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Did anyone ask for more Boomer?

The answer is no. No one was asking for more Boomer, but he was back on Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8, and what followed was nothing short of gross, unintentionally hilarious, and a little bit sad.

There’s a lot of unsavory characters in the Good Girls universe, but Boomer has always been one of the absolute worst. He’s just flat out a bad person, with very little humanity, and not a single redeemable quality.

Admiring Her Work - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

Boomer could have faded into the abyss and never shown up on our screens again, and I don’t think anyone would be disappointed.

But apparently, his storyline wasn’t quite over, as he was brought back as a means for Beth, Ruby, and Annie to show Rio that they were willing to do the hard work to earn some of his trust back.

Stealing from Rio was a very poor decision, and again Beth is lucky that Rio has some kind of soft spot for her to continue to let her make mistake after mistake and still keep her around.

If we could get a deep dive into Rio’s psyche, that would probably answer a lot of the unanswered questions that swirl around him. His relationship with Beth has so many layers, and they’ve only deepened since the shooting.

Assembly Line - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

Does he truly feel like there is no one else besides Beth and the women who can make the money? Or is there a deeper reason he keeps them around?

We barely know a thing about Rio, and we most certainly don’t know what his real motives are outside of making money, but it would be cool to see more of what’s behind the curtain.

There is nothing behind Boomer’s curtain but selfishness, the only shred of human decency he has ever shown was towards Marion. And finding out she died alone in a nursing home was a blow to not only him but Annie as well.

Beth: She lied, Annie.
Ruby: For months.
Beth: And she chose him over you.
Ruby: And she's kinda racist.
Beth: She's mostly racist.

Marion was a lot of things, but she was someone for whom both Boomer and Annie had love. In Boomer’s case, it was rooted in his self-interests, but Annie had an authentic bond with the woman and felt a bit guilty for the way things had turned out.

A Delivery - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

Even though the women were well aware of what was coming Boomer’s way, they had a job to do, and they delivered on their assignment, though Beth did seem to have a minute of regret.

The women have never been killers. And even when death has surrounded them, it hasn’t been something they’ve just accepted.

Except when it comes to Rio, that is. They are jumping at the chance to get rid of him, and delivering Boomer was step one in the grand plan that leads to Rio being gone this time.

As we’ve reached the approximate halfway point of the season, that feels like the overarching theme moving forward.

Walking Forward - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

The decision to shoot Rio at the end of Good Girls Season 2 was something that happened spur of the moment. She felt boxed into a corner, and she fought her way out by fighting back against the person she felt put her there.

But now there’s time to formulate a plan and execute it in a way that doesn’t leave them in a worse position.

Dean is still completely hung up on the relationship between the two, and it's getting tiresome.

I guess it's understandable, as Beth is his wife after all, but sometimes you just have to wonder why Dean is so pig-headed? How many different ways does Beth have to make it clear that it’s much, much deeper than sex at this point?

What's In The Trunk? - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

Perhaps that’s not all the way fair, but Dean is such a frustrating character this season. He came such a long way, but he’s been insufferable as of late. If he’s not throwing a fit about one thing or the other, he’s throwing shade.

Their marriage is teetering on the edge, and one of them needs to fight for it or just let it fall.

Stan and Ruby remain the superior Good Girls ship, but they continue to be tested in a variety of ways.

Ruby: One of us has to be good!
Stan: Why?
Ruby: What do you mean why?
Stan: All my life I've been swimming upstream, fighting it. And you know where that gets you? It doesn't get you respect. It doesn't get you a badge. Doesn't get you a proper wedding ring. It just gets you tired. And then you get washed right back down again.

It’s hard not to sympathize with Stan, while simultaneously being disappointed. Stan has always been inherently good. His moral center was grounded, and he only deviated from it to protect his family.

Discussing Options - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

But when you live your life that way and feel as though you have nothing to show for it, there could come a point when you just snap. Stan has reached that point and then some.

Ruby isn’t ready to just accept that though.

Stan’s side job is dangerous, but Stan’s gotten a taste of the good life, and he’s not ready to just give that up. He’s got a little bit of that Beth complex in him, where he thinks he’s smart enough to get away with anything.

It will probably take something disastrous for Stan to realize that what he’s doing isn’t worth the consequences that will surely befall him.

Beth Thinks - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

What is there to say about Annie and Dr. Cohen that hasn’t been said yet? Their relationship is highly inappropriate, and it took a teenager to get that point across to the doctor.

Ben knows Annie better than anyone, and not only does he see the writing on the wall, he’s not prepared to just sit around and watch it unfold.

Annie’s progression from embarrassment to fully back on board the Dr. Cohen train feels rushed, but then again, he doesn’t treat her like a normal patient. It has to be a little confusing for her.

Maybe the introduction of his girlfriend will get Annie back into the frame of mind to just work on her issues, and not worry about the bevy of good-looking men that just pop into her life.

Drinks & Work - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

But if we’re being real, that’s not going to happen.

Odds and Ends

  • Mae Whitman crushed the scene where she spread Marion’s ashes. From the grief to the fleeting joy, and the sadness, every emotion was etched across her face.
  • This show refuses to let Brio die. We all saw that look Rio gave Beth when she walked into the bar.
Relaxed Annie - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8
  • I would watch a whole hour of Ruby and Stan doing karaoke.
  • It was only a matter of time before the cops came back in the picture. And they’ve got a bill in their possession. And a hunch. Uh-oh.
  • It’s probably safe to assume Boomer isn’t dead, and we’ll have to see him again at some point. Again, not something I imagine people are excited for.

Okay, folks, it was kind of an odd hour, but it set the stage for the rest of the season.

Late Night At The Office - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8

What do you make of Boomer’s return?

Was Ben right to confront Dr. Cohen?

Should Dean be more understanding of Beth’s other life?

Leave all your comments down below and make sure to watch Good Girls online via TV Fanatic to stay caught up on the action. 

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Ruby: Do we look any different?
Stan: Better.
Ruby: Older.
Stan: Sexier.

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Annie: Okay, doc. You know, you can talk about transference all you want, but uh, you just pizza transferred your tongue into my mouth. Hard. And I don't think it was just about the pineapple.
Dr. Cohen: I think we're done for tonight.