Corey Feldman Responds to Scott Schwartz Criticism of Feldman's "My Truth" Film and Movement

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Here at TV Fanatic, we just wrapped up an exclusive interview series with former child actor Scott Schwartz (The Toy, A Christmas Story).

In it, Schwartz criticizes Corey Feldman's behavior, his new documentary film, his use of Corey Haim's name for his own publicity, and his allegations of pedophilia and molestation against Charlie Sheen, Alphy Hoffman, and others. 

If you have not yet read the installments, you can find them here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Corey Feldman and Scott Schwartz At Each Other's Throats

After Part 1 went live, we received a response from Feldman via his publicist, requesting we include an exclusive quote in response.

We then offered to interview Feldman as well, in case there were more points he wanted to address after reading the series. As of the publishing date of this feature, we have not been granted such an interview.

But here -- in the epilogue of our three-part series, we have Corey Feldman's response after having read Part 1:

"It is extremely hurtful and disappointing that Scott Schwartz has made it his mission to try and question my credibility and work alongside a group of people who have been harassing me, my family, my fans, and even Child USA," replies Feldman.

"Let me make something clear: Scott Schwartz introduced me to my one female molester, porn star Ginger Lynn (I didn't perceive this as molestation at the time because she was an attractive female).

"Scott used to drop me off at her place when I was only fifteen years old, and she was twenty-three. One time he even had me use his place to sleep with her because I couldn't bring her home.

Young Scott Schwartz

"At the time, she was also in a relationship with a man. That man is Charlie Sheen.

"I'm not sure who Scott is protecting or why he is doing this, but it's very unfortunate. This is a time when we all really need to come together to change laws and protect children. That should be the most important thing." 

We were also told by Feldman's publicist that -- while Scott is currently starring on The Quarantine Bunch with Keith Coogan, Coogan appears in Corey's documentary, and "entirely backs up Corey's story." 

We were also given the link to this video (below) to support the hypothesis that Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were, indeed, friends. At the 1:09 mark -- when asked if the two are still best friends -- Feldman can be heard saying, "Always," while Haim responds, "Forever."

Whether the delivery and demeanor on Haim's part are convincing is up to the viewer to decide -- and user reaction comments on the video seem to be debating that very behavior.

Giving Scott Schwartz an opportunity to rebut the rebuttal, he was more than happy to oblige with further comment.

"I'll go one at a time," Scott responds. 

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim

"NEVER did I drive Mr. Feldman to Ginger's house, FALSE!

"I let him use 'my place' so he could have a 'tryst' with Ginger?  NOW THAT IS FUNNY! I was staying in Alyssa Milano's FAMILY home at that time; my room consisted of a single bed and a desk, which was Alyssa's father's office.

"I didn't even have my own place in LA yet! Gotta give him this, he does have an imagination!!!

"ANY young man past puberty who has a 'physical happening' voluntarily and mutually agreed to with an older woman of such beauty and kindness is one lucky guy. Now, almost 33 years later, he says anything different -- those drugs must really be kicking in.

"Three marriages, a child, hundreds of female lovers. Yep, must have really affected his ability to have relations with a member of the opposite sex.

"To be totally transparent and absolute here, ONLY once did I give him a ride anywhere. I took him to 'MEET' her at a public place -- The Comedy Store -- as I stated [in part 1 of the interview series], and that was at his instigation via the phone call asking me to drive him there.

Corey Feldman peach

"My telling of the story has never changed since that day. We even went on Howard Stern's radio show, and I told the story,  HE -- Feldman -- was right next to me. NEVER did he dispute what I stated -- or the story -- until it didn't fit his current narrative, and this was, of course, MANY decades later. 

"Credibility? Coming from a 'con-man' who's lied for decades about being on drugs, lied to the media, lied to people who met him, etc. -- what credibility does he believe he has? 

"He ran 'sex parties' at his home, with his son right there in his bedroom at a young age, charging people hundreds of dollars to come in and 'hang out' with the girls, charging them to use bedrooms, charging them to use the cabana's outside next to his pool,  did two GoFundMe fundraisers to fleece his fans and people out of money for his 'security, legal team, and to film a documentary.'

"That documentary -- from all accounts -- should have run maybe $100,000 to $150,000 at most, as it was shot in his home, his friends' homes, and one location, as he went to Corey Haim's gravesite.

Feldman in Guardian

"Oh, he was doing an appearance at a con in Toronto, so the promoter paid for travel and expenses. Says he's in debt $600,000 from the documentary, yet then he says during an 'Instagram Live" that people worked for 'deferred payments.'

"So HOW much could he have spent, did his 'people' charge him upfront to be in this? Most likely not. His cousin, his ex-wife, his old manager, his friends, he can't even get that story straight. 

"Credibility? Here's a story for ya. We had a mutual friend for decades, Majestik the Magnificent; he was the caretaker for Joe Jackson, Michael's father.

"A few months before he passed away, Corey was in Las Vegas for whatever reason, and he went and visited Majestik in the hospital.

