BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Pitch

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Well, folks, it looks like we’re getting a reboot after all.

It’s just not coming in the way many fans hoped it would.

BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2 sets the stage for a continuation of the 90210 story, as the cast weighs the pros and cons of stepping back into the world of Beverly Hills.

A Meeting With Fox - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2

Much has been made about this adaptation of the series, with many split on how to feel about seeing the actors play themselves, but not really.

Many people were looking for a traditional reboot, and while we aren’t getting that traditionally, we may see a bit of our favorite characters on this reiteration after all.

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Tori’s mission is to get everyone on board with the reboot, and while it may seem like a no brainer, it winds up being a lot harder than she anticipated.

It was pretty bold of her to go to the studio before securing the cast, but then again she was riding the wave of her enthusiasm.

Unimpressed Jason - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2

Each cast member, sans Shannen because she wasn’t contacted that we saw, had very different reasoning’s for declining the idea at first.

It was a clever idea to make everyone somewhat skeptical about jumping right back into the shoes over their old characters. Makes you wonder what the real-life reactions were when each person was contacted for this show.

By essentially giving everyone an incentive to return, Tori manages to get everyone on board. And while she’s approaching everyone one by one, we get to see a little more about everyone’s current situations.

For Jennie, her dilemma comes from her desire to keep her daughter away from the Hollywood machine. Having literally grown up on screen, it makes perfect sense that she would have reservations about her daughter going down the same path.

Meeting Resistance - BH90210

Having Jason be the voice of reason with Jennie is sweet, and continues to add layers to the pairing of the two. Jennie’s angry facade even drops for a minute when he tells her that Camille is pregnant.

Jason: Do you want her to think of you as someone who supported her dreams or someone who stood in her way?
Jennie: I want her to not repeat my mistakes.
Jason: She won't.
Jennie: You don't know that.
Jason: Sure, I do.
Jennie: How?
Jason: Cause she's got you for a mother.

There’s something nefarious going on with Camille now that we know Jason has fertility issues. And there’s also the shady man who showed up demanding help from Camille.

Now this is the soap opera drama we were promised, people!

It was clear from BH90210 Season 1 Episode 1 that Jason’s marriage wasn’t perfect, but now we my have a 'Who is the daddy?' mystery on our hands!

Husband & Wife - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2

Unlike some of the others, Brian is very ready to step back into the spotlight, but his eyes are on things bigger than television.

Even though there was a slight hiccup this week, Brian and Shay still appear to have the strongest relationship outside of the core group.

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From Brian’s perspective, it’s easy to see why he would be upset and frankly embarrassed that his wife landed him the movie job. He feels like his talents aren’t good enough to help him land a job on his own.

But whether or not that’s true isn’t really the point. Shay was trying to help the man she loves without any malicious intent. And it was great to see that a conversation with Shannen allowed him to see that. 

Shannen: Okay, you want my advice, here it is. You gotta let it go.
Brian: I can't let it go. She deceived me.
Shannen: No, she did not. She's just trying to help you. This is not a reflection on her lack of faith in you. That's your own insecurity talking.
Brian: You know what's annoying? The fact that you know me as well as you do.

I don’t particularly remember a whole lot of storylines involving Brenda and David, and I’m not sure if Austin Green and Doherty are close, but having the two be undercover best friends on the show works perfectly here.

By The Sea - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2

It seems like Shannen has been alienated from the cast over the years, but little does everyone know she’s still very close with Brian. And if there’s someone who can convince her to get back into the fold, it will be him.

For Gabrielle, her reasoning for doing the reboot appears to be rooted in a desire to help herself come to grips with her conflicted feelings in regards to her sexuality. 

The kiss during the premiere episode was clearly something she has wanted to do for a long time, and by allowing herself to go there, she now feels compelled to work through her many emotions. 

Her chat with Tori was pretty eye-opening when you think about how far television has come from the days the original series was on the air. But even knowing that, it still feels like the envelope can be pushed further and needs to be pushed further. 

Stoic Gabrielle - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2

Can we talk about this stalker for a minute?

We know he’s the guy from the reunion who asked Brian a question about being an outsider. And we know he’s now following Brian and videotaping him, but what’s his angle here?

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The obvious answer is that he’s going to extort Brian in some way because Brian is loaded. But what if it's more than money this guy wants? What if he’s Brian’s secret love child from long ago fling or the son of someone who is looking for revenge?

This is 90210 we’re talking about here. The land of cults, fake deaths, and car bombings! It will be disappointing if it's not something totally off the rails. 

Ian Looks On - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2

Extra, Extra 

  • Emily Valentine is back! Well, Kimberly Elise is back as a bigwig FOX executive. Were there any Emily Valentine fans out there? Anyone?
  • Poor Ian is the most underdeveloped of the cast thus far. Outside of a cheating wife and a need to pedal products on Instagram, there isn't much story to tell there. Here's hoping that the later episodes give us a little more depth. 
  • Who is behind the mutilated dolls? The obvious guess is Brian's stalker, but again we need to think outside the box. Someone wanted to send the cast a message, and it looks like they got their point across. 

Whether or not you're all in on the concept or not, you can't deny that the new 90210 is extremely entertaining. They are nailing the comedic and dramatic beats and crafting a pretty intriguing story. 

As they get closer and closer to production on the reboot, the drama is sure to ramp up!

How are you guys enjoying BH90210?

Which storylines are you enjoying the most?

Who is the kid stalking Brian?

Who sent the messed up dolls?

Drop all your comments down below and watch BH90210 online right now so you can join the conversation! 

The Pitch Review

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BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Tori: Bri, you want to get back into acting, right?
Brian: Totally. You know what's super sexy? A middle-aged, white rapper. I'm gonna try for movies, Tor.

Jennie: Okay, can you stop being such a publicity whore?
Tori: Why? It's what I do best.