Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 13 Review: I Was Here

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There's nothing I can say to lessen the blow of this episode for #Burzek fans. Even if you aren't a fan of the pairing, the events that unfolded shook the #OneChicago universe to its core.

While the Burgess-centric episode itself was strong and showed her dedication to the job, the conclusion of Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 13 was brutal, unexpected, and unnecessary.

We knew a pregnancy that sidelined Burgess was going to be tough for her to accept, but no one expected this gruesome outcome.

Where Is Baby? - Chicago PD

On her first day working in dispatch, Burgess stumbled upon a massive sex-trafficking ring that spanned multiple midwest cities and recruited lost, homeless, and helpless women. 

It's unclear why Burgess' storylines always center around rape, sexual assault, and sex-trafficking, but it also doesn't matter because the episode was masterfully executed and shined a light on a very serious topic.

Voight: So, what do we got?
Platt: What we got is no idea.

It also gave us a little more insight into Burgess's past and why she became a cop. 

I could be wrong, but I don't think it was ever mentioned that Burgess grew up in an affluent community in St. Charles or that her family didn't support her dreams of becoming a cop. 

Take Down the Sex Ring  - Chicago PD

However, that information also made me wonder how Burgess, a woman who doesn't have any demons in her closet, is so good at understanding girls like Mira and Victoria and knowing the right things to say to get them to do what she wants. 

It's almost as if Burgess spoke their language without ever being in their shoes. 

It was impressive.

Burgess: So whatever you remember can help me...
Mira: Help you save them?
Burgess: Yeah.
Mira: You can't save them. They're already gone.

It was almost as impressive as Burgess knowing in her gut that something wasn't right after answering the 9-1-1 call. 

A big middle-finger to the responding officers who followed up on the call, missed the signs, and tried to blame Burgess's hormones for thinking something was wrong. 

Sure enough, her gut was onto something. 

Solve This  - Chicago PD

What seemed like a domestic abuse case on the surface unearthed a full-blown prostitution ring.

If Daniel, one of the pimps, hadn't left George's body in the elevator, Intelligence would have had a much harder time building up what happened in the apartment.

It was a huge misstep for Daniel but a saving grace for Intelligence and the women.

However, Intelligence failed to take proper precautions when it came to Burgess. 

For starters, Voight should have made sure that Burgess was on desk duty the entire time.

Follow Up - Chicago PD

He was nice enough to allow her to work the case with Intelligence since it was her intuition that got them there in the first place, but he should have known that she would want to jump in on the action. 

But no one is to blame but Burgess. 

She's an adult who doesn't need a babysitter. She made her decisions and had to suffer the consequences. 

What I can't seem to understand is why Burgess was without a partner when going to check hotels.

She took it upon herself to join her team when she should have been at the precinct, but once she decided to work the field, she should have requested that someone join her. 

Everyone always works in pairs! 

Gut Feeling - Chicago PD

If Burgess had a teammate, she would have never been put in the situation that caused her to lose the baby. 

Also, what are the odds that Burgess was the one to respond to Baby's hotel before anyone else?

Once there, it was obvious Burgess wasn't going to wait around for back-up, but I wish she did. 

The scene was so painful to watch. Burgess reacted on instinct -- she's a cop who cannot stand by when someone is in danger. 

If she hadn't responded when she did, Baby, whom we later found out was named Emma, likely wouldn't have survived. 

Follow the Lead - Chicago PD

Burgess saved her life, but in the process, she lost her child. A life for a life; Baby for a baby. 

Seeing Burgess get tossed around that bathroom, punched in the stomach, and shoved into walls was painful and heartbreaking, and it made for one of the worst scenes on Chicago PD to date.

Burgess knew better, and she still prioritized her job over her and her child's wellbeing. 

But I wanted it. Wanted to be something different than what I was, knew I could. See, I don't people have to end up anywhere near where they started.


It speaks volumes to who she is as a person and a cop, but it's also disappointing because of her blatant disregard for their safety.

She went in there hoping for the best, but I don't think she expected it to take the turn it did.

What Happened Here? - Chicago PD

And we cannot forget about poor Ruzek. 

His biggest fears came true as he saw his baby momma battered, and he carried her out of the tub fully knowing the outcome wasn't good. 

His world sank when he found out that he was no longer going to be a father.

Truthfully, I'm upset Chicago PD even introduced a pregnancy storyline and gave Burzek fans hope only to snatch it away. 

It's as if the moment any character experiences any glimmer of happiness, they're hit by a mountain of reality. 

Find These Girls - Chicago PD

How does someone bounce back from this? I hope it takes them both awhile and that it's reflected on the series. I'll be even more upset if both Ruzek and Burgess act as though nothing happened in the next episode. 

Is this the end of #Burzek? Or will this situation make them realize that they really wanted a child together and they'll try again?

While the majority of the episode was heartbreaking, there were some highlights including Platt getting in on the action and working the case alongside Burgess.

It was also comforting that Burgess's sacrifice wasn't for nothing as they were able to save 19 girls from a horrendous lifestyle. 

Calling it In - Chicago PD

Seeing the girls so drugged up that they didn't even understand what was happening during the raid was sad. 

Victoria, the "top girl," was so brainwashed, she was spewing the rhetoric about "breaking" the girls that she'd been fed for so many years. 

These poor women were subjected to such torture that it was easier for them to just forget and become numb to it. 

Victoria thought what she was saying and doing was right after years of being exposed to this level of abuse and torture. She couldn't recognize help being given because she couldn't even recognize she needed help. 

Responding to a Call  - Chicago PD

The fact that she was helping Daniel was some form of Stockholm Syndrome. 

And lastly, one of the most frustrating moments of the episode was the grocery clerk who knew about the van bringing drugged up girls daily and never reported it.

The worst type of crime to see is woman-on-woman crime -- we should be helping each other and lifting each other up.

Both the clerk and Victoria contributed to the cycle of abuse because they looked away and pretended like it wasn't happening or it wasn't their problem.

Wait For It - Chicago PD

Alright, Fanatics, I'm turning it over to you! 

What did you think of the episode?

Are you mad at how they treated #Burzek? Did you see this coming?

You can catch up and watch Chicago PD online right now! 

I Was Here Review

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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Voight: So, what do we got?
Platt: What we got is no idea.

Burgess: So whatever you remember can help me...
Mira: Help you save them?
Burgess: Yeah.
Mira: You can't save them. They're already gone.