Big Brother Round Table: Are the Jacks Ruining the Game?

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We're a few weeks into Big Brother Season 21, and there have been countless twists, blindsides, and wild moments. 

Below, TV Fanatics Justin Carreiro, Whitney Evans, Jasmine Blu, and Paul Dailly discuss their thoughts on all things Big Brother 21.


Jack nominated Jessica and Kemi for eviction. Was this the best move for his game? 

Justin: From a gameplay standpoint, yes. Both Kemi and Jessica openly talked about putting Jack on the block and getting him out.

Sometimes an elimination starts with a simple off-hand conversation (just look at Ovi), and Jack couldn't keep around two strong competitors from the opposite side of the house stick around another week.

The nominations would help diffuse the situation or at least quell some fire against him.

On the other hand, there are so many more bigger targets in the Big Brother house that Jack should at least consider a backdoor plan.

Plus, regardless of his reasoning, the decision to nominate Jessica and Kemi is bad, especially after all the problematic things he's said about them in the house. It may have helped his game strategically ... but we see you, Jack.

Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21

Whitney: He's talked himself into thinking this is the best move for his game but are Kemi and Jessica REALLY the biggest threat to his game?

He's had it out for Kemi since the beginning, so while he can convince himself they are these big targets and it's not personal, it's not factual. 

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Jasmine: Yeah, I have to agree with Whitney.

Jack talked himself into this belief that Kemi and Jessica were the biggest threats to him, used them potentially coming after him as confirmation bias for what he already had planned, and did everything to ensure he would be a target by being a jerk among other things.

There are clearly bigger threats here, so I don't think this was the best move for his game.

Paul: Jack has got to be one of the most obnoxious players in the history of the game. He has had it out for Kemi from the get-go, and in all honesty, she shouldn't been as a target right now. 

I could understand him putting Jessica up based on the fact came in second place during the HOH competition.

However, his comments about both women, and others in the house are horrible. He needs to go. 

The Black Widow alliance crumbled before it even got started. React.

Justin: Why can't a women's alliance last in the Big Brother? Seriously, why are they always doomed?!

Every season I have high hopes that a women's alliance will thrive and dominate, but someone in the group always sides with the men or betrays them for a showmance instead.

In this case, the big part to the problem was Bella. I like Bella, but she's playing a majorly messy game. Keep some secrets to yourself!

Isabella Wang - Big Brother

Whitney: Women's alliances don't work because of the Bella's, who run to the power.

Gr8ful has been in power both weeks, so she's throwing all her eggs into that basket, not realizing how effective it would have been for her game to play both sides longer.

Bella is trying to play the "rat" game, but a good rat game means only spilling information when necessary to help further your game. Not spilling information all the time for no reason. 

Jasmine: Because we can never have nice things.

Women alliances can never fully work it you're always going to have Bella's running around, playing all sides, caught up in the idea that they need strong, male allies as physical threats or that it's best to be one of the guys.

Oh yeah, and without fail usually one person gets distracted by a boy or a showmance. Every single time. Bella tanked it for no good reason, and I'm still annoyed.

Paul: I thought this would finally be the season we would get a successful all-female alliance, but this season (and the houseguests) have been mostly disappointing. 

There needs to be a rule that showmances are banned, or something. 

Are you on board with the Camp Comeback twist?

Justin: For the most part, I like this twist. The returning houseguests in the comeback challenge are always at a disadvantage because they have to foster and repair relationships that others had been developing for weeks.

Keeping the evicted players in the house will allow them to strengthen their bonds and set them up for success.

My worry, however, is that the mechanic for the returning player to be selected will turn out to be a house vote.

With Gr8ful having the majority, I wouldn't be surprised that the one member of their alliance who does get evicted in an off-week will immediately get voted back into the game due to numbers.

This outcome would've wasted all our times because of how simple and pointless it became.

Christie Murphy on Big Brother Season 21

Whitney: That's a good theory, Justin! I've been thinking America will vote in the returning player, which will be a bit of a mess because as we all know, not all people get equal representation on the edited shows. 

But in regards to the twist, I really like it for all the reasons Justin said, plus it's just a refreshing change to the same old, boring pre-jury battleback. Having them in the house still but unable to play is an interesting dynamic. 

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Jasmine: Other than the optics if H8ful continues eliminating and thus banishing very specific people from the rest of the house, I do! It gives contestants a fighting chance, and they get to work on their social game and figure out what's going on in the house.

