Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned

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Blake got away with murder on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9 with the help of Cristal and Fallon.

But really, is anyone surprised?

Usually, courtroom trials aren't the most exciting part of an episode, but when a Carrington is on trial and a Carrington-turned-Colby is on the stand, you just never know what's going to happen within the confines of those four walls. 

And a lot happened. 

Fallon's Mother Returns - Dynasty

The shock of Alexis' return carried through the episode as everyone tried to figure out what she and her new husband, Jeff Colby, were up to. 

Fallon can make a thousand jokes about the incestual relationship, and they never get old. She dodged a bullet there. 

Alexis took the stand as a surprise witness and claimed to have proof that Blake was responsible for Mack's murder, but unfortunately, she failed to provide an airtight alibi. 

It took Fallon less than a day to figure out she was lying and expose her. Better luck next time, I suppose.

While Alexis' attempts may have failed, the new Alexis didn't. 

The New Alexis  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9

Elaine Hendrix came in rocking her best Meredith Blake outfit, and it's almost as if she hadn't skipped a beat. 

Her take on Alexis is witty and refreshing, and her dialogue seems better than it was before. 

There's potential here to elevate Alexis to the ranks of Fallon, who, at times, seems to be carrying the show on her back. 

I'm sorry I was a little crabby earlier. You know, it's not every day your mother marries your cousin except maybe in Nebraska.


While Blake and Fallon made some jokes at Alexis' expense, for the most part, they just accepted her relationship with Colby for whatever it was. 

They had bigger problems on their hands considering Blake was about to go down for murder. 

However, Dominique could not accept that her son had married her arch-nemesis. 

This Is a Set-Up - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9

Seeing a sister-in-law turn into a daughter-in-law is a hard pill to swallow for most people. 

Dominique called Alexis out for being a gold-digger who would do anything to get money, but Jeff quickly rebutted all of her insults by saying that the only person using him this whole time was his own mother. 

Dominique may have been right about Alexis, but she was also a hypocrite. 

Ever since she blew into town, Dominique has been trying to get money from her son, lying about her intentions, and using him to propel Vanessa's career.

She has absolutely no right to judge anyone.

Dominique tried to play dirty, but Alexis played dirtier by gently shoving her down the stairs, which caused Dom to leave town. 

I Need an Explanation  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9

It's about time, too. Dominique has been around for a whole season and hasn't accomplished much of anything. 

Her existence is pointless. 

And there's no need to worry about Colby because from the looks of it, he made a deal with the devil that benefits them both.

This is it, my one shot at keeping my father from wearing a onesie for the rest of his life.


Both Jeff and Alexis hate Blake equally; there's strength in numbers, so it's a wise arrangement.

They hoped to put him in jail permanently and get their fortune, but now that those plans have gone down the gutter, it's unclear what their next move will be. 

Blake is like a phoenix, constantly rising from the ashes and getting another chance. It's astonishing that a man who is clearly guilty walks around so confidently and lies straight to his daughter's face about being innocent. 

Not Pleased - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9

Blake was in the do-or-die mode, sure, but it also tells you everything you need to know about the man Blake is. 

He always has a trick up his sleeve whether it's getting rid of the juror or paying off the other one to make it a hung jury.

Without substantial evidence, there will never be a retrial, and Blake is a free man. 

Fallon should have gotten proof before she helped her father, but regardless of the truth, there's no situation where she would have let her father serve a life sentence. 

Fallon has always been a daddy's girl. Despite his flaws, he's always there for her, and she'll always return that favor even if it disgusts and/or disappoints her. 

You change your loyalty as often as you change your face.


I think deep down inside, Fallon knew her father was lying.

And now, Blake has made a new enemy, one that's potentially more dangerous because he's unhinged and unpredictable. 

The episode gave us an answer to the Adam vs. Liam cliffhanger immediately.

Didn't Expect That - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9

In a surprising twist and quite possibly the first step in redemption, Adam pulled Liam to safety before plunging to the ground and breaking a few ribs.

Like a cat with nine lives, though, he was back on his feet in no time and trying to make amends for burning down Blue Belt. 

The funny thing is that for the first time, Adam told the whole truth about what led to his decision to light up the winery, and the story was so outrageous and far-fetched that no one believed him. 

And despite the fire destroying his family legacy and getting outed as the man who almost killed Liam, Adam got off fairly easy. 

When he got kicked out of the Manor, he simply went over to live in Alexis' loft. Big whoop. 

Mr. and Mrs.  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9

There's no jail time, no getting cut off from the money, and no getting kicked out of the will. 

Liam was even less upset than he should have been, which was frustrating because it doesn't seem like his character would be the type to let something like this go. 

When Fallon threatened to call the cops and tell them everything, Liam waved it off as if getting clobbered in the head with a flowerpot, falling into a pool, and getting amnesia were no big deal.

It's frustrating that Adam never has to pay the price for anything. We still remember what he did to Steven and Alexis. 

What is Happening? - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9

Other Manor Musings

  • Cristal proved to be useful, but walking into a courtroom with red shoes was stupid. Why couldn't she change her shoes before that? She made it work, but she took the difficult route. 
  • Kirby's missing in action, and you know she's in danger at that retreat!
  • Sam and Fletcher are going strong. 
  • Liam continues to be the cutest. How adorable was he with the Frenchie?
  • Fallon's tan threw me off the whole episode, but at least her outfits were on point. 

Fallon: In the meantime, we'll be sure to send the police over to arrest you for attempted murder with a deadly weapon.
Liam: It was a flower pot, Fallon.
Fallon: Yeah, but a deadly one.

The Dynasty midseason premiere could have been off to a stronger start, but they'll only pick up steam from here. 

The new Alexis is going to shake things up in a positive way as will Adam's banishment from the Manor.

Be sure to watch Dynasty online and catch up on episodes. 

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The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned Review

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You change your loyalty as often as you change your face.


Fallon: In the meantime, we'll be sure to send the police over to arrest you for attempted murder with a deadly weapon.
Liam: It was a flower pot, Fallon.
Fallon: Yeah, but a deadly one.