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Archie is pushing himself ragged running the construction company, the gym, and the community center. Archie visits Mr. Honey about potentially applying to university, but Mr. Honey informs him that he's passed the application date. His grades are also low, so he won't be graduating along with his friends.

Hiram drops a teacup and Veronica lashes out at him. Veronica goes to school and hooks up with Archie. Veronica doesn't want to worry about the future with Archie.

Mr. Dupont kicks Jughead out of Quill & Skull. He also plans to remove the Baxter Brothers contract if Jughead can't deliver a satisfactory script by March 5th. With Betty's help, Jughead tweaks his story to focus on the shady dealings at the prep school.

Hiram signs up to Archie's gym; he wants to train and get back to being himself. He has to make the check out to the community center.

Mr. Dupont isn't impressed with Jughead's first chapter, but Jughead is pushing through to finish the draft.

A high roller at La Bonne Nuit wants to attend the Maple Club. Toni goes to vet the client, which is Hermosa in disguise. Toni agrees to discuss business with her and Cheryl.

Archie bails on a party night with Veronica. She wants to keep partying.

Jughead's latest chapter includes inspiration from his coffin ritual with the Literary Salon. Jughead's story frames it as "Bison" (i.e. inspired by Moose) being murdered by the group.

Archie is thinking about selling the construction business to Vic and using the funds to hire Tom Keller to run the community center. Tom thinks it's a good idea.

Mr. Dupont reveals that Jughead is being accused of plaigarism involving the short story he wrote that got him the scholarship. Jonathan claims he wrote the original story. Jughead's original laptop is missing, which contains the truth.

Mr. Honey conducts a search of Veronica's locker and finds a flask of rum. Veronica stands up to Mr. Honey, but Archie takes the blame to avoid trouble. He gets a week of detention.

Betty and Jughead conduct a lie detector test to prove his innocence. However, the Literary Salon don't believe him. Betty exclaims that they will find a way to ruin them all.

Archie rejects Veronica's advancements during his detention.

Toni and Cheryl dance with their new client, Rosa, at La Bonne Nuit. They want to bring her somewhere special; they, along with Veronica, ambush Hermosa about her lies. Hermosa reveals Hiram told her about his sickness.

Jughead and Betty search the dorm rooms, offices, and secret society hangout to find evidence. They find a manuscript that's been rewritten based on Jughead's first novel, which was based on Jason Blossom's murder. Jughead confronts Mr. Dupont; he reveals that the entire Literary Salon joined in to rewrite the manuscript.

Veronica confides in Archie her father's sickness. She doesn't know if she's strong enough to see him die.

During breakfast, Veronica antagonizes Hiram with a presentation that proves her rum is better than Hiram's. All of it was a ploy to get Hiram's health and drive back up.

Betty theorizes that Mr. Dupont is the one who gave Donna Mr. Chipping's pin to fake the affair; he is the one who blackmailed Mr. Chipping to commit suicide. Betty implores Donna to tell the truth, but she refuses.

Jughead plans to reveal the entire truth of Stonewall Prep at his tribunal. Brett admits he recorded a sex tape of Jughead/Betty and will release it if Jughead talks.

Archie changes his mind about selling the construction business.

Mr. Dupont gives Jughead the option of gracefully leaving the school or fighting it out, potentially ruining his reputation. Jughead reluctantly leaves the school; FP is mad at him for quitting.

Archie made Tom the foreman at the construction business.

Donna and Brett invite Jughead, Betty, and the Riverdale High group to their Ides of March party. Jughead agrees because he has a plan to take them all down.

Archie tells Veronica that he can't walk at graduation. He plans to take summer school and then reapply in the spring.

Jughead arms himself with a switchblade and bunny mask for the party. Brett agrees to settle his drama with Jughead in the woods.

At the party, Betty goes looking for Jughead, but Archie and Veronica go hookup into the woods. Betty follows Donna into the woods; Donna reveals she knows the trigger to reignite Dark Betty. She learned it from Evelyn Evernever.

Archie and Veronica find Betty standing over Jughead's dead body.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Brett: Turns out, I do have a videotape of you and Ponytail doing the nasty. If you so much as utter a “j’accuse,” I will release it wide.
Jughead: You think blackmail is going to stop me?
Brett: Yes, because you’re a hopeless romantic. That tape might not hurt you, Jones, but it will destroy Betty. Something like that will haunt her for the rest of her life. So, what’s it going to be: you want to continue this sad attempt at martyrdom or you gonna protect the honor of your precious girlfriend?

Archie: Mr. Honey, I know it’s late in the game, but is there any way I can still apply to college?
Mr. Honey: The application period closed months ago, and moreover, based on your grades from the past two years, I have serious doubts you’ll be able to graduate with the rest of your class.