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Who helped Archie through his funk?

On Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13, Archie worried about what his life would like post-Riverdale High.

The Literary Salon - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13

Meanwhile, Veronica started to spiral out of control after learning the truth about Hiram's condition.

What did she do?

Elsewhere, accusations leveled against Jughead threatened his future at Stonewall Prep.

Who stepped up to take a shot at him?

Finally, Betty worried about what would happen to her and Jughead in the future.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Brett: Turns out, I do have a videotape of you and Ponytail doing the nasty. If you so much as utter a “j’accuse,” I will release it wide.
Jughead: You think blackmail is going to stop me?
Brett: Yes, because you’re a hopeless romantic. That tape might not hurt you, Jones, but it will destroy Betty. Something like that will haunt her for the rest of her life. So, what’s it going to be: you want to continue this sad attempt at martyrdom or you gonna protect the honor of your precious girlfriend?

Archie: Mr. Honey, I know it’s late in the game, but is there any way I can still apply to college?
Mr. Honey: The application period closed months ago, and moreover, based on your grades from the past two years, I have serious doubts you’ll be able to graduate with the rest of your class.