Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Needs to Know

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This week's episode was packed full of the action, drama, and cliff-hanger moments I've come to love!

On Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12, we gain a much better understanding of the relationship between Whitelighters and Darklighters. 

It makes sense that Whitelighters and Darklighters should not be able to kill each other. We all have light and dark within us that we have to learn how to embrace.

Reigniting the Power of Three - Charmed (2018)

Seeing everything from Helen's perspective shed light on how hard it must be for Harry to be separated from his dark side -- the side Macy loves. 

Harry made it clear to Abigael that they can't be together because he's a Whitelighter and she's part demon, but it sounds like more of an excuse. 

Maggie: The world isn't black and white. It's shades of gray.
Harry: I'm a whitelighter. I'm programmed not to have gray.

Macy is also half demon, and Harry has never expressed concern about being in a relationship with her because of her demon side. 

Whitelighter Helen - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12

It's not clear whether Abigael has real feelings for Harry, or whether she's using him for a greater master plan. At times it appears she cares about Harry, but she's shown time and time again that she's not trustworthy.

Unfortunately, Macy has apparently taken lessons from Abigael in how to to be sneaky. She should have told her sisters that she planned to ask Abigael to help her get rid of her demon powers. 

Macy: Harry was here.
Abigael: What, did you expect him to wait around forever?

Macy should trust her sisters to help her more than she trusts Abigael. 

The Power of Three may be suffering not because of her demon powers, but because Macy has lost herself. 

I was surprised to hear that Macy is in a relationship with Julian. Macy went from being careful with her heart and moving slowly with Galvin during Charmed Season 1, to hooking up with and choosing to date Julian seemingly overnight.

Harry and Helen - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12

The sudden change in her personality seems off. After losing Galvin, I'm surprised she's not even more cautious with her heart.

It's also reckless to get into a relationship when you know you have feelings for someone else who is still a big part of your life. Given her imagined makeout session with Harry, it's obvious she isn't ready to be in a relationship with Julian. 

Maybe that's why I don't have my witch powers back. I'm being punished for experiencing joy.


As a scientist, I'm surprised Macy didn't do more research about what might happen to her if she gave up her demon powers.

Harry, Maggie, and Mel could have helped her find a less drastic solution. She made a hot-headed decision without considering the implications of how it might affect her.

Her demon powers have become a part of who she is, and she's used them to do a lot of great things. 

Mel and Macy Chat - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12

Macy has become so obsessed with getting her witch powers back that she didn't stop to think about the fact that she's supposed to be using her powers to protect innocents. 

With no powers, Macy is left exposed. Abigael knows she's powerless, and the Charmed Ones are vulnerable, which is less than ideal. I'm also hoping that Macy and Abigael stop fighting over Harry.

Harry in a Coat - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12

As great as Harry is, I don't like watching two beautiful, intelligent women always at odds over a man. It disracts from their strength. 

Macy also made a mistake by hiding the fact that Parker is still alive. While Macy's intention in hiding the truth was to protect Maggie, she should have honored her sister with the truth. 

Harry: It's not too late.
Macy: It's not?

When you love someone, you shouldn't lie to them. 

Maggie is still scarred from the fact that her mother and father lied to her for so many years about her real biological father. When she finds out that Macy lied to her, there's a chance she will rebel and develop serious trust issues.

Maggie in Cheetah - Charmed (2018) - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12

As much as Maggie enjoys Jordan's company, she is still grieving over Parker. It's not fair to let Maggie keep believing that Parker is still dead. Maggie deserves the truth from her sister, and closure for herself. 

All of Macy's sneaky behavior and bad decisions will eventually catch up with her. 

That being said, Macy's insistence that Abigael should not kill Parker was encouraging. I was not convinced, however, that Abigael would kill Parker just because he refused to help Macy.

Women finally have a say in how things go. Let's not resort to the same nonsense men have been perpetuating for centuries.


Either way, Macy's suggestion that Abigael use her position of power to choose a more peaceful way forward was inspiring. 

While Macy is even more powerless than before, Mel and Maggie are growing into their new powers in an exciting way. 

Harry and Helen Dying - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12

Not only are Maggie's visions becoming clearer, but she's also becoming a more mature witch. 

I love that Maggie chose to appeal to Darklighter Helen's humanity by connecting with her on an emotional level instead of choosing to kill her. 

As someone who knows how it feels to lose love, Maggie was able to turn her human experience into a powerful tool.

Mel has also grown a lot in who she is this season. I'm glad she's opened herself up to love again. She deserves to be happy.

Mel in Thought - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12

It's not clear yet why Abigael chose to let Parker live, but I'm sure it's all a part of her master plan.

Everything Abigael does is carefully planned and calculated. 

I'm excited to see what Abigael is planning to do with all of her new demon powers.

I hope the remainder of the storylines this season continue to focus more on the magical components of the show, and less on the teenage love stories. 

Mel and Ruby - Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12

Overall, I was thoroughly pleased with this episode. As always, I want to hear what you thought, too.

Did anyone else freak out when Macy and Harry finally kissed? I wasn't expecting that happen! Too bad it wasn't real.

Should Macy have told Maggie the truth about Parker?

What do you think our good friend Abigael is up to?

If you missed this week's episode, you can always watch Charmed (2018) online!

Charmed airs Fridays on the CW!

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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Macy: Harry was here.
Abigael: What, did you expect him to wait around forever?

Women finally have a say in how things go. Let's not resort to the same nonsense men have been perpetuating for centuries.