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Who did not survive the battle?

On Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 14, Jefferson realized that he would need to make the ultimate sacrifice if he had any hope of saving the world. 

Behind Enemy Lines - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13

Meanwhile, Lynn's addiction came to the forefront when it was revealed that she was working with the enemy. 

Elsewhere, Khalil realized that Jennifer had move on and there was no hope for them. 

What did he do in retaliation?

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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Gambi: Tyson Sychs is the first metahuman in recorded history. Meta Prime.
Lynn: The US government had the serum to unlock Meta powers this entire time. Where is their Meta army?
Gambi: The only part of the program that survived was Gravedigger himself. And for the past 70+ years, the US has spent billions trying to recreate the original serum. First in Markovia, and then here in Freeland.

Jennifer: See you around, Khalil.
Khalil: No, you won’t.