Suits Series Finale Trailer: How Will It End?

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It's time to say goodbye to Suits, and not just for the season. 

Next week the USA Network legal drama will wrap up for good. 

It's difficult to say goodbye to many shows, and Suits is no exception. 

suits finale pic

But the show has staged quite the creative resurgence in over the last few weeks, meaning that it appears to be going out on a high. 

The series finale will pick up in the immediate aftermath of Suits Season 9 Episode 9, with Faye holding all the power in her battle against Samantha and Mike. 

Samantha Grins  - Suits Season 9 Episode 9

Katrina was fired mere weeks after Samantha, so it's likely that everyone is going to gear up to take her down. 

It's a good way to go out, with all of these people uniting to rid the firm of their mutual enemy. 

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Faye is not the type to go down without a fight, and after being discredited in the courtroom, there's no way she's going to let everyone get away with going after her. 

It's hard to imagine Harvey and Mike not quashing their beef after they take Faye down. 

Mike Makes a Great Point - Suits Season 9 Episode 9

Mike is the one who tells Harvey in the trailer that they have one last con to pull off. 

We also get our first glimpse of Louis and Sheila's wedding. 

Yes, we're witnessing a wedding before the series wraps up!

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There's no telling whether we'll witness an engagement between Harvey and Donna, but given that Harvey has a ring,  there's a good chance of it happening. 

Donna Tries to Save Harvey - Suits Season 9 Episode 8

It's unclear whether Gina Torres will have a cameo as Jessica one last time, but the gang shouldn't count on their former boss helping them out of this pickle because she's left the world of law behind. 

Have a look at the full promo below. 

What will you miss most about Suits?

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