Claws Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Finna

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Maybe Desna will aim a little lower after this.

Desna lost so much because of her lofty ambitions on Claws Season 3 Episode 10.

And on her birthday no less.

Breakfast in Bed -- Tall - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

That list included Quiet Ann, Roller, and the casino just to name a few.

Maybe one of these seasons Desna will realize when she's in over her head.

Shocking Arrest - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

This episode was equally about Roller, whose redemption continued.

Things started nice enough, with Roller serving Desna breakfast in bed with all her favorite foods.

Equally touching was Roller placing his St. Christopher medal on Desna, to keep her safe.

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Little did he know that soon he would need it as much if not more than she did.

He was even planning her birthday party that night at his casino nightclub.

That sweet moment was soon spoiled by Benedict's text demanding Desna's presence for a meeting.

Troubled Birthday - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

Since Mac and Melba had done their best to keep Desna in the dark, of course, she knew nothing about Macau's plans for three casinos in Florida.

That scheme had been inadvertently sabotaged after Ann's brother Henry had exposed Patel, leading to Joe and Polly killing the governor on Claws Season 3 Episode 8.

So, to keep her hand in the game, Desna volunteered to set up Benedict with Henry, as long as she and her crew could run the casino.

Once again, Desna's mouth was writing checks that she couldn't cash.

Why did she do that, now that she had freed Dean from the Lovestones' influence?

For most of the season, Desna had been threatening to get out of the casino business, as long as she could get Dean free.  With Mac's death, mah-jongg had released its hold on Dean and he's walked away.

On the Outside - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

Also, Polly and Joe were largely on the skids, so her crew was largely clear of the Macau Triad as well.

Benedict had no reason to keep Desna around since he already had Joe on his payroll. He didn't need to kill her because she was implicated in much of the illegal things happening at the casino, even if she was mostly oblivious.

Desna just couldn't see how tarnished that brass ring is.

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The huge flaw in her plan to connect Henry and Benedict was that she needed Ann to set that up with Henry for her.

Not surprisingly, Ann hadn't bounced back yet from the whole Desna's-greed-got-my-wife-killed thing.

It's hard to fault her for that.

Conflicted Crew Member - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

Desna should be happy that Ann decided to show up for work. Asking her to drag her sainted brother into the slimy Macau-Triad mess was too much, even after all Desna had done for her before.

I'm not sure what Ann was hoping to accomplish when she went to talk to the police chief. She had already figured out that Benedict had a mole there.

All that did was put her back on Benedict's radar, never a good place to be. No wonder she agreed to arrange a sitdown with Henry.

Fortunately, Desna was soon distracted from this ill-conceived plan when Roller got arrested for Clint's murder.

Don't bodies ever stay submerged or get eaten in the swamp?

Uncle Daddy's well-intentioned effort to protect Toby has come back to bite, well, most everybody in the ass.

Tracking Toby - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

All that shit that Toby knows and he feels guilty about a distant Husser cracker taking the fall for him?

Although he didn't have much choice, Clay should never have filled in Bryce on his dirty little secrets because Bryce just crumbles when confronted by Jenn.

That's easy to understand because he married way out of his league.

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Jenn knew something was up after watching Uncle Daddy and Bryce react to Roller's arrest and before long she had the whole sordid story of why the cops had come for her best friend's lover.

As Desna's patrons predicted, Roller is white so he got bail. But he was hardly free.

After Roller detailed all the evidence against him (and even her), Desna had no outlandish plan. Her only solution was to run, to Cuba as she had been dreaming.

Changing Relationship - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

A lot of storylines came together at Desna's birthday party. It was clear from watching her that she wasn't going to be able to leave, especially Dean.

Dean had his own problem of which he wasn't aware.

He and Virginia had had an enjoyable reunion in their crappy motel room that afternoon.

But at the party, she told him that she no longer wanted to get married and needed some time to find herself. Dean took that as badly as could be expected.

Ken and Polly were back together after her ultimatum to Joe fell flat, as he opted to stay with his wife.

Another interesting pairing took place at the party as well, when the discontented Joe and Ann began conspiring against those who had wronged them.

Getting to the Truth - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

But the big reveal was when Jenn forced Clay to tell Roller, and by extension Desna, why he had ended up in custody.

The relationship between Roller and Clay has been shaky since about the middle of Claws Season 2. So any healing between the two that had happened this season quickly went out of the window, so Roller shoved him into Desna's cake.

After leaving the party, Roller did the smart thing, choosing to turn himself in for the murder so that Desna could be free. Once again, he made the right choice.

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It wasn't a shock that Uncle Daddy couldn't kill Toby, the second love of his life. Since Toby ran, that should have been enough to cause the case against Roller to collapse.

Which brings up the question of why the prison bus-jacking was necessary. Roller's case probably would have been kicked, but now he was a fugitive, exactly what he didn't want. And anyone close to him will fall under suspicion, including Desna, Clay, and Bryce.

Joe and Ann did a great job taking care of that whole casino problem, burning it down with Benedict inside.

Open Book - Claws Season 3 Episode 10

That's why Desna has Ann: she's someone who can make the tough choices.

She just gave Desna a little tough love to bring her back to earth.

The Claws powers that be did a nice job in tying up most of the storylines while leaving the emotional fallout open-ended.

Since Claws isn't renewed for a fourth season yet, viewers won't be left up in the air with a bunch of cliffhangers if that doesn't happen.

To review the season, watch Claws online.

What surprised you most this episode?

WIll Roller be back?

Who do you feel worst for?

Comment below.

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Claws Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Desna: Why do I need protection?
Roller: Because you're movin' on up.

Roller: Maybe when you're old and gray, you're gonna need someone.
Desna: This ain't never gonna be gray.