: We totally had sex.