Manifest Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Course Deviation

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Something wicked this way comes.

Towards the end of Manifest Season 2 Episode 10, both Adrian and Cal experienced a similar Calling as they saw three shadows closing in on them.

The Calling, though, I'm not sure if it can even be called that as it seems more like an omen, appeared throughout the episode as the usually outspoken Cal tried to hide it from Olive instead of asking for help with trying to figure out what it meant.

Cal's not the type to ignore a Calling, but this one seemed to terrify him more than anything else. 

Grace's Pregnancy - Manifest

He mentioned that it was one of the first Callings that he simply never figured out, as the black shadow on the picture of the Stone family kept getting bigger and bigger with time. 

Initially, it seemed like the Calling had something to do with Grace's labor, but even after everything worked out for her, the shadows still kept creeping up.

Is there a possibility that Adrian is right about the Callings? Could the 828 passengers be false prophets that arose from the dead to perform signs and wonders? Has the evidence been there all this time and Cal simply hid it away?

It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for the three shadow figures to be agents the apocalypse.

Together Again - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

However, if we're to believe in the Callings and that they help people, the shadows could be three wise men arriving after the birth of a baby and savior. The series has had plenty of biblical references. 

Honestly, it depends on how you look and interpret the Callings -- are they a blessing or a curse? Or a little bit of both?

The Callings haven't been too forward with their clues, and yes, things did take a dark turn for a little bit, which we believed was "payment" for all the good things that happened (see: TJ surviving the fire), but in the end, everything turned out just fine. 

Grace and the baby prevailed, although, for a moment, the situation was dire as Ben was forced to choose between his wife and the baby. 

On the Run  - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

She told Ben to "save her," referring to the baby, and I couldn't help but think that this was a Calling Ben had earlier this season that he believed was about Olive. 

Maybe it was always about the unborn child? Or about Grace?

Ben couldn't sit back and let his wife die, so he chose to save Grace while believing the baby would also survive.

He put his faith in the Callings, and he was right as the only doctor that could perform the surgery to save them both was the kayaker that Adrian saved from the river because of a Calling. It really is all connected. 

Ben's stressed out - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

If we're to believe that the Callings are "signs and wonders," this was the perfect example of how the Callings could manipulate the Stone family into thinking they are doing good since Grace fell while checking out a Calling, put herself and the baby in danger, and then, was spared by the same Calling. 

However, there's no way to tell if the outcome wouldn't have been the same regardless of the fall. It's possible Grace's pregnancy would have still been plagued by complications even if she hadn't fallen, and the Calling was truly trying to save the person who could save both her and the baby. 

Mic: So you joined them because of me?
Jared: I did. Because the best way to destroy a hate group is to blow it up from the inside.

While everything turned out okay and baby Eden and Grace were both spared, Ben felt an immense amount of guilt for disregarding Grace's decision to save the baby. Mic tried to assure him that everything worked out in the end, but this will likely come back into play in the future. 

Grace Gets a Calling - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

As Grace and the baby's life hung in the balance, Mic was dealing with the fallout of getting arrested, and well, things became much more interesting after she got brought into the fold of what Jared and Bowers were doing.

Once it was revealed that Jared was undercover and doing all of this for Mic, I did a happy dance because I was right to believe in him all this time. There were moments where my faith in him wavered, but for the most part, I always trusted that his goal was to shut down the X'ers and not become one of them. 

He’s going to be okay. They both are.

Captain Bowers

When he vowed "never to leave" Mic's side no matter what they faced in his proposal, he stuck to that promise until he present-day. 

I loved how they revealed the truth to Mic at their "spot."

Meet at Our Spot - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

A lot of fans have been rooting for them as a couple solely based on the chemistry they had when they reunited after her return, but we never really saw glimpses of them in the past when they were truly happy. 

It was a treat to see their proposal pan out and realize that Jared did everything by the book -- her whole family was there and eager for her to say "yes." Things between them might be plagued by darkness in the present, but there was so much happiness in their relationship before Flight 828.  

Much of the episode was tethered to that connection between the exes -- which Bowers called the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" connection -- after Mic and Jared joined forces.

They know each other so well that they understood each other without words.

Will You Marry Me? - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

It's impressive and brings me back to #TeamJared. I've never fully left, but admittedly, things got a little rocky there for a moment.

I believe they needed to spend some time apart so they could chill out and grow, plus, Mic needed to explore her feelings for Zeke as it allowed her to open up and learn how to trust. 

Jared: Any last words?
Zeke: I told Mic she couldn’t trust you.
Jared: I guess you never know who you could really trust.

It's something she wouldn't have learned with Jared solely because of their past and how much pressure she put on their relationship to be perfect. It ended up being what ruined them. 

But their connection is undeniable. He passed her a note indicating where they should meet that only she could understand. Inside the bar, he was able to inform her what was happening and communicate a plan without raising any suspicion by utilizing their song and other clues.

Propose to the Girl  - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

Mic and Jared's teamwork carried the episode. There was just enough risk and danger to keep the suspense and uncertainty high, but you were also confident in their police work.

Initially, Jared's situation when he found out Billy kidnapped Zeke seemed unsalvagable, but he managed to find a way to incriminate Simon and his wife, Erica, for murder.

Simon blindly trusted Jared, which is his fault, and Billy never expected Jared to turn on him because he so badly wanted someone like Jared to believe in him. 

The fact that Jared was able to execute his plan flawlessly while keeping everyone in the dark, including Zeke, speaks to his capabilities as a detective. He deserved that Lieutenant practice book. Bowers recognized his exceptional skills. 

A Family Affair  - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

With one swift move, Jared took down Billy, Simon, and the X'ers while saving Zeke and the passengers. 

I also have to give him props for keeping his cool and cover when they said all those things about the woman he loved and revealed how they wanted to destroy her and frame Zeke's murder on her. 

Unfortunately, the only collateral was Tamara, who Jared used to get close to Billy. Jared didn't want to hurt her, but his options were exhausted, and this hate group was much bigger than any feelings he may have developed. 

Imagine how the world would feel about 828’ers if one of them stone-cold assassinated her boyfriend. They’d lose every ounce of sympathy.


Side note: I'm still curious as to what Grace's "open her eyes" Calling was about when it came to Erica. They introduced this massive storyline with tons of potential and then left it hanging with no conclusion. Will Erica still come into play at some point?

Jared and Mic's connection wasn't just clear to the fans and Bowers -- Zeke picked up on it too. 

His face, once he realized Mic was in on the plot to take down the X'ers and kept him in the dark (they really just didn't have time to chat, but it looked like Mic kept him out of it purposefully), indicated that he was shocked, upset, and betrayed. 

I thought the ending would find them breaking up, but Mic and Zeke are still going strong for now. 

She's not the type to leave someone behind when they need her most, and Zeke, who is experiencing frostbite as he inches closer to his death date, needs her right now more than ever. 

Cal and Olive Hang out - Manifest Season 2 Episode 10

What did you think of the episode?

Do you believe the Callings are manipulating the passengers for a darker reason? Are they manifesting as helpful simply so the passengers will follow them blindly and not realize they're a force for evil?

What do you think the shadows were?

You can watch Manifest online now and leave all your thoughts and theories in the comments below! 

Course Deviation Review

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Mic: So you joined them because of me?
Jared: I did. Because the best way to destroy a hate group is to blow it up from the inside.

He’s going to be okay. They both are.

Captain Bowers