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Did the ASA make the right call?

On Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12, it emerged that Jefferson and Anissa would need to make a decision about their future. 

Set To Kill - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Did that involve working with the people who had tried to wipe out their family?

Meanwhile, Lynn was forced to continued battling her demons. 

However, an old foe returned, and many wondered whether she would be able to fix herself up in time. 

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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Khalil: Jenn, we … we can’t be together. There is a monster inside of me.
Jennifer: Khalil…
Khalil: I’m literally poison.
[Khalil leaves]

Lynn: Yeah, well, my mistake for you having compassion.
Dr. Jace: I don’t foresee that being a problem. Actually, a prefer you on the glimmer. That obsessive need for answers; it’s not unlike how I see the world.
Lynn: I am nothing like you!
Dr. Jace: Honestly, you may be the only person I’ve ever met as smart as me. I know I’m not … easy … to work with, but I am trying to help you.