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The goodbye tour continues as the series tries to wrap loose ends by revisiting as many fan-favorite characters as possible.

That meant that Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12 featured Kaia's rescue from an alternate world and a visit from Jody.

Can you even believe that Cass had never met Jody in person before? When you think you have all the time in the world, things fall through the cracks.

Sam Takes a Call - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12

And let's be clear here, this was not an episode that was super imperative to the overarching march toward the end.

It was more of a fuzzy feeling that also happened to coincide with Billie confirming what we've already known -- Sam and Dean are destined to end God.

I told you, Dean. You and your brother have work to do. This is your destiny. You are the messengers of God's destruction.


That's not to say that the hour wasn't entertaining, but it wasn't one of their best. 

Although meeting the new and now gone reaper named Merle was a highlight. If I ever meet my reaper, I hope they're all as sarcastic and entertaining as those who have been entertaining me for decades on television.

Protecting Jody - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12

Jack called it when he more or less threatened Merle to either run back to Billie to tattle on him and meet her own demise or stick around and help. Unfortunately for her, Billie knows all, so it was worthless, but she still lent a hand when it was needed, so go Merle.

One measly life on the line and you're ready to lose it all? That's not just dumb, that's Winchester dumb.


And who can deny calling out the Scooby gang on their plan by calling it Winchester Dumb? I have to assume that Winchester Dumb means it's ballsy and audacious if not a little thick-headed. Precedent says they achieve pretty much whatever they set out to do, after all.

Chuck is still aching for more Winchester action as he realized that none of his other creations have come even mildly close to the real deal.

Other than petty behavior, it's not clear why he's giving up on all of the other worlds with myriad Sam and Deans, but he could probably start all over again if the originals failed to entertain him anymore anyway.

Sam and Dean On the Hunt - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12

It was easy to appreciate Chuck's sentiment as he waxed poetic about the brothers and why they cannot be replicated successfully.

It was even easier to appreciate that the sentiment wasn't God's alone, but ours, as faithful viewers. After all, wouldn't we describe Sam and Dean in the same way? They bring us joy, challenge us, disappoint us, and surprise us. They're "the ones."

Yes, Supernatural will be missed. There's no doubt about that. Despite a couple of tries, there was no way to recreate the magic of Supernatural with any number of spinoffs (although I'd counter that they didn't try hard enough).

And wasn't it very Arrowverse of them to go all Crisis with the world's Chuck created? The CW has some themes, and whether they meant for it to happen or not, it's kind of funny that the alternate universes are going up in smoke across the network.

Sam Reads from a Book - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12

What makes Supernatural Season 15 fun is that there is an end game in sight. Not only did the series write one, but the storyline is dictating that it's really the end of the line for the Winchesters, too.

And, I guess, perhaps the last remaining world. Do you expect that part of the narrative will be to explore what would be left without God? Will there be time for Sam and Dean to defeat God and move on to the next step so that we get to be a part of it?

Even though it's Sam and Dean who will ultimately be responsible for ending Chuck, it's hard not wonder where Billie fits into everything. If there is nobody left to reap, then what does Death inherit? What happens to the books? 

It's probably too much to ask that Supernatural offers a little hope for our existence, but if Sam and Dean get a happy ending (and they better), I'd love for it to point to something sweet for us mere mortals.

Tracing the Table Carvings - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12

At least keeping Jack on the down-low makes sense.

Sam and Dean need him. They're all needed to accomplish such an enormous task. But why didn't Billie consider helping with the warding spell in the bunker instead of counting on the kid to steer clear of his powers?

If Chuck can't see through the cosmic warding, then it seems like a no-brainer.

But it's so good to have Jack back. It seems like he's been back for a long time, but it was only Supernatural Season 15 Episode 11 that found him reunited with Sam, Dean, and Cass.

The Center of Attention - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12

His soul might not be fully intact, but he's still sweet and kind despite all else. He wants to help and do the right thing, and he knows the difference between wanting to and doing it, as he chose to defy Billie when saving Kaia was the issue.

So what do you think is next? 

Sorry, not sorry, but one of the best parts of the hour was the preview.

I know how many of you have no interest in seeing more of the goofy episodes, but the opportunity to watch two Sams and Deans is irresistible. Especially when the duo from another world are on the prissy side. 

Standalone hours filled with humor are just as special as those benefiting the latest arc, and Supernatural Season 15 Episode 13 looks like it will accomplish both. After all, there wouldn't be duplicates in our world if they weren't escaping the implosion of theirs.

Are there any other characters whose stories need to get wrapped up before the show signs off for good? 

Share your thoughts below, and remember that you can watch Supernatural online via TV Fanatic to relive the glory days, too.

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12 Quotes

One measly life on the line and you're ready to lose it all? That's not just dumb, that's Winchester dumb.


Not-Kaia: I saw you. You encouraged her. She was scared, and you pushed her to cross over.
Jack: I wanted to help her. She was in so much pain.
Not-Kaia: She's in pain now, and soon, she will die.