Vikings Season 6 Episode 7 Review: The Ice Maiden

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Saying goodbye to Lagertha was always going to be tough. 

But Vikings Season 6 Episode 7 found one of the fiercest characters on television taking one final journey ... to Valhalla. 

If you watch Vikings online, you know Katheryn Winnick's beloved alter ego is a big part of the show's success. 

Drama in Kiev

Her character was strong and always ready to fight to the death if it meant that she would be able to keep those close to her safe from the perils of the world. 

It makes sense, then, that people would volunteer to travel with the shield maiden on her final journey.

Lagertha affected many people during her life, and all of those females who volunteered to sacrifice themselves did so because they looked up to her. 

Torvi Says Goodbye - Vikings Season 6 Episode 7

Torvi offering to kill herself was the curveball that came out of the blue. Being pregnant and recently losing another child, you would think she would want to make sure she and her family were kept safe. 

It's difficult to make sense of what was going through her mind. There's no question about whether she looked up to Lagertha. They had one of the strongest bonds on the show. 

This could show how much Torvi thought of Lagertha that she would give up her life as a mother to help her get to Valhalla. It would have been a shock if followed through with the plan. 

For that, I'm thankful Gunnhild managed to talk her down from it. Could you imagine what Ubbe would go through if he learned that Torvi was giving up her life?

Gunnhild on a Mission - Vikings Season 6 Episode 4

On a show like Vikings, the belief is that there is a higher purpose, and that people continue to thrive after death. That's a nice thought, but not if it means leaving your family behind willingly. 

There is bound to be some conflict on the back of this because it's hard to imagine it will remain a secret for long. The room she announced her decision in was packed to the rafters with Lagertha Fanatics. 

Gunnhild's reaction to the death was bittersweet. I liked that she understood that she was never that close with Lagertha. Far too often when people die, people come out of the woodwork, claiming they were very close with the deceased. 

Gunnhild and Lagertha had a strained relationship, but they were gradually getting closer. Even though Gunnhild was injured, she returned to Kattegat to give Lagertha the send-off she deserved. 

Bjorn Contemplates - Vikings Season 6 Episode 3

It was nice that Gunnhild put her past tension with Lagertha behind her in the name of paying tribute to her. Not a lot of people can do that, so credit where credit is due. 

The funeral was a sad affair. To some, it may have lasted too long, but it was perfect in that it allowed viewers to see how everyone reacted to Lagertha's passing. 

The visual of Lagertha reuniting with Ragnar at the bottom of the ocean is not something I'll forget in a hurry. Ragnar was another beloved character, and the relationship between them was the heart of the show for so long. 

Turning to sand was the show's way of concluding their arc to prepare everyone else for the Vikings endgame. 

An Angry Bjorn - Vikings Season 6 Episode 7

Bjorn is going to be unpredictable following the death of his mother. He's lost everything, including the election that he was supposed to win. 

Whether he will rise like a phoenix remains to be seen, but at least he arrived at the funeral before it was too late. He knew there was something off the moment he woke up, and his worst nightmares came true when he returned home. 

My one true hope is that the love triangle does not take center stage. There are far more pressing matters that need to be addressed as we look toward the midseason finale, including what will become of the people of Kattegat. 

King Olaf is a cunning individual, but his plan to elevate Bjorn to power was an absolute disaster. There is bound to be one final battle that will determine who the true ruler will be. 

Bjorn Again - Vikings Season 6 Episode 1

Bjorn is not going to forget that King Harald put a kill order out on him, but how does Bjorn expect to contend with someone who has the whole of Norway on his side?

It's a scary thought, but the walls of Kattegat will probably be breached before we reach the midseason finale. Bjorn will not be able to exact revenge on Hvitserk because he has to think about the future of his people. 

The action in Kiev is slowing down considerably, and that's not a good thing. A slow burn is only intriguing if we get worthy progression, but learning that Dir made it to safety isn't all that. 

Ivar needs to strike Oleg soon, or he runs the risk of being killed before his plan even comes to fruition. We know that Oleg wants Ivar in power so that he can be his little puppet. 

Oleg Cleans Blood - Vikings Season 6 Episode 1

But what will happen when Dir ultimately fights back? Will that be the moment that Oleg is taken out of the equation for good?

"The Ice Maiden" was another solid episode of this soon-to-conclude History drama. The stage is set for a thrilling bunch of episodes!

What did you think of Lagertha reuniting with Ragnar? Was Torvi wanting to be the sacrifice selfish? What will become of Bjorn?

Hit the comments below. 

Vikings airs Wednesdays on History. 

The Ice Maiden Review

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Torvi: I volunteer.
Gunnhild: You cannot make that decision about your child.

Man: What is wrong, Bjorn Ironside?
Bjorn: I need to get home to Kattegat.