"Majestik introduced Corey to Michael and the family years earlier. Majestik asked him for a few dollars for food as he was set to get out [of the hospital] a few weeks later, not knowing exactly how much time he had left in life.

Majestik and Michael Jackson

"Corey gave him a story of not having money. WHO goes to Vegas with no money, anyhow? Feldman said he would send Majestik some funds when he got home. Sure enough, no money was ever sent.

"Majestik called me a week after that, told me about Feldman visiting, and the story, and him needing a few dollars. I sent him $200 that same day, knowing I'd never see it again.

"But he was my friend. Never did he introduce me to Michael, but that didn't matter, I wasn't friends with him for that reason. He was a good, fun guy, and a friend. Within a month, he passed away in Las Vegas. 

"Credibility? Feldman -- after he says he is $600,000 in debt from his documentary -- leaves the United States during the current pandemic when people are told to stay home, goes to Jamaica to an adult resort that costs $400-$500 a day for two people to stay.

"Not saying he shouldn't go at another time BUT WHO goes on that kind of vacation -- especially outside the United States -- when they are told to stay home AND is $600,000 in debt while crying on Instagram Live for people to pay to watch his documentary?

Corey Feldman on radio

"Someone, please buy him a box of kleenex; he seems to be in need of one.

"Yep, Corey Feldman sounds like a solid model citizen with a good heart and a good soul to me -- whom we should not question at all (total sarcasm for those who can't figure it out). 

"My credibility has never been questioned by anyone, except, of course now, by Mr. Feldman.

"I have had MANY friends for decades all over this great country of ours who are more than happy to say they are my friends, and give details about how I am as a person -- the heart, love, care, assistance I have given to them for whatever it was or is.

"That doesn't happen if my 'character or credibility' wouldn't be what it is! 

"I am not the one playing on people's emotions -- to donate money to them -- so I can live 'the celebrity life.' Never have been that guy! 

'Keith Coogan, I have known for over three decades, while I did not like that he was in not only the documentary but the TV movie Corey Feldman did. I did tell him face to face after he shot it -- how disappointed I was.

Keith Coogan

"Now, I am a professional, I was hired to do a job, The Quarantine Bunch, I did from my home as we all in the cast did. Keith knows my feelings about Feldman, but his friendship with him is not truly my business.

"It's just [disappointing] that he would remain 'friends' with him, but I know it's for financial reasons. And I can't tell anyone not to put food on their table or a roof over their head. I love Keith and his wife, Pinky; they are good-hearted people. 

"Corey Haim and Corey Feldman DID have a meeting very close to Haim's passing, which was a business meeting about a new project Haim had created called License to Fly.

"Feldman called Haim crying how his wife had left him; he was depressed, had nowhere else to turn to, and called Haim, which surprised Haim, but the timing was good to get together to discuss the project.

"This was not about being 'friends.' It was business to Corey Haim!

"Over the last few years of Corey Haim's life, in almost two years, Haim lived in an apartment complex called The Oakwoods. Feldman visited ONCE to bring Haim to the Playboy Mansion to do some PR, and be seen in public to look good!

Keith Coogan and Corey Feldman

"That was the ONLY time Feldman was there, other than the day right after Haim passed away. THAT is NOT what 'best friends' do! 

"I am not protecting anyone -- get that straight. The only thing I am protecting is WHAT HAPPENED and THE TRUTH! I am standing up to speak when no one else truly can, as I was THERE.

"I am not the one who's been on drugs for over 30 years. I say let people believe what you want to believe; just know the source it's coming from.

"One is selfish-- a user, an abuser (ask his former 'angels') who is only interested in selling his product, not caring whom he harms, whose lives he tried to ruin, who he walks over to get what he wants.

"It's all about him, and it's all about PR and money to him. He has thrown good people into the flames via his falsehoods and lies for years now without care.

corey feldman screengrab stream

"So it's made crystal clear, I have not been paid one penny to do an interview on this subject, not been paid for this/these articles, the rest goes without saying. 

"The day Corey Feldman STOPS using Corey Haim's name for his own monetary gain is the day I will cease to speak on this subject!

"The day Corey Feldman STOPS speaking Corey Haim's name to obtain more publicity, any gain of ANY KIND -- or anything for that matter -- that is the day I will cease to speak on this subject! 

"Corey Haim's best friend was NOT Corey Feldman, PERIOD! Let Corey Haim's family live in peace. Let them grieve, and let Corey Haim Rest in Peace!"

Corey Feldman white shirt

We're obviously not expecting Schwartz and Feldman to break bread together anytime soon. But we do wonder if Feldman might entertain the invitation Schwartz offered: to join him in the wrestling ring for the whole world to watch.

There you have it, Fanatics: all four parts of our three-part interview feature with Scott Schwartz. And if we hear back from Mr. Feldman about a follow-up interview, we will be sure to keep you all updated as well.

Kerr Lordygan is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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