A Million Little Things Round Table: Will Derek's Arrival Cost the Howards Their Baby?

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Eve's ex-boyfriend appeared in those final shocking moments of A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15, and Rome and Regina had to let Eve go.

Elsewhere, Maggie confessed that she still has feelings for Gary too, Delilah and Sophie had an important talk, and Eddie connected with Dakota.

Join TV Fanatics Jack Ori, Christine Orlando, and Meaghan Frey as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Derek arrived and Eve went with him. React.

Jack: That scene was creepy on so many levels. I wasn't sure if Eve was really scared of him, or if this was some elaborate scam. Either way, her going with him is not going to end well, and Rome looks like he's in a protective mode, so I'm not sure what he's going to do about this either.

Christine: That final scene filled me with dread because nothing good comes of it. At best, Eve thinks she can control Derek and get him to give up his child, and that’s more than likely a pipe dream that could lead to tragic results. At worst, Eve and Derek are scamming Rome and Regina, and they’re in for heartbreak.

Meaghan: I was screaming at Eve internally. She fled a state because she was so scared of him. Now she thinks she can trust him enough not to hurt her and the baby because he loves her?

It makes no sense. Eve would be much better off letting Rome and Regina protect her and fighting to get his parental rights taken.

Do you think meeting Maggie changed Walter's mind about therapists?

Jack: To an extent, maybe. I wouldn't have been surprised if Walter thought Regina introduced him to Maggie because she thought he needed a therapist. I was just glad he was open to it.

Walter Visits - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

Christine: Walter is hurting and lonely, and that’s pushing him to consider things he would never have if he still had his wife to lean on. Seeing a therapist such as Maggie as a real person could only help make seeing a therapist more acceptable to him.

Meaghan: He might not completely be there yet, but at least he probably doesn't have the same disdain for them that he had before meeting her.

Maggie wanted to figure out who she was outside of cancer and Gary. Has she done that, or do you think everything is still leading her back to the comfort and safety of Gary?

Jack: At this point, she and Gary are fighting feelings for each other, but I'd say Maggie is more independent than Gary. He seems to be miserable without her while she is making efforts to move on. So maybe she's starting to figure out who she is.

Christine: One of their biggest issues is separating their relationship from dealing with cancer, and Maggie needs some distance to be able to do that.

Gary knows he loves Maggie, so he wants to do what’s best for her, even if it’s not being with him, and that’s a big deal for Gary. Maggie is still figuring out her feelings and her life post-cancer so that it may take her a little more time, but I’m hoping they end up back together.

Maggie's Date - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

Meaghan: I'm not sure I love how this is getting handled. It is almost as if they are making it seem like her going back to Gary would be the weak decision.

Yes, Maggie needs to figure out who she is outside of cancer. And yes, she needs to figure out what her relationship with Gary looks like without cancer, but her deciding she wants to be with Gary doesn't make her weak.

She loves him, and he loves her. Of course, they need to build a different, stronger foundation for their relationship, but I think they are doing just that by staying friends for now.

Has Eddie found his new calling mentoring Dakota and teaching her how to deal with the music industry?

Jack: I was impressed with how he handled her (and that he was able to be in a bar without being tempted.) Dakota was irritating me.

She wanted to do everything her way and didn't understand that getting an album produced was going to require compromise --- or at least giving lip service to Trevor's opinion.

But Eddie was great with her, and he got her to give Trevor's notes a chance, so I'd say he's getting the hang of this mentorship thing.

Eddie's Mentee - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

Christine: Yes, this could be a great career for Eddie. Dakota reacted the way a lot of idealist artists do. They think that compromise denigrates their art. But you need to recognize the people who are paying the bills as partners in what becomes a collaboration.

I loved how Eddie showed her she didn’t have to cave on every point, but she needed to let those outside opinions be heard.

I thought I would learn something from you about being an artist, Eddie, but you're not an artist. You are just a washed-up "Yes" man who will do anything to stay relevant.


Meaghan: Absolutely. He is fantastic in this new role. I'm just still worried about where this storyline is going. I would love for them to keep it purely at the professional mentorship level that they have so far.

However, I think, eventually, Dakota is going to let the lines get blurred and catch feelings and put Eddie in a bad situation in which he will need to pull back to protect his family.

Should the series have developed Sophie's arc with Jake better?

Jack: Absolutely. This was the most annoying story for me. First of all, Jake's existence came out of nowhere last week. Now he and Sophie are thinking about sex.

And the whole birth control thing derailed the Sophie smoking pot thing. That was mostly forgotten, and when Delilah brought it up, Sophie's answer was off-screen, and there didn't seem to be any further fallout. They might as well have had Delilah find birth control pills, the way they handled this.

Sophie's Boyfriend  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

Christine: It all has me curious as to where they’re headed with this. I think they’re giving us Delilah’s point of view on Jake, and that she feels like he came out of nowhere.

I still want to know about the joints in the sleeping bag because I’m guessing there’s a story there.

But I want more discussion about Sophie using birth control and deciding whether or not to have sex for the first time because that feels like an even more important story.

Leaning on Mom - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

Meaghan: I completely agree with you, Christine! We see the events of the show through the eyes of the core adult group. Sophie is a teenager, so of course, she was keeping their relationship a secret from the adults.

It will be interesting to see how the writers handle it moving forward. I would hate to see them gloss over it. Maybe this will be what begins to mend the relationship between Eddie and Sophie.

What was your favorite moment?

Jack: I loved it when Rome realized his dad was depressed too, and their conversation when he went after him. Rome has been at odds with Walter for so long, and that made that scene even more emotional.

Plus, Rome got Isaac to commit to his project, after all, so he didn't lose anything by making the right choice.

Isaac Hollywood - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

Christine: I appreciated Sophie’s open discussion with her mother about considering having sex with Jake and being worried about an unwanted pregnancy after Delilah got pregnant with Charlie. These are important conversations to have, and I hope we get more about them.

Hopeful Gary  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 15

Meaghan: Gary wanting to be on speakerphone or Face Time while Delilah confronted Sophie about the pot. I love that he has become a father figure to the kids in Jon's absence. His love for them has always helped to ground him.

Do you agree with us? Do you disagree?

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