Big Brother Recap: Did the Veto Save Kemi or Jessica?

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Wednesday's installment of Big Brother featured an earthquake, sad news from home for one houseguest and a wild veto competition. 

The first member of Camp Comeback, David, is starting to realize there is a majority ruling the house, but that is lost on the two nominees. 

David Alexander - Big Brother

David had been gone from the game for over a week and has flawlessly managed to find out everything that's been going on in the house. 

He knew Jack and Jackson were the ring leaders, and even that Tommy and Bella were part of things. 

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That type of information could prove deadly in the Big Brother house, meaning that if he told the wrong person his information, he could wind up out of the game ... for good. 

Jessica complained to Jack that Jackson put him on the block, and she took that chat as something more because she chose Jack as her Houseguest's Choice in the competition. 

Jessica Milagros - Big Brother

Things went from bad to worse for Jessica when she learned that Isabella was the one to unveil the Black Widow alliance to Jack. 

Nicole was mad because she thought Isabella was on her side, but she clearly only cared about playing the side of the house in power. 

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Despite promising to keep it on the down-low, Nicole spilled the beans to Jessica, and it confirmed Jessica's suspicions that there was a big alliance in the game. 

The veto competition consisted of the houseguests trying to stack frogs up. Tyler, the runner-up from Big Brother 20, returned to host, and there was a trip to Fiji up for grabs. 

Sam Smith  - Big Brother

Sam secured the veto win, meaning he has won both veto competitions this summer. That's not good because he's not part of the majority alliance. 

Kemi almost won the competition, but several of her frogs fell at the last minute, possibly sealing her fate in the game. 

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Despite it seeming like Sam was going to do Gr8ful's bidding, he was singing another tune in the DR, saying that he is ready to shake things up. 

Jessica used the family card in her pitch, which did not sit well with Sam. 

Kemi Faknule - Big Brother

Kemi's pitch was more meaningful, telling Sam that she would have his back no matter what and that he is not a target for her. 

Ultimately, Sam decided not to use the Power of Veto, meaning that the nominations would be staying the same. 

That means tonight, either Jessica or Kemi will be joining Camp Comeback!

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