Hawaii Five-0/Magnum PI Crossover Review: Pack of Spies

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Finally, a crossover that felt genuinely organic.

Hawaii's two favorite groups of investigators joined forces on Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 13 and Magnum P.I. Season 2 Episode 12.

It was only natural that this should come to pass. After all, both Kamekona and Flippa have appeared on Magnum P.I. and Noelani gets more airtime there than on her own show.

Working Together - Hawaii Five-0

And, unlike the lamentable Hawaii Five-0/MacGyver crossover from 2017, everybody got into the act. As it should be.

Well, except for Danny. It was Scott Caan's episode off. But with so many visitors on Hawaii FIve-0, his absence wasn't that noticeable.

One That Got Away - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 12

After all, McGarrett and Magnum picked up the slack with a cargument of their own. 

But that's truly to be expected when McGarrett insisted on driving Magnum's Ferrari (well, Robin Masters' Ferrari) because, well, he always drives.

Granted, the two didn't know each other well enough to perform a classic cargument. You know, in which Danny and Steve nitpick about each other's foibles.

This time out, it was more two alpha males playing a round of "Quien Es Mas Macho." 

Then, there was McGarrett giving Thomas the stink-eye for picking the lock at the Hong residence, so they could get in without one of those pesky search warrants.

Caught in a Crossfire - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 12

Of course, McGarrett allowing that thug shoot out the tires on the Ferrari after that buddy comedy routine certainly put the kibosh on any budding bromance.

It was a hoot watching TC and Rick go all fanboy over McGarrett while Steve and Thomas continued to bicker in the backseat, a place where neither of them was comfortable.

They know the truth. Unlike Tom Selleck in the original Magnum PI, Jay Hernandez's Magnum is an alpha puppy when compared to McGarrett.

It's not Hernandez's fault. Selleck just set the bar too damn high.

Higgins and Tani were so much a better pairing. 

Shootout in Pursuit - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 12

Tani loved the idea of a spy's life although Juliet worked to dissuade her. Then she offered advice about the pros and cons of office romances (foreshadowing a relationship for her and Thomas, maybe?).

Also, being ex-Mi6 got Juliet a lot more props from Five-0 then Magnum slumming as a private eye.

Anyway, what started as a search for a way to locate Mei ended up right in Five-0's bailiwick: More foreign spies infiltrating the islands. That's so easy in a tourist mecca.

It was amusing to see how many among the two teams could fake their way in Mandarin.

Things got more interesting once it was revealed that Hong had gotten ahold of a list of undercover CIA agents.

Back-Seat Drivers - Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 12

And was anyone surprised when the CIA squad got blown up after its arrogant leader refused Grover's offer of assistance?

It seemed like we were going to get a surprise Aaron Wright appearance but the prison break got spoiled and the SD card recovered way too easily.

But no. That was just the lull before the storm, as Tani and Junior's date got postponed by his being kidnapped.

It was good that there was one scene continuing Adam's storyline, showing that he was about to fly out of the country. 

Hopefully, Adam's story will continue next episode rather than have it dropped for another month.

Seeking Help - Magnum P.I. Season 2 Episode 12

The transition between shows was smoothly handled. First was McGarrett and Five-0 assisted by Magnum and Higgins. Then Five-0 youthful Five-0 agents Tani and Quinn recruited Magnum and company for help rescuing Junior.

First, how did the CIA get word so quickly that Junior had been abducted and his captors wanted to exchange him for the knock list?

The CIA found out right after McGarrett did since he had time to think of a clever way to hide the CD card.

Yeah, no one would have suspected good-natured Kamekona.

This was the Juliet Higgins show, as she made most of the important breakthroughs in this case.

Cracking Encryption - Magnum P.I. Season 2 Episode 12

No wonder Magnum wooed her as a partner, since she's generally carrying him.

He's just there to made sudden, dangerous moves which mostly pay off.

Like going to the exchange with an empty but encrypted SD card, then taking out the two guards and forcing Erin to reveal Junior's location.

Higgins did the heavy lifting, determining who had the SD card, finding the programmer, and figuring out that Erin was a spy and was holding Junior.

Let's face it. Regardless of how much she tried to pump up Thomas in that late scene, we all know who the alpha is in that relationship.

Bad Timing - Magnum P.I. Season 2 Episode 12

As much fun as it was to watch the old Higgins condescend to Magnum, Juliet is what makes this reboot work.

Along with TC and Rick, she's there to bail out Magnum (sometimes literally) from his missteps.

Should we all have been suspicious of Erin a little sooner in this crossover? After all, her husband was a Chinese spy so wouldn't she have at least known about that?

Plus, it just made a lot more sense to have two spies using the cover of being a couple.

Asking For Help - Magnum P.I.

And that being said, didn't she gets tricked fairly easily by Magnum for someone who was supposedly running the local Chinese spy operation? She only brings two guards and a techie to the exchange?

She deserved to get her whole cell wiped out.

One big downside is that the next development in the Tani and Junior saga happened on Magnum.

And Rick and Quinn? She would ruin him.

To revisit this crossover, watch Hawaii Five-0 online and watch Magnum P.I. online.

Which character worked best in the other show's world?

After Magnum gets canceled, would you like to see Higgins move over to Hawaii Five-0?

Would you make another such crossover?

Comment below.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Magnum: She's an ex-spy.
Tani: Very cool. I like that.

Magnum: You let him get away?
McGarrett: Who are you?
Magnum: I'm the guy on the phone.