Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Long Night's Journey Into Day

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The past was like a dark cloud looming over the present on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

While some characters would do anything to change their pasts, some were finally confronting it head-on.

Who was able to overcome the demons haunting them, and who was paying for their past mistakes. Read our review to find out. 

A Happy Gigi? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

It has been no secret that I am Ingrid's biggest critic. However, nothing could have prepared me for Ingrid losing her baby. 

Karma is real, and karma is something that Ingrid deserved, but not in the way that she got it. 

Ingrid losing her baby is a game-changer for Grand Hotel Season 1

So many storylines have revolved around Ingrid and her unborn baby, so the ripple effects of the loss will be felt in every corner of the Riviera Grand. 

Mateo has been a cold figure that has shown very little emotion since the start of the season, but on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8, we finally were getting to see a softer side of him.

Ingrid Reels Jason in - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

With the fact that his mistake, cost his unborn child their life, it would not surprise me if we can begin to see a huge shift in Mateo's character moving forward.

While a loss like this could push some people into a dark direction, similar to what we've seen Javi go through, it can also show people the light. In Mateo's case, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Dark Mateo has been explored extensively already through Grand Hotel Season 1. Exploring a different side to Mateo could breathe new life into the character. 

Mateo's actions can never be excused, but the fact of the matter is, they all stem from his career. He is not doing things for self-serving reasons. He is doing them because that is his job.

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Now that his career has cost him his own flesh and blood, it would be understandable that Mateo may deviate from that path moving forward. 

What is Ingrid Up To?  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

If he couldn't see past something being a means to an end before, he sure will be able to now. 

It would be impossible for him to suffer such a great loss, then to move on and not think about the repercussions of his actions on others. To not consider that he could be causing them the same pain he inflicted on Ingrid. 

As irredeemable as Mateo and Ingrid have seemed up to this point, I get the feeling that they are going to be each others saving grace. 

In other guilt-stricken men news, we finally found out how Santiago was responsible for Javi losing his leg. 

Many people predicted that it would be the result of an accident that happened after Santiago, and he got into a fight. I don't think anyone could have predicted the full story though. 

A Show of Support - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

One choice, one split second, that is all it takes for someone's life to be altered forever. 

Santiago giving Javi those keys is a moment that has haunted Santiago. 

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In Santiago's eyes, if he had never given Javi the keys, then Javi never would have been in the car, he would never have gotten into the accident, and Javi would still have his leg. 

Santiago: We can't keep doing this, Javier. You are fighting me all the time — your drinking. I know you're sad about mommy.
Javier: Sad?
Santiago: Yes, I am sad, too, but you're throwing your life away.
Javi: I'm not sad, I'm pissed. It should have been you.
Santiago: You do not talk to me like that if you want to keep living under my roof.
Javi: Well, I don't. You're a joke, and I hate you!
Santiago: Ok, then go. Then go. Get out. Just get out of here. Come on, go.

The truth of the matter is though, Santiago doesn't know if that is the case. Javi may have been meant to lose his leg that night, regardless of how he ended up getting there.

Brand New Man - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

If Santiago hadn't thrown him the keys, Javi may have just taken them anyway. Santiago would have been able to feel guilt-free if that was the case, but his guilt had a greater purpose. 

The guilt he felt over the accident, and how it played into igniting Javi's pain pill addiction, is what drove Santiagos' strength throughout Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8.

Without that guilt Santiago may not have been able to do what was necessary to get Javi the help he needs. 

Brown Bagging It - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

So many powerful moments came out of Santiago and Javi's time at the Santiago Mendoza Recovery Center. 

You can do anything mijo. You are stronger than you think.


In my review of Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 7, I discussed what an incredible job Bryan Craig did throughout the episode, but he topped himself during Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8. 

Not only did Bryan Craig shine, but Demian Bichir was given a chance to flex his seasoned muscles as well. 

Something that Grand Hotel is excelling at is giving all of it's characters room to breathe and have breathtaking moments.

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Too often shows become bogged down with only highlighting one or two characters, but if Grand Hotel continues this it will only add to the shows success.

A Tender Moment - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

A good mystery is essential for a mystery drama, but at the end of the day if the characters aren't well rounded it will fall flat. So far, Grand Hotel doesn't have to be worried about that.

Yoli and Carolina's sudden desire to see their father escalated quicker than I was expecting. For a man on the run he sure is accessible. 

A father who is running from the law randomly wanting to reconnect with his kids always brings up a red flag, but even I was fooled by their father's FBI trick. 

Gigi may seem stone-cold at times, but she truly does love her children, and it is clear that she had only the best intentions trying to keep the girls away from their father. 

Given that their father seems to want to get to the Riviera Grand, I can only imagine what he has in store for Gigi and Santiago. If he plans on extorting Santiago he better think twice before Mateo's boss steps in. 

Cookie Monster - Tall  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

While the majority of the episode had a heavy tone to it, Mrs. P was a breath of fresh air.

Trading in her stern drill sergeant ways for special cookies and stoned karaoke was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Mrs. P has been put through the ringer this season. 

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Between Santiago keeping her at arm's length and Malcolm's cancer, Mrs. P needed that moment for her guard to be forced down and to let go. 

The Spell is Broken - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

Danny and Jason have been grasping at straws trying to figure out who would want to hurt Sky, and turning their accusatory gaze onto Javi had me in defense mode.

Javi may be many things, but he wouldn't hurt a fly. 

The dynamic duo needs to stop crying wolf every time they get a single breadcrumb pointing in someone's direction. 

Even though I did not want Jason and Danny trying to pin things on Javi, I couldn't help but laugh when Danny wanted to ignore that it could be him because of Alicia.

I guess Sky is only the number one priority until Danny's lower hemisphere brain gets involved.

Dalicia finally taking the plunge was worth it though. As obvious as they may be as a couple, I can't help but root for them. But, until Danny comes clean with her about who he is, I will never feel secure with their relationship. 

Danny: I'm an idiot, Alicia. I've been falling for you since the moment I first laid eyes on you.
Alicia: But you told me your life was complicated.
Danny: It is, but I don't care anymore.

What did you think of Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8? Comment your thoughts on the episode below and make sure to watch Grand Hotel online at TV Fanatic.

Long Night's Journey Into Day Review

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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Javi: What are you doing?
Santiago: You don't want to go to rehab? Then you and I will sit in this room until that junk gets out of your system.
Javi: Oh my god. Please put me back under the rubble.
Santiago: Is this funny to you?
Javi: Yeah, it is kind of funny. You're acting crazy. I don't need your help. I can get myself clean.
Santiago: You think you can go without that stuff? Then prove it.

Gigi: You're eating your son's lunch?
Mrs. P: I gave him life; he can at least spare a cookie.