Arrow: David Ramsey Responds to Green Lantern Twist

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The CW's Arrow came to a thrilling conclusion Tuesday night. 

After 8 seasons of thrilling fight sequences, Oliver Queen's journey came full circle on Arrow Season 10 Episode 10

While Queen's story came to a close, one of his closest allies, John Diggle (David Ramsey) may have started a superhero journey of his own. 

Diggle Finds Out  - The Flash Season 6 Episode 9

If you watch Arrow online, you know one of the series finale's most shocking scenes found Diggle opening a mysterious box that came from a meteor. 

Diggle was greeted with a green light, effectively confirming the fan theories that he would become Green Lantern in some capacity. 

"I don't know what that means," Ramsey said of the landmark moment, according to TV Line.

"But he does go to Metropolis, and he got a green box. We'll still see, believe it or not. We'll find out."

Diggle Returns Arsenal's Suit - Arrow Season 8 Episode 5

"This whole thing is exciting... We'll see what all that means."

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim added: "This was something that was worked out over a year ahead with DC Entertainment.

"We very specifically negotiated and discussed the parameters, and I feel like to say anything beyond what we have showed you would violate our agreement with DC."

While Neither Ramsey or Guggenheim could say much about the development, it's possible that Diggle could pop up in the Arrowverse down the line. 

John Diggle - Arrow Season 8 Episode 5

The CW recently ordered Superman & Lois, a Metropolis-set spinoff that would continue the story for Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent, aka Superman, and Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane. 

While unconfirmed, it seems like Diggle's storyline is far from over. 

There is also the Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff, which is yet to receive a formal series order. That episode emerged as Arrow's most-viewed non-crossover episode of the final season. 

For that reason alone, there's a good chance the 2040-set series starring Kat McNamara, Katie Cassidy, and Juliana Harkavy will land on the network's 2020-21 schedule. 

Secrets  - Arrow Season 7 Episode 19

Whether that means Ramsey will be involved in either series, we don't know. 

What we do know is that HBO Max, the forthcoming streaming service from Warner Media has a Green Lantern TV series in the works. 

It's doubtful the series will be a part of the Arrowverse, but time will tell. 

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