It's so much better than the usual battle back.

But now that Justin is bringing that I'm wondering how this will play out too. If H8FUL runs this house as majority, then they'll just bring back an alliance member if they vote. But if America votes based on the edited footage, then it changes things too. 

Paul: I'm in the minority here. I hate it. At first, I thought it would be good, but after thinking on it for a while, it will make it more difficult to pull off backdoor plans. 

Ovi Kabir on Big Brother 21

Who do you want to return to the game so far? 

Justin: Between Ovi and David ... is it bad to say neither? Ovi's game so far in Big Brother hasn't impressed me, and I don't think he'll have a great shot to survive even if he does get voted in.

David, on the other hand, might be a good option. We don't know much of his game and all he wants to do for the time being is cause chaos.

If David sticks to only chaos, he'll have no shot to return. But, the journey will be fun along the way haha. 

Whitney: Ovi was in the house for over a week and still has no idea what's going on. David has a much better sense of things, just by coming in with fresh eyes. Between the two, David is the much better option. 

David Alexander - Big Brother

Jasmine: David has already figured more out since he has been back than Ovi ever did while in the house. He comes in with no allegiances, so he could really shake things up. He's more entertaining. I'm here for the chaos! 

Paul: David has to return. He is trying to build bridges with the other houseguests, and has learned a lot about what's going on. That's ammunition right there. Get scheming!

Which houseguests do you want to start an alliance, and why? 

Justin: Well, I would've said a women's alliance, but that didn't work out. I would like to see a firm final two between Tommy and Nick.

They're both under-the-radar players who could balance each other: Nick is calm and aloof while Tommy is energetic and social. Each has something that the other is missing.

Whitney: I want everyone not in Gr8ful to team sit in a room and realize what's actually happening in that house. That's the only chance they have at not being picked off one by one. 

Big Brother Season 21 Cast Photo

Jasmine: Yeah, at this rate, I just want all the stray players to come together and form an alliance. Who do they think H8ful is eliminating next?

Now is the time to start plotting a little. Lower rung people in H8ful and the other strays need to start making some moves.

Paul: You know, I really liked some of the players in Gr8ful at the start of the game, but now I want most of them to be put on the block. 

I would love for Kemi, Nicole, David, Nick, and Tommy to start an alliance. They all have unique skillsetts as far as scheming goes, and would work well together. 

Who is playing the best game?

Justin: Definitely Tommy! I'm so happy that I picked him first in my Big Brother draft. (Prepare to hand me my crown on finale night, Whitney!)

Tommy is making strong relationships with the other houseguests, he's fun to be around, and he's smart enough to know when to keep things together.

There were a few moments when he slipped up, but overall, he's starting the season off strong. Hopefully, he can hold his gameplay strong.

Tommy Bracco - Big Brother

Whitney: Don't get too confident, Justin! Tommy is playing well, but he has "You won't win sitting next him" written all over his face haha.

Nicole is sneakily playing really well by not making waves and keeping herself off everyone's radar. The hardest thing for her is that all her allies are being picked off. She has to hope for an implosion within the big alliance to continue staying off the block. 

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Jasmine: Nicole has been quite the surprise for me! I feel like she's doing enough to reference if someone asks her "what did you do and why do you deserve this money," but she's also staying under the radar too. Good social and mental game. 

Paul: I'm split down the middle between Tommy and Nicole, but I'm leaning towards Nicole.

Nicole Anthony - Big Brother

What boggles my mind is that Nicole gets about one second of screen time during the edited episodes, yet she's proving to be one of the smartest players in the house. 

Which houseguest do you want to get the backdoor treatment?

Justin: Jack. He doesn't even need to be backdoored, just shove him out the front.

No return trip. Do not pass "Go." Pick-up your gift bag at the check-out desk. He is the worst.

Whitney: Jack and Jackson are arguably the worst houseguests we've seen on modern Big Brother. They both need to go by any means necessary.

Jack Matthews - Big Brother

Jasmine: Backdoor, front door, side door, a trap door. The Jackass twins can go. Hit the road, Jacks. 

Paul: The Jacks need to go. They're overbearing, annoying, and treat the other houseguests like crap. If this was Love Island, they would be coupled up for the duration of the game ... just to win the money. 

Okay, Big Brother Fanatics. 

It's over to YOU!

Hit the comments with your take on the questions!

Big Brother continues tonight at 8/7c on CBS. 

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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