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The Charmed Ones perform a ceremony to try to restore Macy's powers, but they aren't successful.

Abigael attempts to seduce Abigael but is interrupted by a call from the first Whitelighter Helen. When he arrives at the asylum, he finds that all of the staff are dead, and Darklighter Helen has escaped. He takes Whitelighter Helen to their secret lair for protection, where she reveals that Whitelighters and Darklighters can't kill one another.

Mel stays to watch Whitelighter Helen, while Harry and Maggie go off to chase Darklighter Helen. Mel finds a box of Helen's belongings and records, and discovered she was married off at a young age, and not allowed to be with Daniel -- her true love. 

Meanwhile, Macy turns to Abigael for help to restore her powers without telling her sisters. She wants to rid herself of her demon powers. Abigael agrees to help to impress Harry. Abigael takes Macy to see Parker, claiming that he can help. 

Parker agrees to help Macy only if he gives Maggie a letter that he wrote to her. Macy agrees, and he tells Macy where to find the knife she needs. Abigael uses the knife to strip Macy's demon powers.

Darklighter Helen finds Maggie and Harry, but Maggie can't bring herself to kill her. Instead, she appeals to her heart and Helen's long lost love, and offers to protect Darklighter Helen.

Whitelighter Helen and Darklighter Helen wish to be merged back together. 

Darklighter Helen attempts to attack Macy when she mistakes her for an Elder. Whitelighter Helen stabs herself, killing both her and Darklighter Helen. Macy breaks her promise to Parker, and doesn't pass on Parker's letter to Maggie.

Even after giving up her demon powers, Macy is unable to recover her witch powers. Abigael retained Macy's demon powers, making her even stronger. 


Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Macy: Harry was here.
Abigael: What, did you expect him to wait around forever?

Women finally have a say in how things go. Let's not resort to the same nonsense men have been perpetuating for centuries.